Swaragini (A starting point of love) Episode 11

Thank you very very much friends. I too want to see some good stuffs in the current track. But as we all know it is not going to happen. So I thought to write this FF. I’m really glad that many of u like this track….

So as I said in precap here is the Maha episode…
It’s morning..
Raglak room…
Ragini sleeping in the gesture of sitting on a chair near Laksh. She wakes and found Laksh sleeping and the time is 7 o’clock. She thought it’s the time to give him medicine. She keeps her hand on his head to know about the temperature of his fever..
Laksh wakes by this soft touch and find Ragini.
Ragini immediately took her hand back.
Ragini (tensed tone) :I was just..
Laksh (politely) : checking my temperature..
Ragini wonders what happened to him as he is not angry with her.
Ragini nodes…
Laksh looks her. Both had an eye lock.

Swasan room..
Swara wakes and sees sanskar sleeping.
She wakes him and says she is going to see Ragini. He nodes and slept again.
Swara comes to raglak room where Ragini and Laksh looking each other.
Swara cough to make them alert.
Both came to reality.
Swara :Ragini! How is Laksh? Did u gave him tablets every one hour.
Laksh (immediately answered) : yes. She did.
Swaragini looks him. Laksh realizes what he said looks Ragini as he don’t know what to say.
Swara feels very happy and thought to leave them alone so she leaves.

Swasan room..
Sanskar still on the bed while swara enters with more joy and fall on him.
He suddenly wakes and they had an eye lock.
Both remember the same incident when swara fall on him when she got to know about her Maa pappa becoming one.
Sanskar (in a nought tone) :swara! All the time when u become happy y u used to fall on me?
Swara moves back and get down from him.
Swara blushes and don’t know what to answer.
Sanskar looks her. Her face become rose color just like rose petals.
Sanskar (in a serious tone) :swara.. Please don’t do this..
Swara :what?!!
Sanskar :if u continue blushing like this, I can’t stop myself from falling for u.
Saying this he moves towards her. Holding her close asks “what is the reason behind ur happiness today?”
Swara (with full of happiness) : Laksh got some concern for Ragini.
Sanskar looks surprisingly. She explained what happened in raglak room.
Sanskar : very nice improvement.. So we don’t need to take much effort to make them one.
She nodes happily.

It’s dining table…
Everyone is there except raglak.
Ap(to swara) : beta.. Where is ragini?
Swara :she is taking care of Laksh.
AP (happily) :I’m really glad seeing Ragini’s concern for Laksh.
Swara :yes bade Maa.. Sooner they will become one.
Everyone happy hearing this.
Sujatha see sanskar and thinks “my son is very happy after a long time. I can see his love for swara in his eyes. So it’s not that much difficult to accept a bangalan as my bahu if it means so much to my son”. Thinking this she look swara and she feels relaxed.
Uttara (to swara) :so babhi.. Any plan about ur honeymoon?
Everyone looks swasan. Both felt embarrassed.
Swara signs uttara to keep quiet.
Ap: oh yeah. We didn’t think about that. So sanskar! Any special places u want to go?
Sanskar : no now mom. Not without raglak?!!
Everyone looks on. Swara looks surprisingly.
Sanskar : they two started realizing their love. So after their union we will think about our honeymoon.
All the family members are happy about this.

Raglak room..
Laksh is eating his breakfast while Ragini sitting near him. Suddenly he got heavy cough. Ragini gently made him drink water.
Both had an eye lock.
Laksh continues his eating while Ragini looking him thinks ” u r absolutely correct swara. I can’t stop myself from loving him”
After he was done Ragini gave him his medicines.
Laksh looking her thinks ” sanskar u r right. This girl loves me more than anything”

Just then swasan came there..
Swara :Ragini! I thought to meet mom and dad so I’m going to badi. Would you like to come?
Ragini got tensed and think she cannot go leaving Laksh alone as he is not well.
Sanskar : what r u asking swara? Of course she will come with u. What Ragini?
Swasan doing this purposely as they want to know how much concern is Ragini about Laksh.
Laksh too wants to know what Ragini going to say.
Ragini : no swara.. I promised Maa that I will take care of Laksh. So I cannot come now.
Laksh feels happy on hearing this and suddenly thinks “y I’m feeling happy about Ragini’s concern for me. Am I started loving her?”
Swara :it’s OK Ragini. Take care. I will be back tomorrow.
Swasan leave.
Ragini turns and looks Laksh starring at her.
Swasan room..
Swara is happy about raglak and she started packing some gifts for her parents.
Sanskar (in a sad tone) : so u will return only tomorrow?
Swara looks him smiles and says “just one day”
Sanskar (in same tone) :it is 24 hours.
Swara feels happy on seeing this and continue her packing.
She thought to took a bag from the top of the cupboard. She was jumping but she can’t.
Sanskar lift her from back. She didn’t expect this and falls but he got her by his arms. Both had an eye lock..

Raglak room..
Laksh sitting on the bed while Ragini in front of mirror.
Laksh : Ragini!
Ragini looks him.
Laksh : y r u so concern about me.
Ragini (immediately) : because I..
She stops. Laksh looks on..
Ragini : I’m ur wife.
Laksh (in a flat) : nothing more than that?
Ragini got shocked by this question. She looks him deeply and can’t find words to answer.
Laksh too don’t understand what to talk.
Just then swara came there.
Swara looking both their faces thinks what happened to them…
Swara : Ragini! I just came to say u bye!!
Ragini nodes and smiles.
Swara signs her what happened?
Ragini nodes nothing.
Swara smiles and leaves.
Ragini turns and looks Laksh.
Laksh : I asked u something..
Ragini (in a shivering tone) : of course there is something more than that..
Laksh looks eagerly…
Ragini started crying as she can’t control her emotions…
Laksh got tensed..
Ragini : I’m sorry Laksh! I still and always will love you…
Laksh got shocked as he didn’t expect this sudden confession.
Ragini cries badly.. Laksh feel lot of pain this time on seeing her tears..
Laksh goes near her in front of mirror.
Here makes her stand and look deep into her eyes and asks “do u think still I can’t realize ur love?! I’m not that much bad”
She suddenly huged him and crying hard…
Ragini : I’m sorry Laksh! Sorry for everything.
Laksh (he too cries) : no Ragini! U r not the only reason for all the happening. I’m sorry too. It took lot of time for me to realize ur true love..
They hugs again and the hug remains for a while.
They both now don’t need any words to exchange their feelings as they both can hear each other’s heart now…
Swara just then came there as she forget her phone. She look them and felt very happy as she is out of this world. Happy tears role from her eyes..
She don’t want to disturb them so she left.
Raglak break their hug and had an eye lock.
Laksh lovingly take her tears off.
Laksh (in a mild tone) : no more tears in our life here after.
Both smiles and hugs again.
Swara runs towards sanskar. He was sitting seeing laptop.

On seeing her tears he got tensed and asks “what happened swara?”
Swara hugs himself and can’t say anything as her happiness made her words struck.
Sanskar : swara!
She without breaking the hug replies ” all kind of happiness came into my life all of a sudden sanskar. Ragini and Laksh became one”
Sanskar on hearing this became very happy and hugs her back.
Screen freezes on swasan and raglak.

Precap : oops..! Read it on the next episode.

Hope u guys like it… Please do comments… Love you all…

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