Swaragini starts from COLLEGE LIFE (Episode 3)


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@ clg in afternoon
Laksh: hey bhai i wil go behind ragini n find her home ok…u go home bt dnt tel mom plsss..
Sansk: bhai even i will cum please…
Laksh: no no u cant i wil go alone n impress her…
Sansk: ok bhai bt next tim i wil be cumng wid u…all the best bhai…bye
Laksh: bye..
There livs ragini frm clg…she is in her way to home by bus…

ragini is in bus on thr window side seat..
There cums laksh in his bike lik a hero…
Ragini see him ( in mind): wow he so handsome…nic look…i think he is our clg oli….

@ baadi…on road..
Ragini was walking to her home frm bus stop
Laksh cums behind her…ragini sees him 2 times…third tim
Ragini: arey y r u cumng behind me frm tat tim…i m watching u…
Laksh: no ji…ur earing had fallen down in clg so i came to return fr u…
Ragini touches n finds tat one earing is nt there she closes her ear wid hairs n tell: no its not mine…u please go….
Laksh: oh is tis nt urs…ok ji ok…can i knw ur name?

Ragini: my name is ragini..and urs?
Laksh: sure..laksh
Ragini: ok bye…..
Laksh doesnt respond bt see her going..her hair was flying her duppata was too flying…
Laksh in mind: wow wat a beauty…..

Ragini in mind: oh my god he came near my home just to c me!!!! No he came to giv my earrings…he is so gud looking… wow…do i luv him??? Hey no no ntng lik tat…

@ mm
Ap: sansk beta wer is laksh..?? Y u came alone..is he ok???
Sansk: ya badi maa he is ok..he has special class so he is late he wil cum dnt wry…
Ap: ok beta….bt he didnt tel…
Sansk: woh badi maa…may be he had frgtn abt speacial class..
Ap: oh is it?? Hmmm let him cum i wil ask…

Laksh cums home
Ap: beta u had special class ah?? Y didnt u tel me?
Laksh: wat special class…who tld mom…my bike gt punchered so i m late tats it….
Ap: sansk tld tat u had special class…
At tat tim sanks cums
Sansk: bhai u had speacial class knw…??????? He makes signal in eyes…
Laksh: yea yea..mom i had special class i frgt..while cumng my bike gt punchered..i frgt abt special class oli..
And laksh n sansk went..
Ap: this boys r doing smtng…..hmm i shud find out tat…

Ragini in her room: laksh wat a nic name..he is soo gud…wat a muscular body…
Swara: didi cum lets go to market n buy som veggies…
Ragini: yea ok

@ market
Ragini feels tat laksh is behind her…
Ragini: laksh wat r u doing here? Y did u cum here?
Swara: didi..whom r u tlkng wid?? R u gone mad?? N who is laksh??
Ragini: no no ntng…..

Precap: fest in college…will laksh n ragini open up there hearts to each other????

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Credit to: Sritha

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  1. nyz epi ya . wats mean by oli

    1. Thnx…oli means only….sry frm nxt tim i wont write lik tat…keep supporting me plsss..


    1. Yea it is both raglak n swasan…its gonna be a cute ff…shud wait fr more…thnx fr ur support

  3. Very nice episode dear

  4. Super… Waiting for nxt part

  5. Awesome

  6. Nice update

  7. Hey dear is dis raglak ff and swasan r suportng character… Plzzz answer ..plzzz if not plzz show swasan too.. I’m waiting to see dem

    1. Its both raglak n swasan…gonna show swasan soon….

  8. hey swara is didi for ragini n not rags. but i think u hve changed this in ur ff. rgt??
    nice epi carry on!! 😀

  9. Wen will Swasan meet…nice part

  10. I hav made sansk as younger bro of laksh n swara as younger sis of Ragini…. bcoz i think i shud make badi bahu as ragini…..so guys plssss adjust fr tis…

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