Swaragini SPOILERS 2….

Hey guys….me Angel again….i wanna share a spoilers again….
First check the pic…its the pic of the upcoming stories….

In the upcoming epis we will see that sanskar amd kavita go to mandir.swara will also reach there.sanskar will throw red colour on kavita but she will bend and the colour will fall in swara’s hairline.kavita will see this and will ask them to unite as they are made for eaxh other.this is how swasan unite again amd sanskar willl go bring shagun at swara’s homw with sujata ap and durga prasad.swara will blush the whole moment as sanskar will eye her romantically???

Sanskar will surprose swara by taking her on a ROMANTIC DATE and infact they will have a ROMANTIC DANCE….?????????
Huh…cant wait for it….

Other side laksh is actually betraying ragini.he will consummate his marriage with her and make her sign property papers and then will throw her out of his life but swara will come for the rescue.

During the last phera of swasan’s marriage they will receive a deadbody.their last phera will left incomplete.
It was said that one truth of sanskar will be out too but its not being discussed much so might be it was a false news.
The main question is of deadbody.there are two chance.
1-it might be kavita who is acting to die to break swasan’s relationship
2-it might be ragini as her contract which she signed for the show is going to end.moreover she will be betryayed but in the shoot it showed that she is attending swasan marriage.
3-it might be sharmishta as the mausi has come to take her place….

More chances are of ragini and then kavita

In the last comments friends asked how can they kill ragini.
Well u remember tejaswi wanted to leave the show due to her negative character.the writers must have thought about it at that time as the same question was asked before and if she will leave again i m sure the writers must have thought about it too….

Lets see when does this mystery unfold…
I m waiting for swasan romantic date and dance???….

At the end it will be swasan cause LOVE WITHOUT HURDLES IS NOT CALLED LOVE……

Its swasan’s TRUE LOVE….

Leave comments my friends….

By Angel

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  1. agree with you

  2. Waiting for swasan romance

  3. Bt tejaswini wad ready to cont the show of her character will turn positive

  4. Yeah I agree with you

  5. bt if ragini die then how come swaragani title .. i know its now out of track bt i want swaragini unite

  6. Writers shouldn’t do this to Ragini… She did wrong with family but this is not the way of taking revenge or getting everything back…

  7. Your fan fiction’s next episode plzz

  8. I also love swasan and want them together but if tejaswi leave the show then there will be no swaragini…I wish the dead body is kavita ‘ s

  9. dontttt agreee with u because in news it said that teju wrkkll tillll febbb
    andddd rag cant die
    because this news also came that she not going to quit showwww
    anddddd above allll its swaraginiiiii h yrrrr
    than how can rag die

  10. Hey ……..but according to the news channel it’s kavita who is dead Bcz she was not able bear losing sankar. And I think it can’t be sharmishta who will die And if she dies there is no back or support for swara

  11. very sad for swasan

  12. I wish kavita pretend to die ???? don’t wanna lose any othr chars

  13. waiting for swasan unit

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