Swaragini (A starting point of love) Episode 12

Thank you so so so so so much guys. I’m very happy seeing those comments. There is gonna be a surprise (may be shock) at the end of this episode. Now enjoy this episode..
Here we go..
Now at last our swaragini and sanlak are together..
MM hall..
All the family members are in the hall.
Swasan informed that raglak decided to move on together..
Everyone are very very happy about this..
Laksh :yes pappa..
DP blessed them.
Uttara (naughty tone) : so that we have to prepare for honeymoon for two couples..
Everyone laughs..
DP : so we have to inform this to swaragini’s family.
Swara : badepappa.. I thought to them surprise. So please let us do something..
DP nodes..
Swasan and raglak become happy..
Swasan room..
Swasan and raglak are there..
Swara explained some thing and all three nodes and got ready to go to badi.
Swasan in one car first left.
In car..
Sanskar is driving where swara seems very happy watching outside window.
Sanskar looks her obviously started staring her.
Swara feels that and turns and find sanskar starting her.
Swara :sanskar! Thode dyan tho road mae rako..
Sanskar (romantically) :ithni koopsurath ladiki hae mere sath. How can I concentrate on something else..
Swara made his head turn towards road and says “I don’t want to die so early”
Sanskar suddenly stopped the car and looked her so seriously and says “don’t ever say this again. I can’t be without u even a minute”. His eyes filled with tears..
Swara felt bad on seeing this and says, “I was just joking. OK sorry! I won’t repeat this”. Her eyes also filled with tears.
Sanskar is still upset.
Swara (in a naughty tone) : so are going to start the car? Or else I have to walk?
Sanskar without saying anything started the car but he is still upset.
Swara (kidding) : no no stop the car..
Without stopping the car he asks y?

Swara :I don’t want to go to my mom’s house with a sad face of sanskar Maheshwari. I want my happy sanky…
Sanskar (smiles and says) :u r impossible swara…!
Both smiles. They reached badi.
Dadi opened the door and see Swasan standing so seriously.
Dadi (tensly) : what a sudden visit without any information.. Is everything alright star?
Swara (sadly) : no dadi nothing is going good..
Maa and pappa came there and got shocked hearing this.
Maa: what happened shona? Is everyone fine there?
Swara : Maa.. Pappa.. Dadi… I’m going to tell you something very important about Ragini and Laksh..
They got very tensed on hearing this.
Pappa : beta.. Don’t hide anything from us. Tell whatever it is..
Sanskar (pointing towards door says) : they both will tell themselves..
Raglak standing there.
Three of them got surprised seeing them together.
They enter with smile.
Pappa : Ragini beta.. What is the matter? What swara trying to say?
Four of them started laughing.
These three got confused.
Swara(hugging her dad) : pappa.. Ragini and Laksh became one.
They got very happy on hearing this.
Dadi holds swara’s ears “so y u mode us fear for a while”
Swara took her hand off and hugs her and says just to surprise u dadi…
Everyone laughs..
Sanskar (with fake angry) : don’t leave her dadi. She use to hit me up know?
Swara looks sanskar angrily and everyone started laughing again.
After spending some sweet time with them they left.
At MM house..
Swasan room..
Swara (fake anger) : so u r complaining about me that I’m hitting u??!!
Sanskar : of course that’s true right?
Both remember the incident on karwachouth..
Swara (in serious tone) :so Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari I won’t change those things. U have tolerate all this.

Sanskar : no swara. No need to change anything. I love you just as you.
Swara felt happy on this reply and hugs him. He place a lovely kiss on her forehead.
Raglak room..
Ragini in front of mirror removing her necklace.
Laksh came from back and helped her. Both looking each other in the mirror.
Here place a very soft kiss in her neck. She closed her eyes. He lift her and placed on bed.
Ragini having high heart beat. She still can’t believe that she atlast got her love. Laksh kissed her on her eyes and cheeks and then on her rose lips.
Lights went off. They consumate their marriage.
It’s morning..
Ragini finds Laksh sleeping near her.
She in thinks ” being good is not at all difficult. May be I should have done this before. Thank you very much swara”. Happy tears roles off her eyes.
Swasan room..
Sanskar wakes and find swara sleeping..
Here thought to play with her. He suddenly started calling her name continuously in a tensed tone like ” swara swara swara”
She waked suddenly and can’t understand what is happening..
Sanskar started laughing seeing her and swara started chasing him..

So likewise swaragini with a strong sisters bond, swasan with their lovely nok-jok, raglak with their romantic love got a happy life together forever…

So guys the surprise (maybe shock) is this is the end of my FF. Happy ending. Thank you very much for all the one who commented and also to the silent readers.. Sorry guys for such a short FF. I’m UG and my exams are about to start. So see u guys after my exams hopefully with a new plot… Love you guys…

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