Swaragini (A starting point of love) Episode 10


Thank you so much guys. I’m happy that u guys like my plot.. Thank you for the silent readers..
Here we go…
Swasan room..
Swara laughing at sanskar while he is looking her with fake anger.. But he can’t stop himself from falling for swara while seeing her cute and innocent smile.. He starts staring at her with lots of love. On seeing this swara stopped laughing and started blushing. Her beautiful face became more beautiful…
Swara : Now stop staring at me and get ready. It’s time to go to raglak room…
Sanskar :oh yes.. And moves..
Raglak room..
Laksh is lying on bed where Ragini went to fresh up.
Sanskar came their.
Laksh : y r u here?
Sanskar :to give u medicines..
Laksh :no need. I can take it by myself.
Sanskar :oh.. So u know which medicine u should take now??!!
Laksh got confused as there is lots of medicine and he really don’t know which to take..
On seeing him sanskar took a medicine and said “this is what u have to take now”.
Ragini came from bathroom and see the medicine in sanskar’s hand.
Sanskar gives it to Laksh and ask him to eat.
Ragini : no sanskar! That medicine is for night. Not now.
Sanskar : Ragini.. I know this is the correct medicine. I’m his brother I won’t make him eat wrong medicine..

Ragini (suddenly) : may be u r his brother.. But I’m his… She stops. Laksh looks on
Sanskar is curious to hear that but Ragini realized what she is about to say so stopped.
Suddenly she took those medicine from sanskar and gave the correct one and left.
Laksh still looking the way she went.
Sanskar :Laksh! Ragini is the one taking care of u whole day.. Saying this sanskar looks Laksh to observe what he is thinking.
Laksh without any reply looking the pillow with deep thinking.
Sanskar thought to give him some time to think and leaves.
Outside the room swara watching all this hugs sanskar with more joy and says “may be they both started thinking. U did very well sanky love you…”
Sanskar (surprisingly) :Sanky??!!
Swara :huh.. Y? Don’t I have right to call my hubby with the name what I like?
Sanskar very happily says “y not?” and pulls her close.
Swara :oh leave me.. This is not our room..

Sanskar (romantically) :so shall we go to our room?
Swara hits him and says no u have to go to office.
He made a sad face and leaves.
Swara turns where Ragini came there.
Ragini thinks what swara is doing outside of her room.
Ragini :swara! Do u need anything?
Swara :yes Ragini..
Ragini looks like what??
Swara :ur happiness…
Ragini got shocked a bit.
Ragini(with tears):so swara! U trust me?
Swara suddenly hugs her and cries and says “I’m sorry Ragini. I hurted u”
Ragini too cries “no swara. That’s not ur mistake. For whatever I did it will be difficult to trust me again”
Both cries and consoles themselves.
Ragini (smiles) : so we r swaragini now!!
Swara : offcourse Ragini..
Both hugs again with smile.

Swaragini now feeling relief that their bond of sisters love will be unbreakable this time…
It’s afternoon..
Raglak room..
Laksh thinking about sanskar’s words..
Ragini enters with food. He looks her.
Ragini : I got food for u..
Saying this she kept the plate on the table as she is thinking that if she made him eat he will deny.
Laksh is still looking her thinking about sanskar’s words..
Ragini notice this and calls Laksh!
He suddenly came to real world.
Ragini :what r u thinking? I got food for u?
Just then he saw the food on table. He looks her again and took the plate and started eating.
Ragini wondering how without any offense he started eating..
Laksh while eating without looking her asks “so u took care of me yesterday?”
Ragini looks him and wonders he is talking to her so politely. She doesn’t reply.
He too didn’t ask anything and continued eating.
It’s evening..

Swasan room..
Swara is very happy about her patch up with Ragini.
Sanskar enters and sees her happy face.
Sanskar : today someone is looking very happy..
Swara (her voice is full of happiness) : yes sanskar.. Me and Ragini become swaragini again.. All because of u..
Sanskar :oh that’s great. So now I want a gift for what I did.. Saying this he moves towards her..
Suddenly they hear Ragini’s voice shouting “Laksh!”
They both run towards her room.
It seems that Laksh got sudden fever which is at very high temperature.
All the family members arrive and doctor came.
Here checked Laksh and says “it seems like viral fever”
Ragini :but till morning he was good.
Doctor : this kind of fever fluctuate. It will go high and low continously
Everyone got tensed.
Doctor : nothing to worry. I will give some medicine. It should be given every one hour the whole night.
Doctor gave some medicine and leaves.
AP(to Ragini) :beta.. I will be here to give medicine to Laksh.
Ragini : it’s OK mom. I will take care.
AP and dp become happy about this and everyone leaves..

Swara says take care Ragini and call me if anything needed and she leaves.
Ragini sitting near the bed gave him tablets till 1 o’clock. Just then she slept without her knowledge keeping her head on the bed near Laksh.
Laksh wakes and sees her sleeping and thought to take water without disturbing her.
She opened her eyes and find Laksh very close to her. Both have an eye lock..
Both came to real world and Ragini took water and made him drink.
Laksh still looking her found that her eyes are red and feels some pain.
Ragini :Laksh! U have to sleep..
Laksh :so not u??!!!
Ragini doesn’t reply and made him sleep and covered him with blanket and sitting near him started staring him and thinks about swara’s words “u cannot stop urself from loving him”
Screen freezes on raglak faces..

Precap: a Maha episode with raglak union…

Hope u guys like it. Thanks for reading. Please do comments..

Credit to: Adithi

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