Swaragini (A starting point of love) Episode 8


Thank you guys for ur support. It seems that Tejaswi going to quit the show. She is a great actress yaar. The writters of swaragini gone mad I think. Anyway in my FF Tejaswi will be Ragini 😉
Here we go..
I want to define Laksh’s character in my FF. Here Laksh want back swara in his life by convincing her but not by forcing her. If there she loves someone Laksh of course don’t like it but he will not force her to come back to his life. Because he wants her love not just she. Till now as there is no one in her life he is trying to get back her. If she loves sanskar he won’t force her. But at the same time he don’t want Ragini in his life because she betrayed him.
That’s it..
It’s evening..

Swasan room..
Sanskar enters the room where swara seems upset.
Sanskar : what happened swara?
Swara : nothing just thinking about Laksh and Ragini..
Sanskar looks confusingly.
Swara : Actually I talked to Ragini.. I asked about their relation.
Sanskar : Ragini forgave Laksh right?
Swara : no sanskar I’m confused..
Sanskar :so what is she saying?
Swara :she is telling that she don’t love or hate Laksh..
Sanskar : did you talked to Laksh?
Swara :no he was not there when I met her.
Sanskar moves close to her and says “y r u getting upset for all things?! Everything will be alright”. She rests on his shoulder.
Raglak room..
Laksh came home and without talking he freshened up and went to balcony. Ragini got confused about his attitude and thought to talk to him. Just then uttara came and informed that dp calling them down.

Mm hall..
All the family members of MM and gadodia are there.
DP announces that swara and sanskar wants to tell something.
Swara : me and sanskar have decided something thing about our relationship.
Everyone looks on..
Swara : yes we are ready to keep this relation.
Everyone of the family members are happy except sujatha and Laksh.
Dadi looks Ragini happily and Ragini nodes..
Dp: very happy to hear this beta.

Sumi kisses swara in her forehead. All wish and blesses them very happy life.
Just then a man came and gave a letter and said that it is for Ragini Maheshwari.
Ragini gets it and about to open but AP asks everyone to come for dinner and called Ragini to help her. So she kept the cover on the table near sofa and leaves. Laksh looks the cover and moves to dining table.

All the Gadodia and MM family members had a wonderful dinner. Swasan had some funny moments teasing each other. After a while gadodia family leaves.
Everyone left to their room. While swara leaving she sees the cover on the sofa and thinks Ragini forgot it. She took it to give to Ragini. Suddenly she thought something and opened the cover and read the letter.
She gets shocked. It is divorce notice from Laksh. She thought to talk to Laksh.
Laksh was standing outside his room thinking something.
Swara comes there.
Swara (showing the notice asks) :what is this Laksh?
Laksh doesn’t reply
Swara : u r about to divorce Ragini?

Laksh : what’s wrong with this swara? She betrayed me.. She separated us.. Y I should not divorce her?
Swara : even u kidnapped her. So now just forget all those things Laksh
Laksh :s I do kidnapped her because she haven’t left any other options.
Swara : whatever she did is because she loves u.
Laksh :but I love u swara..
Swara looks him shockingly and asks ‘but u said u r my friend’
Laksh : I doesn’t matter now swara. Now u r ready to move on. U love sanskar. So I’m not going to force you to get back into my life.
Just then sanskar came there and started hearing their conversation.
Swara : Then y u want to get divorce?
Laksh : swara if I don’t want you to get back in my life it doesn’t mean that I should live with Ragini. Please swara I don’t want to hurt you so just leave.
Swara looks him with teary eyes and went to her room.
Sanskar also enters. Swara suddenly hugs him and started crying.
Sanskar : I know swara. Even u said Ragini is not ur sister but u can’t see her pain.
Swara looks him.

Sanskar : I heard you talking to Laksh. But don’t worry we both together will make things fine.
Swara looked him happily and hugs him asks ” y are u loving me this much sanskar?”
Sanskar : if there is a reason it won’t be love. True love happens without any reasons..
She looks him lovingly while he kisses on her eyes. She blushes.
He lift her and placed on bed. Both moves close to each other and they consummate their lovely marriage.

Raglak room..
Laksh enters the room where Ragini is waiting for him.
Ragini : Laksh! Where were u today morning.
Laksh : y should I tell u all this Ragini? Who r u to me? U said u don’t love me now then y r u asking all this?

Ragini : yes I said. But upto our family we r husband and wife. How about I’m saying I don’t know? If they ask where u r?!!
Laksh : I’m not in mood to fight Ragini. Saying this he lied on sofa and closed his eyes.
Ragini looks on..
It’s morning..
Swasan room..

Sanskar wakes and looks swara sleeping like a child. He place a kiss on her cheeks and looking her lovingly. She wakes and found that he is staring him.
Swara :sanskar! Y r u looking me like that?
Sanskar :don’t I have to right to look my wife?
Swara : I guess someone is in romantic mood??!!

Sanskar smiles and moves towards her but swara pushed him and started running. He started chasing her and pins her to the wall.
Swara’s heartbeats so fast. They had an eye lock. Suddenly pareenitha call them to come down. Swara pushes him and sauo’ go and get ready we have some other works to do’. He accepts and goes.
Raglak room…
Ragini wakes and found Laksh still sleeping. She got freshen up and came and saw Laksh still sleeping. He is kind of shivering.
She goes near him and touches his head and realized he got fever that too very high. She got tensed and informed it to AP. After then doctor arrives and gave some medicine and instructed to give all medicines on time.
AP tell Ragini to take care of Laksh and leaves. Swasan room..
Swara :sanskar! This is a golden opportunity..
Sanskar :for what?

Swara : to unite Ragini and Laksh.
Sanskar understands and signs her.
Raglak room..
Ragini is very concern about Laksh and giving his medicine on time.
She herself thinks ” y I’m feeling so bad when Laksh is not well??!!”
Suddenly she remembers swara’s words “Laksh is ur first love. U cannot stop ur self from loving him”. She looks Laksh.
Screen freezes on Ragini’s confused face.

Precap :swasan trying to patch up raglak.

Thank you for reading guys. Please shower ur love and do comments.

Credit to: Adithi

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  1. I am very upset to watch tejswi in negative character she has a good carere agead i hope she choose good positive one this time she deserves it

  2. nice episode..plz unite raglak soon

  3. i am too sad tejaswi leaving show…
    its just becz directors of serial..
    teju dont want to be negative actor bt they convinced her its for some days then it will be positive…
    bt ragini character is becoming more evil day by day… teju dont liked that n irritated by it… so quiting

    cant imgine swaragini without teju..

    1. S dear,,,,she is a good actor ,,I like her very much..but what we do,…adithi dear 2day sawsan moments really nice …soon laks realize rags love…

  4. loved it thoroughly…

  5. very nice epi..even i can’t imaging swaragini without ragini..hope raglak will unite soon

  6. awesome. .

  7. nice epi…

  8. Thank you guys. And s me too don’t want tejaswi to left the show. I want to see her positive.

  9. Nice epi adi…. unite raglak..

  10. Fab ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

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