Swaragini (A starting point of love) Episode 4

Hey thank you so much for liking my FF. But I’m getting less comments. May be my writing is not commendable. I’m trying the story interesting but as it is the continuation of swaragini I can’t induce any sudden twists. Please guys if anything I can do.
As many of you want a long episode I tried my best…
At MM hall…
Swara asked for some more time to take decision about their (swasan) relation.
Swasan looks each other.
Dadi: So you called us to talk about swara and sanskar’s relation. But we thought it is about raglak…
Ragini got tensed on hearing this meanwhile Laksh is happy.
Dp: yes even that too. As the divorce papers for raglak is ready we have not yet filed it because of Ragini’s memory loss. So…
Ragini (suddenly shouts) :no… I mean I don’t want to give divorce.
Laksh is at edge of shock hearing this.
Whole family gets shocked.
As MM family knows that Laksh kidnapped Ragini they can’t support Laksh to take divorce.
Infact AP is happy about this and thinks that Ragini her self forgiven Laksh.
Gadodia family glad to hear this and leaves.
All other family members leave except swasan and raglak.
Swara sees sanskar but he cuts eye contact and goes to his room.
Ragini sees Laksh in a victory way and leaves.
Laksh turns to swara and asks y u asked for time y don’t u divorce sanskar.
Swara: This is non of ur business Laksh. Who are you to asks this.
Saying this she throws a angry look and leaves.
Laksh still standing alone in a helpless condition.

Swasan room..
Sanskar standing near the window while swara comes.
Sanskar (without turning) : what is this swara? U don’t want to be with me then y did u asked for time?
Swara : because I want my best friend back. I want to make things normal.
Sanskar turns not this time swara and leaves.
Tears roll from swara’s eyes.
She stands in front of mirror
Swara(in the mirror asks) :y u are feeling this much of pain when sanskar ignores u?
Swara: because he is my friend.
Swara(in mirror) : just friend??!!
Swara doesn’t reply

Swar(in mirror) : yes u feel so much of pain when he ignore u means that is not just friendship. It is something beyond that swara.
Swara starts thinking about their sweet moments and cries hard.
Raglak room..
Ragini sitting in front of mirror while Laksh enters..
Laksh (at anger tone) :how dare u Ragini. Y did u say that u don’t want divorce?
Ragini (seeing him in the mirror without any emotions in her expression) : Because I don’t have any problems with this relation.
Laksh : but I have Ragini . I hate u.
Ragini (with same tone) :That’s not my problem Laksh. I have rights to decide about my life. If u hate me that’s ur problem. I don’t hate u.
Laksh :so u love me?
Ragini : No Laksh. Once I was but not now.
Laksh (at extreme anger) : Then y the hell u don’t want to divorce me?
Ragini turns and look Laksh deep into his eyes and at a mild tone says because this is what our fate…

DP room..
Dp:Y did u stopped me from telling the truth?
Ap:because Ragini don’t want to do so. That’s y she didn’t tell anything to the inspector.
DP : what shall we do now?
AP :we have to wait some more time to know what they(raglak) want to do..
At the same time sujatha is really sad about this decision of swara.
It’s night at dining table..
AP and sujatha serves. An abnormal silence is maintained as no one wants to talk anything.
Swara tries to serve sanskar but he deny and says I’m done and leaves. Swara got teary-eyed.
Everyone looks on..
Swasan room…
Sanskar is about to leave to guest room but swara enters and stop him.
Swara: please sanskar tell me what else I can do to get back my friend.
Sanskar : Every relationship in this world is made of trust swara. If there is no trust there won’t be friendship or love. So u can’t get ur friend back swara. Saying this he leaves. Swara’s eyes filled with tears.

All the four swasan and raglak can’t sleep.
Main thanu samjavake plays at bg.
Swara goes to guest room.
Sanskar feels swara’s presence and pretend to be asleep.
Swara comes near sanskar and sits near him in the bed. She holds his hand and says ” u know what sanskar I can’t bear the pain when u avoid me. U will be there when I need ur shoulder. U will be there to take off my tears. I can’t even imagine to be without ur support sanskar. I’m really sorry for whatever happened. Now I promise u that I will be ur side at all the times.
Saying this she burst of crying and leaves.
Sanskar open his eyes and feels bad to see swara with tears and also this time he can’t give his hanky.
Ragini who came to drink water listened all this.

It’s morning..
Swasan room..
Swara sleeping on the sofa itself.
Ragini knocks the door.
Swara wakes suddenly and sees Ragini their.
Ragini : swara came to talk to you about sanskar.
Swara : I don’t want to talk to you Ragini please leave.
Ragini : swara I heard u last night.
Swara sees her with confusion and angry.
Ragini : No I haven’t heard it purposely.
Swara : whatever Ragini y should I listen to u? Who are u to me. Sister?
Ragini : I may not be ur sister swara. But as a well wisher I thought to say u this.
Swara looks on.
Ragini : u know what swara u started loving sanskar. As much as know u I’m clear about this. But I think u have confusion on this that’s y I thought to say u this. U can’t live without sanskar. Realize this as soon as possible.
Saying this without waiting for a reply Ragini leave..
Swara starts thinking..

Precap : swara asking Ragini y she is doing this?

Hope u guys like it. Please do comments…

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  1. Adithi this is beautiful dear….keep on writing…Eagerly waiting for next update…but unite swasan soon…….

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  19. Thank you so much guys. I thought my FF is not interesting. Really thank you very much yaar… 🙂

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