Swaragini starts from COLLEGE LIFE (Episode 9)


Guys my character rahul will be kushal tandon….i hope u gt him???…he is virat from ek hazaro mein meri behana hein….i need a naughty character so i chose…kushal…i hope u will enjoy his presence…
@coffee shop
Sansk: cum swara lets sit here..
Swara n sanks sits at corner table
Swara: so u bought me here…tell nw
Sansk: arey frst lets order coffee..
Swara: cappuccino please
Sansk: same….
There comes waiter n took the order n went…
Sansk: so hav u planned to spill coffee on me 2day!!!???

Swara: no no…sry fr tat day…
Sansk: arey baba i was kidding u…tats all…y u became so serious…???achha sry..
Swara: no i jst told tats it..i m nt serious…
There comes there coffee…
Sansk: swara i wanna tel u 1tng….
Swara: yea tell whats it??
Rahul cums n sits next to swasan table
Swara: hey rahul!!!
Rahul: hey u r here oly ah???
Swara: ya meet my frnd sanskar

Rahul: hello sanskar
Sansk wid irritated face: hello
Swara: hey rahul cum n sit here oly…ur our frnd knw??
Rahul: yea ok Thank you…
Rahul cums n sits wid them…sansk didnt tlk anytng… rahul n swara was chatting n laughing…. tat irritated sansk
Sansk: swara its getting late can v go?
Swara: oh yea ok..lets go…
Rahul: ok even i wil
Waiter brings the bill
Sansk took out purse to giv money
Rahul: no no i wil giv pls..and gave money

Swara: bye rahul nice meeting u…
Rahul: bye swara.!!!
Sansk didnt say anytng…
Sansk: swara will u cum or shall i move on??
Swara: arey baba cumng na?? Y r u acting lik tat!!?
Sansk: cum n sit frst its getting late
Swara became angry and sat on his bike

They both wer going widout tlkng
Nea baadi..
Swara: u liv me at the corner of road i will go…
Sansk: ok
Sansk stopped bike at corner…swara got down..
Swara: ok sansk thanks fr coffee…it was gud day
Sansk: i didnt gave u treat of coffee..and u didnt spend the tim wid me any way…
Swara: arey baba…y r u getting so angry
Sansk: i need to go bye
Sansk went

Swara: wat hpnd to him??? Y did he act lik tat…

Sansk came home n went up to his room n banged the door…
Ap: arey wat hpnd to him?? Let me ask laksh…laksh cum here…
Laksh: ha mom tel….
Ap: wat hpnd to sansk?? Y he is so angry..??
Laksh: i dnt knw mom i wil ask him…u dnt wry…

Laksh goes to sansk room n knock the door
Laksh: bhai open the door…i need to tlk to u…
Sansk: no i m nt in mood to tlk…
Laksh: first u open the door…n let me come in..plss
Sansk opens door…
Laksh: wat hpnd bhai.?? Hw was coffee wid swara??
Sansk kept quite
Laksh: tlk na?? Did u tel her abt ur feelings…

She didnt accept ah? Tats y u r lik tis?? Tlk na bhai pls…
Sanks told evrytng happened..
Laksh: ohh god tats it ah? I wil talk to ragini n tel her to tel swara ok??
Sansk: no bhai..dnt tel bhabi…if swara feels my love let her undrstnd… till tat dnt tel tis to anyone… pls…
Laksh: ok bt u cool down ok….?
Sansk: ok bhai i wil sleep fr i while.. i felt better after tlkng to u…
They both hugged eachother….. laksh went out frm room…

Ragini: swara y r u so late??
Swara: wo wooh…di..didi..i didnt get bus while cumng… so i m late…
Ragini smiling: ohh is it???? Ok ok…
Swara: didi did u meet jiju?? Wat did he say?
Ragini: ya it was just casual….. and can u do me a help swara??
Swara: tel na?
Ragini: 2morow i wil nt be cumng to clg…u tel laksh in clg ok plsss…
Swara: yea i will tell..bt y ur nt cumng 2mrow??
Ragini: i m nt feeling well 2day…i hav cold n headache…tats y….
Swara: ok didi i wil tell…..

swara came to clg…
Rahul came near swara…
Rahul: hey swara….
Rahul: hi rahul…!!…
They both wer cumng together talking… sansk sees tat……screen freezes….

Precap will sansk warn to rahul to stay away frm swara or waits till swara cums to him??

Guys i knw tis episode doesn’t hav raglak scene…bt sure i wil post raglak romantic scenes….plssss support me…n do mor comments….

Credit to: Sritha

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    1. Sure dear..i wil try coz there r too many ff posted…uts difficult to find my first episode…..i wil try….and thnx fr ur support

    2. aswm epi!!! and sriranjani here is the previous link

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