swaragini spoiler (hope it does not come true)

The current track in “Swaragini” is proving to be emotionally taxing for its protagonists — Swara (Helly Shah), Sanskaar (Varun Kapoor) and Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash) — but off-screen, the air seems to be light. In a video shared online, Kapoor was seen showering Prakash with praises.

The actress has been awarded with a BE degree in Electronics and Communication, and Kapoor simply cannot come to terms with the fact that she scored a first class despite the hectic shooting schedule. Prakash, on the other hand, told Tellymasala that she would study in between shots, take off when she had her exams and complete assignments on the sets
Besides talking about this newly-achieved success, the actors revealed a major upcoming twist which may calm all of Shah’s fans. They said Swara will soon be out of jail but that would require Sanskaar to marry his ex-girlfriend Kavita (Nikita Sharma). The situation is sure to put Sanskaar in a fix as he would have to leave Swara forever to be able to save her from being locked behind the bars.

Swara and Sanskaar were all set to tie the knot and step into their new lives together but all those dreams have now been crushed by a very sticky situation, which came unannounced. Urvashi maasi disappeared making people around her believe that she has been murdered, the charges of which were slapped on Swara.

That’s just one part of the troubles. Ragini, who is trying her best to save her sister Swara, will be discouraged by her husband Lakshya (Namish Taneja). Later, her world too will come crashing down when his ex-girlfriend (Kanchi Singh) will step into their lives.

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  1. I have watch new segment of Sbas it shows that Kavita and Sanskrit marriage is not going to happen

  2. its not true….i am an admin of helly’s account on insta and the news is reveales that maasi was killed by kaveri(kavita’s mom).swara will herself get out of jail and run to sanskar and kavita’s marriage and stop it.sanskar will reveal a video which will prove swara innocent.then kavita and her mom will be arrested and swasan will tie a bond of marriage.??????????. raglak part is true….kanchi singh will enter and swasan will support ragini.

    1. Support ragini or ruin her life just like Kavita did

  3. in tdy sbs, sbas they showed kav kar raglak, taking pheras ,at that time swara comes. and stops kavita sanskar marriage.. swara runs away from the police.. when they are shifting her from the one jail to another by tricking them she runs away and comes in time to the mm house.. . by seeing her ragini and sanskar comes running and hugs her.. and sumi also comes there.. police comes to mm.. but sanskar went to kavita and took her gunghat from there chip falls(which having video clip of swara innocent) and kaveri also present in mm with gunghat.. and finds her.. swara proves her innocence and kavita and her mother taken by the police.. they are the culprit.. with that they said swara innocent.. now swasan and raglak marriage happen….
    in sbb they first showed, kavkar taking pheras swara comes there and unties katbandhan of sanskar and kavita and then she takes that and throws out and eyes angrily at kavita..” i think its promo…
    after then they showd she comes ragsan runs to her and hugs her… she prove innocent and sanskar gave chip to police and they take kaveri and kavita with them.

    1. Thank you Anu for saving me from a heart attack

  4. Oh thank u Angel for the news ? But is it confirm na swasan will unite soon?if it not happens I ‘ll gotta say bye to swaragini.

    1. its confirm

  5. thanks for the news angel and anu afterreading this spoiler i was really sad.just sawur comment now.

  6. also my congrats to tejaswi who very well managed her studies along with acting!!!!

  7. Thanks for that update. Good tat kavita n her mom wld b thrown out of mm. Happy for swasan. Raglak separation should be for a long time. Laksh should realise his luv for rag

  8. Pls vote for varun kapoor and helly shah as best jodi, best actor and best actress at

  9. Yaa when sanskar and kavita will take phera swara will come and say that actual culprit is kaveri and stop the marriage but about raglak may be laksh is definitely planning something but I have read somewhere that kaanchi will not enter the show! !!!

  10. if this happens I will really gonna kill them if I get a chance….

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