Swaragini starts from COLLEGE LIFE (Episode 5)


@RR clg….
Principle announces abt the fest of 2mrow…and people wid new talents can hav the stage hear to show there talent…

In mrng ( fest day )
Ap: beta u tld u hav fest 2day wats special abt tat??
Laksh: ntng mom we all will enjoy tats it…..
Sansk: lucky i hav arranged evrytng wat u hav tld to do..
Ap: wat arrangement??
Laksh: woh ma..ntng i hav jst planned of one performance tats it….
Ap: ok all the best…

Laksh n sansk liv to get ready….

Swara n ragini is getting ready…by mistake ragini gt confused wid sarees n wore swara’s saree m came out…
Swara: didi u wearing my saree!!!!
Ragini: ohh…i thought u tld me to wear tis saree i m soo sry i wil go n change…
Swara: no didi ur luking oosm in this..u wear tid oly i wil wear the other….
Ragini: ohh i m sry dea…
Swara: didi tats ok….
They both left to clg..

laksh n sansk cum in there bikes…both raglak n swasan enters the clg in same tim…
Sansk: hey lucky..there bhabi….!!
Laksh: wer i cant c her??
Sansk: oh god..she went…u missed her…
Laksh: hmm bt i wil c her u dnt wry….
Sansk: so u hav som plans ah???
Laksh: yea wait n watch…..

Sansk was wid his frnds…
There cums swara wid a glass of juice in her hand…swara bumps to sansk
Swara: oh my god i m really sry i didnt c u here..n spilt the juice on u i m really sryy
Sansk was in his own world in cing swara’s beauty…
Swara: hello mr cum i wil help u to wash ur dress…
Swara is in silver saree…she looks lik a real star….
Sansk in mind: oh god she soo cute…
Swara n sansk cums nea washroom nea the tap…there swara was putting drops of water on his tshirt n was cleaning….suddenly sansk holds his waist….
Swara: hey wat r u dng…
Sansk didnt respond…he was luking in her eyes deeply…
Swara was too luking at him…
Swara ( blushing): pls liv me…( she givs a cute smile to him n ran away)
Sansk: arey baba…my life flew away wid her….❤❤
Swara in mind: y did i luk into his eyes lik tat…he had pureness in his eyes…wats his name???

Background music starts
” even if we get caught in the rain i know our luv wont wash away” ???….
Evryone turns towards the stage…..
There laksh on stage wid guitar in his hand…suddenly ragini thinks i hav heard tis voice somwer…n cums running to auditorium…

Laksh start singing “mohabat barsa dena tu sawan aaya hein…”
Laksh sees ragini standing in yellow saree..n he throws a sweet smile to her..
Ragini starts blushing..laksh will be cing her n sings next line…
” tere aur mere milne ka savan aaya hein”
Ragini thinks it is fr her oly…..

She luvs laksh singing…after the performance while laksh getting down frm stage…laksh’s guitar gt knotted to ragini’s saree…ragini went nea fountain…. laksh went behind her…..

Precap: will raglak n sanskar tel there luv???

Guys i hope u liked tis…to keep som surprise i m posting the surprise in next episode…plssss do comment mor n mor…thanks fr ur support…

Credit to: Sritha

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