Swaragini starts from COLLEGE LIFE (Episode 6)


@RR clg
Swara will be standing near fountain

Laksh was standing quietly behind her
Ragini: was tat song dedicated to me?????
Y was he starring at me lik tat???
Laksh: ya tat song was dedicated to u…
Ragini ( she turns back wid shock)
Laksh: y r u so shocked?
Ragini: how cum u came behind me???
Laksh showed his guitar n her saree knot..
Ragini: oh god sry..i wil open tat wait

She came to open tat knot
Laksh: no no dnt do tat its the knot wic is made to connect us both…
Ragini was confused by his words…
There lights get dimmed…n laksh disappears
Ragini was searching fr him…

In background
Laksh: ragini u r the love of my life…i fell in luv wid u wen i first saw in red salwar n again fell in luv wen i took ur earrings..so ragini i luv u….❤❤
Ragini was blushing wen he said all this…
Laksh came in front of her n he was waiting fr her answer…
Ragini: bt mom n dad????
Laksh: arey baba…atlst frst u tel luv u too atlst….plssss
Raagini: ya i do tat..if i wont i wud hav nt kept silent knw??? Saying this she hugs him….
Laksh: thanks my dear….
There comes mohabat barsa dena tu music

Screen shifts to swara
Swara: didi wer r u????? (She comes searching fr ragini) there cums sansk
Sansk: to whom r u searching fr??? Fr me??
Swara: oh god y shud i search fr u??? I m luking fr my didi…
Sansk: do u hav didi???
Swara: ya….frst a fall y r u asking me all this…
Sansk: frst u tel ur name plsss
Swara: frst u tel..i helped u to clean ur shirt knw??
Sansk: ok….i m sanskar
Swara: nice meeting u..i m swara….
Sansk: wow wat a gud name…u said u hav didi knw??? Wats her name..???
Swara: her name is ragini….
Sansk: wat ragini?????? ( in shock)
Swara: yea wats there in it????
Sansk: no ntng….
( in mind) she is my bhabi ryt?? Omg i hav fallen in luv wid my bhabi’s sister….wow soo gud…
Swara: hey wat r u thinking…. ok i wil liv now..
Sansk: arey wait…i need to as u onetng
Swara: ya ask..wats it??
Sansk: can we be frnds????
Swara: sure…she gives her hand…
The both exchanged eye contact… n shook hand…

Ragini: ok i wil liv nw my sis wil be searching fr me..if she sees me here she wil ask 1000 questions.. cya 2mrow
Laksh: ok dea…tak care..i wil be waiting fr u @ 10 nea library ok…plsss cum…
Ragini: ok baba…i wil cum…
They both livs…

@baadi in night
Ragini was too Happy abt laksh n she was very excited…
Swara: didi wats the matter ur so happy???
Ragini: no ntng…liv
Swara: didi tel or else i wont tlk to u..
Ragini: nnnooo..n..nt..ngn…yar
Swara: ok i wont tlk to u liv
Ragini: no dnt do tat….bt dnt get angry on me wen i tl u abt y i m happy..
Swara: ok tell..i wont get angry
Ragini: swara i m in luv…( starts blushing)
Swara: didi is it true???? Wow who is tat lucky guy…???
Ragini: its laksh our clg…
Swara: did u tel him??
Ragini: he is the guy who sang 2day in clg…
Swara: wic guy????
Ragini: guy who sang mohabat barsa dena tu…
Swara: ohh…tat guy ah??? Didi he so good….
Ragini: he oly proposed me ..n i accepted him…
Swara: wow didi…..i wanna meet him 2mrowo…
Ragini: ok..nw lets sleep…
Ragini sleeps wit humming mohabat song…..

Guys i hope u lik tis episode… plssss do mor comments…

Credit to: Sritha

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