Swaragini (A starting point of love) Episode 3

Thank you guys for ur support… Based on your request I’m making this long FF…
t morning in swasan room….
Swara wakes earlier and getting ready to go to meet her parents. While she was searching for her ear rings sanskar enters. Swara saw him in the mirror and turns.
Swara: sanskar! I want to talk to you.
Sanskar without any reply took his dress and went to bathroom.
Swara’s eyes filled with tears.
Raglak room..
Ragini was tiered of crying full night so wakes up late where she finds Laksh got ready and combing his hair.
Laksh turned and sees Ragini thinking ‘ I will definitely throw u out of my life and I will get back my love swara’
Meanwhile Ragini seeing him remember about last night conversation and thinks ‘what ever happens Laksh either u like or not u have to live rest of ur life with me. From now I will be with u at each and every step of ur life’
Swasan room..

Swara waiting for sanskar to come out of bathroom.
Sanskar came and started dressing.
Swara:sanskar I’m sorry. I should not asked you that. Please forgive me..
Sanskar (with flat tone) : swara do u think I’m angry with u. No I can’t. I’m just hurted that even u can’t accept me as ur friend. If there is friendship there will be trust.
Swara:no sanskar. Of course I’m ur friend
Sanskar (suddenly) :no ur not my friend swara.
Swara gets shocked.
Sanskar continues : YOU ARE MY LOVE.. But now it is clear that u don’t even want to be my friend. So I have decided something swara.
Swara stunned hearing this. Sanskar about to say something while Pareenitha comes and informs that DP calling them.
MM hall….
Swasan comes where whole MM and gadodia family gathered. Swara goes and hugs summer.
DP(to Gadodia family) : I want to tell a very important thing (DP though to tell about the truth behind rags kidnapping)
Just then inspector came there. Adarsh called him as DP said.
Inspector : U called us to talk about kidnapping. Any clue about that?
DP about to talk but Ragini interfere and says no sir no clue or proof. U have to find the kidnapper as we don’t even have the red shawl.
MM family gets showed on hearing this.
Inspector : Fine we will investigate. And he leaves.
Shekhar asks what is the matter.

AP (suddenly) : Nothing just to talk about swara and sanskar’s relation.
DP looks her and AP nodes no.
AP : As swara and sanskar asked time to take decision about their relation now they have to say what they want to do. Either move on with their life or want divorce.
Everyone looks them.
Sanskar about to say his decision but swara interrupts suddenly and says we need some more time.
Laksh fumes with anger.
Sumi and dadi gets shocked as earlier swara said that she don’t want this relation but now she is asking time.
Sanskar gets shoking surprise hearing this.
Laksh with extreme shock.
AP: Already we gave u lot of time swara. Now how much more.
Swara : sorry badema. But we need 1 more month to decide.
Ragini thinks y swara doing this.
Screen freeze on swasan Laksh faces.

Precap: Ragini shouts no..

Guys hope u like it. Any guesses about precap.

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  1. Twisty…. its nice adithi… superb.

  2. Hey Adithi it was awesm. Bt sorry…….dear agn I flt it was lil short. It needs a bit mr extnsn.

  3. pls don’t separate swasan

    1. Hey it is going to be swasan dr..

  4. Very nice. But instead to asking for time she should have said tha she doesn’t want divorce.

  5. Good episode asusual.. Dear plz write lily more lengthy…

  6. Hey guys thank u so much for liking. I’m trying to make a long episode but somehow it becomes short. I will definitely make it long in my next episode.

  7. nice…

  8. Nice dear ,,

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