Swaragini starts from COLLEGE LIFE (Episode 11)

Ragini brings laksh to a park
Ragini: laksh i want to tl u a thing
Laksh: ha baby kaho na
Ragini: laksh i really trust u ..i luv being wid…i really need u in my life….
Laksh: i knw ragini…bt wat hpnd to u suddenly….?
Ragini: laksh u knw? I havnt expected anytng in my life i just need ur support..will u be wit me?? ( ragini starts crying)
Laksh: ha dear i wil be wid u forver…dnt wry…bt u plsss stop crying.. i dnt want to c tears in u…if u cry even i feel lik crying..
Ragini: ok i wont cry ( wiped her tears..she went to a bench and bought bouquet of roses)
Laksh: wats tis???
Ragini: laksh i just dont want u to liv…bt i need u to liv…plss undrstnd the difference btw want n luv…( she gives the bouquet)
Laksh takes the flower…: ragini u knw i havnt loved u fr ur physical beauty i luv u frm my heart….( he hugs her)
Ragini hugs him too….
Laksh: i luvd ur surprise thnx fr tis…
Ragini: i made this fr US not oly fr u…..
Laksh n ragini went near bike..
Laksh: cum lets hav an ice cream…
Ragini: hmmm ok…cum..
Laksh: wic flavour..???
Raagini: butterscotch please…
Laksh brings one ice cream…
Ragini: arey baba…wer is another one?? Fr u??
Laksh: no dear i wont hav…
Ragini: ok lets eat in 1 ice cream oly…
Laksh: no i dnt eat ice creams..i bought it fr u…
Ragini: if u wont hav y did u bring fr me.??? Ok even i wont hav…ragini keeps the ice cream there oly n walks away….

They both walked in long way…they both wer very happy….
Laksh: chalu dear..lets go its getting late i wil drop u home…
Ragini: no i wil go by self….u liv…
Laksh: no…u r gonna be my wife…hw can i liv u…cum lets go…
Laksh drops her to home…

Precap: laksh thinks abt pure love of ragini…wil this luv gonna continue lik tis…

Guys….i m really sry i m nt able to write prprly…plsss kindly excuse me….i m gonna post next episode by 2morow evening…plsss support me…i m sry

Credit to: Sritha


  1. Aastha

    i missing swasan scene. i can unstnd u have xam so u can’t update properly. but try to update 2 epi tmrw

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