Swaragini SPOILERS GOOD and SAD news

An extremely good news for swasan fans….u might have heard about jail story.yeah kavita will kill urvashi and will frame swara.may be urvashi is acting.swara will be in jail and we will encounter cute emotional swasan moments.ragini will promise swara ro expose kavita and we will see a swaragini bond.and ragini will be successful in exposing kavita and kavita will be arrested?????????????

veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy good ragini??????????????

and SWASAN WILL GET MARRIED?????????????????????


during laksh’s marriage the bride will be swooped and it will be revealed that laksh has married her ex girlfriend KANCHI SINGH instead of ragini who will be shattered but swasan will support her????

leave ur comments as i m happy that swasan will get married its confirm but i am sad for ragini as she has changed now.

and i have a request that plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz read my ff

SWARAGINI HATE TO LOVE(MUSICAL EMOTION)?????????????????????????????????????

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  1. well i feel like a story predictor now cause in my previous spoiler i did predict the idea of swaping brides 😉 thanq for the news

  2. Oh I love the part where u told swasan will get married yeipppeeeeee ??????? but a very bad twist that raglan will get separated …….I think in these moments or day he will really be loving ragini and get to her imp in his life THANKS FOR THE NEWS

  3. Nice but plz post the next part of your ff

  4. What is this… Again bad news… Cnt these cvs keep the viewers happy for few days.. Now Raglak separation…

  5. Apni pehli Bali fan fiction swasan love forever ka next episode upload kardo

  6. Omg…. so happiee aftr reading ur info….. swasan union.. bt feel bad for ragini ladoooo……

  7. Noooo I want ragsan married

  8. I have already read ur ff n love it…n happy for swasan n swaragini but very sad for ragini…how can laksh marry someone else…. disgusting…like seriously when he said that he will marry swara then he married ragini…when he said he will marry ragini he will be married to kanchi…no pls don’t do this I don’t wan to hate her she is so cute I have watched her serial aur pyar ho gya she is really sweet…

  9. spoiler is interesting…..

  10. hope they unite raglak

  11. i support laksh…rag did so many mistake…bt she always win…she also knowing the pain of betrayal…everytym laksh only lost everythng… ilove it

  12. oh great news and also bad for rags but then also 2 happy news are there 1 is swaragini are togather that was being waited by swaragini fans since a long tym and another is swasan getting married………………………
    and that laksh he doesnt deserve ragini plz swaragini makers make a new entry for ragini plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  13. Thnx dr for dis news coz I was worried about SWASAN but now m happy dat at last de ll get married. But what about sanky’s deal wid kavita to marry her??? Still dr is Lil bit fear coz cvs can do anything. Hope dat wat u said about SWASAN turns correct but at d sm tm feeling sad for ragini .

  14. Two godo and 1 bad news. Very sad for ragini. Now they will spoil kanchi character also. But in these all 8 very very happy as swasan will be married and swaragini will be United. I’m so so excited to see al this.

  15. Please serial maker find a good match for ragini better than laksh which only insults her and nothing more

  16. Finally swasan are gonna married after soooo much wait

  17. is swasan are getting married , den wat about yesterday precap??? What about d sanskarr’s deal with kavita?????

  18. Do you guys even think of lakshs feelinga he is also a human being

  19. To be honest..i love swasan couple but dislike raglak….still feeling bad for Ragini…now Ragini will feel the same pain that she had given to Swara….bechara laksh..uski shadi kabhi bhi sahi ladki seh nehi hoti…pehle Swara seh shadi karna chahata tha….hogayi shadi Ragini seh..aur ab….Ragini seh karna chahata hai to hogi shadi kisi aur seh…

  20. Thanks for the news I was really heart broken when I heard that there marriage will not take place

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