Swaragini (A starting point of love) Episode 2


Thank you guys for liking my FF…
At MM house…
Laksh goes to uttar also room where she is crying badly. On seeing Laksh she comes and hugs him and asks ‘why bhai y did tell the truth’
Laksh says’ I can’t see that everyone accusing u but it’s OK I will manage’ and consoles her.
Sankar in guest room…
He threw the files on bed and thinks y swara y did you do this I trusted u all the time but you can’t even wait to listen y I did all this. Thinking all this sanskar went to window and saw the full moon and thinks about how he defends swara all the time.

In DP room..
AP cries and says all this is because of me. I’m not a good mother and because of my upbringing Laksh did all this today. Dp console her and says not only u everyone of us are responsible and says that he took a decision and asks AP to sleep at morning he will tell his decision to everyone.
Laksh after making uttara sleep goes to his room where Ragini lying on the bed and crying. Both don’t want to talk anything to each other.
Laksh goes to balcony and sits on the sofa.
Ragini after some time gaining all her energy goes to Laksh
Ragini : y Laksh y did u do this to me. I know u hate me but how can you stoop so low.
Laksh : stop this drama Ragini. I don’t think what I did is bad than what you did to me. You separated my love from me and you are saying I did bad.
Ragini (as usual crying) : Even enemy can’t do this to a girl Laksh!
Laksh (at a anger tone) : stop it Ragini I don’t want to hear anything. Saying this he leaves the room. Ragini started crying.

Swasan room…
Swara as sanskar is not ready to hear anything from swara feels very bad and hunted. Thinking some thing deeply she went out of her room where she collides with Laksh.
Laksh : swara are you OK?
Swara without answering him tries to walk. Laksh holds her hand. Swara fumes and take her hand suddenly and says I don’t want to talk with u Laksh. U said u are my friend. Friends don’t lie Laksh but u hided every thing from me. Now get lost I don’t want to see ur face. Saying this swara left. Laksh thinks that no swara I will get u back in my life I can’t let u go like this I LOVE YOU Swara…
At the same time Ragini in he room thinks that ‘ Laksh u did too much now I don’t have either love or hater for u Laksh but this whole u have live along with me. U don’t have any other option v
Screen freeze on Ragini and Laksh face separately…

Precap:DP announce his decision to the whole family..

Hope u guys like it. Please do comments…

Credit to: Adithi

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  1. What decision????

  2. Vinay Karthik

    Hey adithi …… ur ff is nice one….. plz make it longer … it is just my suggestion…….

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  4. Good but please make it longer and more of SWASAN please

  5. Good episode…

  6. Please make laksh negative…

  7. don’t separate swasan

  8. nice dr…

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