Swaragini Spoilers SHOCKING



its not a fanfiction or episodic analysis.i read a news on instagram and was shocked.its a hell shocking and tension taking news for swasan fans.

swara will finally catch the woman who will accuse dp for the murder of a girl whereas swara will not believe her and she will notice that he lady is continuously getting calls.swara will trace it and reach a hospital where the lady will go and she will find KAVITA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!swara will bring her home obliviou that she is sansakr’s 1st love and all family members will be shocked to see kavita alive…..

can u believe it????kavita is back.what will happen now??how will sanskar react??how will swara react to know that she kavita?whom will sanskar chose kavita or swara??????????????????????????????????

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh its soooooooooooooooooooooo tension taking news.i hope it turns wrong but I ve read it and I m teary eyed to think what will happen.i want swasan.

but I m a bit relaxed too as helly shah in her interview stated that there are no more swalak chances.?

I m teary eyed as swasan lovestory has to face soooooo many hurdles and the cvs are testing our patience.
I wish ragini gets paid for her deeds soon and swasan are together forever………..

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  1. Kavita and swara must kill each other in a fight for sanskar and laksh must be hanged for teir murder…..then my sangini left….then ragini will be positive and shattered and sanskar will console her and love blooms

    1. nice joke

      1. Its not a joke its my dearest wish

  2. Guys don’t worry I read in a website that Nikita aka kavita’s role will be a cameo as she is here to reunite our beloved swasan , and I also came to know that after this ragini will turn positive and we will get back to our swasan .. So stop taking tensions and love our swasan ….

  3. after hearing this news i became worried because i think swara will again try to become mahan by leaving sanskar
    i hope sanskar will choose swara
    finger crossed…..

  4. swaragini has the most fanfictions ….wow ….keep it up guys

  5. I want swasan always…..they both look cute together…..makers plzzzz bring them together as soon as possible…..let sanskaar choose swara…..

  6. Hi im swasan fan n addicted to swaragini
    sanskar will choose swara over kavita but kavita will stop him filling maang of swara with sindoor.
    also u no ragini is going to b positive n help to unite swasan

  7. Swasan roooooockkkssss!!!!

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