Swaragini (A starting point of love) Episode 7


Thank you so much guys. I’m really glad that many of you like my last episode of swasan union.
Here we go..
Swasan room..
Swara chasing sanskar and both falls on bed separately. Both having long breath. Swara looking up while sanskar looking swara.
Sanskar : swara! U know how much happier I’m. I’m waiting for this day so far. But I thought such a day will never come in my life. I feel like I’m the luckiest person in the world.
Swara looks him and blushes. Sanskar moves towards her trying to kiss her. Just an inch gap between their lips.
Swara (in a mild tone) :sanskar!
Sanskar :hmm..
Swara : shall we first inform our family?
Sanskar moves back and looks her. Swara got tensed he may mistaken her.
Swara: sanskar I..
He kept his finger on her lips

Sanskar : no need to say anything swara. I can understand.
Swara feels very happy.
Sanskar gently kisses on her forehead and wakes to go to sofa.
Swara sitting on bed suddenly grabs his hand.
Swara :u said u r the luckiest in the world. But I’m luckier than u. Because I got u in my life. Such a great gift from God.
He smiles and goes to sofa while she lies on bed. Both looking each other falls asleep. After a long time they had a good sleep.
It’s morning..
Raglak room..
Ragini wakes and look Laksh. He is awake whole night. She understands that he haven’t slept full night.
She thought to talk to him but denied herself and got to her work.
Laksh wakes up got ready and left.
Ragini thinks where is he going without informing.
Swasan room..
Swara wakes and looks sanskar sleeping.

She remembers how gently sanskar behaved last night. She goes to him and sits near him and kept her hand on his head lovingly.
He wakes and looks her. Suddenly he stands up
Sanskar (in a fake tensed tone) :oh hello! What are u trying to do when I’m sleeping?
Swara(shouts) :sanskar! and hits him.
Both laughs..
Swara : enough of playing. Now go and get ready. It’s getting late for ur office.
Sanskar (bowed his head) : yes mam..
And smiles and leaves..
Raglak room..
After sanskar left to office swara came to talk to Ragini.
On seeing swara’s face Ragini understand everything.
Ragini :I’m happy for you swara..
Swara (confusingly) : for what?
Ragini :for ur decision to keep this relation.
Swara (surprisingly) : but I didn’t told u.
Ragini :u didn’t . But ur happiness did.
Swara(blushes) : thank you Ragini.
Ragini : no need swara.
Swara(serious tone) : so what are u going to do.?
Ragini :do what swara?
Swara : did u forgave Laksh?

Ragini :Under what rights swara? I did even more bad things.
Swara :what do u mean Ragini?
Ragini : swara as I said earlier I don’t have love or trust in my life. I don’t have love or hate for Laksh.
Swara : then y don’t u take divorce?
Ragini : because I don’t want to destroy anyone’s life. If I take divorce I have to leave this house. Maa pappa may compel me to do another marriage. I don’t want to make more confusion.
Swara :but..
Ragini : no swara. I don’t want to talk about this.
Swara : fine! But remember. Laksh is ur first love. U cannot stop loving him.
Saying this she leaves immediately.
Ragini looks on..

Precap : swasan telling about their decision to everyone. Laksh saying his decision.

Hey guys as my FF is continuation of current track there will be equal importance to raglak and swasan. Hope u guys like this track. Thanks for reading. Please do comments.

Credit to: Adithi

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