swaragini spoiler.(oh my God!!)


Hey guyzz!!,aashi here!!!
guys I had read few spoilers n saw few videos on YouTube and they were shocking
1.finally swara and sanskaar are going to be married (yeszz)..finally these writers have got some brains
2.as we know that love is going to be blossom between Ragini and lakshya but lakshya is using her for revenge.. .ohh noo this can’t be happen..really unfair….we have seen in swaragini promo that lakshya is pushing Ragini….?..unjust
3 whose going to be dead??? If it’s kavita then ohk but I came to know that as tejaswi has not given any official statement for not leaving the show so she may die(really cross fingers yrr)..,
She can’t die without her swaragini will be incomplete and I will stop watching it
Guyzz what is the new twist??? It’s getting on my nerves….cant wait
Big question
Will swasan unite??…they should naa???
What will happen
Really excited and nervous yrr

By aashi

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  1. i just read that ragini will commit suicide after laksh betrayl..
    and about kavita she will unite swasan

  2. I think ragini is going to die nd den for d conflict of of d two families swara nd sanskar will hav to separate…but at least before dat fortunately kavita shall leave sanskar nd swara nd before all dis swara nd sanskar will unite at last?

  3. If ragini leave the show….The show will lose it’s charm because there will be no swaragini then hope the writers will get some brain and use it to make the plot more convincing not to make it worse

  4. swasan must unite

  5. I think kavita will die
    teju’s role will b now positive so she won’t leave
    I m so willing to we swasan scene after precap their confession n date

  6. Hello why r u posting false stories don’t make fun of SWARAGINI serial

  7. ragini must be given the taste of her own medicine. she should understand what betrayal means. then alone she can turn positive. i want ragini to learn a lesson.

  8. Archal Dhruv Chandani

    Yes Ragini must not die..Otherwise the taate of the show will dies too

  9. what a good news that Laksh is going to betray Evil Ragini…..Thank GOD iam so happy…..i dnt like raglaksh pair….i want swara-lakah

    1. Mental Indian people soooo far behind the rest of the world… Swara is a moron who keeps sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong and seduced her younger sisters fiance. Swara is the real villain.

  10. if ragini dies thn how this show will called as swaragini….it will called as swara..hw can thy depart swasan like this…i thnk thy r gone mad

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