Swaragini (A starting point of love) Episode 9


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It’s night..
Raglak room..
Ragini spending all her time by taking care of Laksh where Laksh don’t know about all this as he is not able open his eyes and observe what’s happening. Ragini thought to get food for Laksh and goes down.
Just then Laksh wakes and feels thirsty. He found no one in the room. He tries himself to take water from the table at the time sanskar crosses and see this. He enters the room and pour water in a glass and tries to give it to Laksh. Laksh is completely angry on seeing him and refuses to drink water. Sanskar hold his head and make him drink.
Laksh looks him in a dry look.
Sanskar : Laksh! U know Ragini is taking care of u all the day.
Laksh (in irritating tone) :oh yeah??!! Then where is she now?
Sanskar :May be she went to get u food..
Laksh(in cold tone) : oh come on sanskar. Now u got ur love. So go and see ur life. No need to interfere others life.

Sanskar (with a dry smile) :may be u r right.. I should not interfere in others. But u r m brother.. My lucky.. I have responsibility to make ur life set.
Laksh :so this is what u r trying to do?? U r trying to show me that Ragini is concerned about me..
Sanskar : That is the truth Laksh..
Laksh : I knew about Ragini more than u sanskar.. If she is really concerned about me she would not done those things to me.
Sanskar : that is all because she loves u Laksh.
Laksh : No may be once she loved me. But not now. She told it to me by herself.
Sanskar :Laksh! Love don’t have past, present or future. U both will soon realize.
Saying this sanskar left. Laksh started thinking.
Swasan room..
Swara sitting on sofa reading a magazine. Sanskar enters thinking about Laksh .
Swara :sanskar! What r u thinking about?
Sanskar :I just talked to Laksh.. He thinks Ragini don’t love him now. Maybe if he realize her love he may change his thoughts..
Swara :so what we can do?

Sanskar : I have a plan..
He says something to her she got surprised.
Swara : wow sanskar! All the time I used to do plans. U got some brain nowadays..
Sanskar (with fake anger) : so don’t I have brain before?
Swara (in a serious tone) :no sanskar! I didn’t say that. U have brain even before but it started working nowadays. Saying this she tries to run but he holds her hand.
He pulled her towards him. He is deep into her.
Sanskar (in a naughty tone) :I’m gonna punish u for what you have said now.
She closes her eyes and he kisses on her eyes and told her to ask sorry. She denied. He kisses her cheeks and again told her to ask sorry. She denied again. He placed a deep kiss on her lips and lights went off.
Raglak room..

Ragini came with food for Laksh and sees him sitting on the bed.
Ragini : how are you feeling now?
Laksh (in a cold tone) : R u feeling bad that I’m still alive?
Ragini gets shocked by his words but suddenly consoled herself and goes near him.
She tries to make him eat.
He refuses and asks “y r u doing this. U said I’m no one to u then y r u creating drama?”
She doesn’t reply as she knows that if she do any reply it will end up with a fight. So she just avoided his words and again tries to make him eat.
He suddenly take the plate from her hands and started eating himself as he was really hungry.
She looked him for a while and moved.
It’s morning..
Swasan room..
Swara sleeping in sanskar’s chest while his hands holding her like the way he just don’t want to let her move away from him.
Both wakes at same time looking each other and smiles. Swara thought to move but sanskar holding her so tightly.
Swara(in a mild voice) :sanskar!
Sanskar :hmm…
Swara :let me go.
Sanskar :hmm…
Swara :please…
Sanskar :hmm…
He is still in the same gesture and not at all in mood the mood to let her go.
Swara : sanskar! It’s morning. Let me go.
Sanskar denied.

Swara suddenly shouts “bade papa” . Sanskar suddenly freed her. She immediately get down from bed and started laughing. Sanskar shows angry face.
Raglak room…
Ragini wakes and found Laksh is not on bed. She got tensed and started searching him by calling his name. Laksh came out from bathroom and looked her with nil expression.
On seeing him Ragini got relaxed.
Screen freeze on Laksh’s irritating face…

Precap :Laksh witness Ragini’s concern for him..

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Credit to: Adithi

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