Swaragini- Spoiler of this week

✨The upcoming episode of Swaragini will show that Kissan and Swara go for IGT competition. Swara is very much happy as promises to Kissan that they will be win surely. But Swara’s happiness does not go longer because Sahil’s plan exposes Kissan’s reality being Sanskaar. Swara gets broken down and angry believing as Sanskaar played with her emotions. Swara angrily walks on road and Sanskaar tries to stop her and lifted her forcibly in his arms. Sanskaar gets shocked by Swara’s angry avatar. Swara burst out at Sanskaar and pushes him against car. Swara warns Sanskaar not try to come in front of her.

✨Swara and Kissan participate in India’s Got Talent where Kissan crazy dances and sings on the stage. Due to dance, Kissan’s wig falls down and Swara is shocked seeing Kissan being Sanskaar. Swara angrily comes out while Sanskaar tries to make understand about the reason behind why he became Kissan. But Swara feels betrayed and does not listen anything of Sanskaar. Swara hates Sanskaar and decides to divorce him. Swara continue bad mouth to Sanskaar and decides to take legal action against him. Not only this, Swara also demands divorce from Sanskaar which makes Sanskaar shattered. Swara is suffering from memory loss where she understands Sanskaar is killer. Will Sanskaar divorce Swara or get another way to find Swara back?

✨Sahil (Anuj Sachdeva) turns complete psycho and point’s gun at Swara (Helly shah) seeing Sanskaar (Varun Kapoor) in Swaragini. High Voltage drama is going to unfold where Swara will regain her memory. Sahil finds Swara alone in jungle and confess his love to her. Swara gets sacred by Sahil and runs to escape from him while Sanskaar and Lakshya also reach the same place. Swara feels happy seeing Sanskaar and Sanskaar ask Sahil to leave Swara otherwise he will kill her. Sahil points out gun at Swara while Sanskaar asks him to kill him but leave Swara. Swara bites Sahil’s hands and runs towards Sanskaar which makes Shahil angry. Sahil shoots Swara seeing her going towards Sanskaar, Sahil shoots Swara and she falls unconscious in Sanskaar’s arms. Lakshya beats Sahil while Swara starts all the past memories of how Rajat killed her and she lost her memory.

Stay tuned to see the upcoming twist.

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  1. All the best yar don’t give up you’re dream at any point because we have to be strong that we dream to deserve it…

    1. Sriranjani

      yeah I will

  2. Thanks for da update yaar..waiting eagrly for swara to gt hr mempry bck nd our swasan tgther…

  3. Sumeeta

    3 alag spoiler jodke post kie ho sayad.thanks for sharing dear.

  4. Awesome twist

  5. guys can some one tell me where is neha and her fan fiction from darkness to light. I m missing u neha

  6. Deeksha

    thanks dear………

  7. many twists are gearing up….swasan romantic scene in jungle, swara getting her memory back n feeling guilty

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