Swaragini: You stole my heart Episode 1

Episode 1

Shekher Gadodia was talking with RP Maheswari, his business partner as well as childhood bestfriend. “Thanks to your daughter my son is alive and living his
life.” “My daughter wanted to save his life, cause she always says without my lungs I can live, but without my friend I could never live.” “I have an feeling they both
will play a prank on our Tom and Jerry(Ragsan).” “Swalak are our pranksters, your daughter and my son, am
I right Ram?” “Yup.” Soon after that Janki and Sujata joined their conversation about their children. “I want to see what prank they will do today.” “Everyone wants to know that.”

“Somethings fishy in here, where are the two pranksters and why is the door locked and now I’m stuck in this room with is idiot Sanskar.” Ragini thought while argueeing with Sanky. “It’s your fault that I’m in this room with you.” “How can it be my fault mr. Idiot.” “Miss angry bird it is your fault, cause someone wrote to me that you are locked in your room that I should come and help you in getting out of this room.” “I know who did this!” “Who did it do?” A confused Sanskar asked. “It was our devils Swalak.” “What my sister and your brother did this.” “Yeah, cause they planning something really big for us.” “I know what we have to do, we have to pretend like we are friends, so they won’t play any pranks on us anymore.” A genious Sanskar said.” “I have to admit your plan is good.” Ragini said with a little bit of childishness.

Ragsan didn’t know that someone knew about their plan to stop Swalak’s prank.”

What do you guys think who did listen to Ragsan and how did this someone listen to them?

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  1. Cutiie

    Nice..reaveal pairs

    1. The couples should be revealed actually

  2. Akshata

    awesome…. so swara has donated her lung to laksh? and ragsan hates each other, right?

    1. Yes you are right

    1. Thanks

  3. Abdul hafiz(uma).

    V.nice.Sorry meine intro mein comment nehi ki.Actually,mujhe headache problem huyi thi.Keep it up.

    1. Take care and get well soon

    2. Abdul hafiz(uma).

      Thank you.

      1. Welcome

  4. Lila

    Very nice

    1. Thanks Lila

  5. Sonya

    is one of their parents who listened ragsan convo lol
    swalak r indeed prankster lol
    ragsan (tom n Jerry)
    means fight with each other but also couldn’t live too 😉
    nice part dear

    1. Thank you.
      The person who listened, you will get to know in the next epi

    1. Thanks

  6. Sparkle

    Nice but too short

    1. I will try to write more

  7. Priya15

    Awesome crazy di… Ragsan r cute….

    1. Thank you

    1. Thank you

  8. Yashasvi

    hey owsm……………

    1. Hi thanks

  9. So ragini donated her lungs for sanky or swara for lucky ?

    1. Swara for Lucky and Ragsan are Tom and jerry

    1. Thank you s

    1. Thanks

    1. Thanks j

  10. SPP

    Awesome Superb

    1. Thank you

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