Swaragini : Spoilers

I might be late ! But thought about sharing this with you…

Good news !

Urvashis death has been really emotionally taxing for all of us. And even Sanskar and Ragini are clueless how can Kavita kill Maasi if she she had been to the bakery.

And cvs tried to frame Laksh into all this. Suspense.. But a silly theory. Many believe Laksh is helping Kavita but this is totally false…

Kavita or Cavity as we all call her is going to jail soon with her another helper.

According to the latest news…….
Swasan get married and Kavita’s truth is going to come out.
As you all know Swara gets arrested but in the upcoming episodes we will see Sanskar and Ragini getting to the core of their investigation to save Swara.

Ragini and Laksh & Sanskar and Kavita are in the mandap and are about to get married. Just then Swara comes in jail dress and Sanskar shows the proof.

Then it is revealed that Kavita murdered Mauis with help of her mother Kavya. Sanskar records all this with the help of a chip and shows it to police and gets K and K arrested and finally swasan get married !!!

Hope this brings happiness to all swasan lovers. Love swasan to infinity square…. Swasan is indeed our Star couple !!!!!!

Love you all and Happy Valentines day !!!

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  1. thanx any for such a great news u made my day….

  2. kavita’s mother name is not kavya its kaveri
    and this is an old news for me coz I know the news earlier

  3. I m so happy thnx for this good news

  4. Thanks for the update feeling reviled now…

  5. Yep already know about it and thanks for the update

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