Swaragini (A starting point of love) Episode 6

So really friends many of you want to see Ragini in positive character. But the writters of swaragini don’t want to do that I think. Anyway I too want to see Ragini positive. That’s why I made it in my FF. Hope u guys like it..
Recap: Ragini trying to make swara understand that she started loving sanskar..
It’s evening..
Swasan room..
Swara waiting for sanskar to come from office.
Sanskar arrived and enters the room.
Swara on seeing him suddenly stands up from bed and walks towards him but her leg hits the table..
Sanskar : swara careful! He runs and holds her..
They share an eye lock.
Swara’s eyes filled with tears seeing his concern.
Both realizes suddenly and moves away.
Sankar turns and about to go
Swara : sanskar! I..
He stops her without turning.
Sanskar : Already u have asked sorry many times swara. No need to ask anymore.
Swara looks on.
Sanskar: Do u remember swara! The first day when u entered this house me and Laksh had a fight. Laksh bad mouthed u and I defend u. But u shouted at me.
Swara remembers the incident
Sanskar : Since then all the time whatever problem arises u tried to stop me only. Because for you I’m wrong. I have to control all my emotions. Y swara? Do u think I’m the one who is wrong all the time?
Swara: No sanskar. I just..
Sanskar : It’s OK swara. May be it’s my mistake that not knowing about how to gain ur trust.
Swara on hearing this really felt bad. She can’t control and burst out and suddenly hugs him from back. She crys and says “I’m sorry sanskar. I’m really sorry”
Sanskar stunned by this and turns.

Raglak room..
Laksh sitting in balcony thinking about Ragini’s words “swaragini loves sanskar”.
Ragini comes there and asks him to come for dinner.
Laksh: (shouts hard) I’m not hungry. U just leave.
Ragini : I know Laksh. It will take some time for u to accept the truth that ‘ swara loves sanskar’
Laksh looks her and she leaves.

Swasan room..
They are looking deep into each other. Swara holding sanskar’s shoulder
Swara : I don’t know y it took this much of time for me to realize this. U said I was shouting at u all the time because I don’t trust you. It is not true sanskar. Because on whom we have rights only on them we can take advantage.
Sanskar looks on..
Swara : U are the one on whom I have rights to. U mean to me a lot sanskar. U know when I’m with you I will be like me. Because u have never forced me to change for you.
Sanskar feels something deep and looks her in a furious way.
Swara : At least now I realized what I really need in this life. It is ur LOVE.
Sanskar looks shocked..
Swara : yes sanskar. I LOVE YOU..
Thum hi how plays at bg..
Saying this she hugs her and sanskar too hugs her back and both cries.
The hug remains for a while..
After sometime they break the hug.
Sanskar(in a naughty tone) : so? What about this sudden change swara.
Swara(suddenly remember something and in serious tone) : Ragini helped me in this.
Sanskar : Ragini? But how did she know about this?
Swara (with a shy) : I came to guest room yesterday when u are sleeping…
Sanskar remembers that and laugh
Swara : y r u laughing sanskar?
Sanskar : nothing u continue.
Swara (again with shy tone) : I talked to you something. Ragini heared that and she told me that I started loving u.
Sanskar controlling his laugh with much effort and asks “so what did u talked to me swara?”
Swara (with bunch of shy) : Nothing just..
Sanskar can’t control his laugh further and started laughing..
Swara (with confusion) : what happened sanskar? Y r u laughing?
Sanskar : u know what swara? I was not sleeping when u came yesterday..
Swara gives a angry look. Sanskar started running around the bed and swara started chasing him shouting ” sanskar I’m not going to leave u today. Stop sanskar” 🙂
Raglak room..
Ragini sleeping in the bed.
Laksh lying on sofa thinking something deep..

Precap : Raglak conversation..

Hope you guys like it. Please do comments and suggestions if any.

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