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one of them being Swaragini on Colors.

The show which started with narrating an incomplete love story of Shekhar and Sharmistha who separated and moved on in life with their respective families but got later united by their daughters Swara and Ragini, has been a forerunner in establishing unexpected twists and turns which are a visual delight to watch on-screen.

Complications in Sanskaar (Varun Kapoor) and Swara’s (Helly Shah) life have already started brewing with the entry hero turned villain – Sahil (Anuj Sachdev). On the other hand, Sharmistha (Parineeta Borthakur) has been receiving a lot of criticism for getting pregnant at an age when she should be playing with her grandchildren. We earlier reported about Ragini (Tejaswini Prakash Wayangankar) faking her pregnancy and now, the show will be mounting towards another big twist in the tale!

Apparently, Ragini and Lakshya (Namish Taneja) will adopt Sharmistha’s newborn in order to save her from the disgrace the society has to offer.

A source informs, “The viewers will be on the edge of their seats at various instances when Ragini’s pregnancy will be on the verge of being exposed. The show will further unfold a lot of fall outs between Laksh and Ragini with regards to faking the pregnancy. Laksh will be disappointed with Ragini having secretive conversations with Sharmishtha while Ragini will be disappointed with Laksh as he kept the secret of Sanskaar turning into Kisan hidden from her. The situation will get all the more complex when Sharmishta will flaunt a grey shade by blackmailing Ragini as she threatens her that she would spill the secret of her fake pregnancy if she does not adhere to her ‘secret’ demands.”

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  1. OMG WHAT?!?! SHARMISHTA TURNING INTO A SMALL VILLIAN!??! But Laksh knows about the fake pregnancy drama, then how would he be dissapointed?

  2. Lo…isiki kamih thi..Sumi bhi negative hogayi..abb serf swara aur RP baki hai..i’m sure ki kuch Dino mein hoga batwara drama..and swaragini will start working to reunite the family…jao swaragini CVs..sabko negative banao taki sabka acchai parse bharisa utt jaye..

    1. I want to see negative shade of swara too… It would be something new then…

      N I want some role for rp… Kuch bhi chalega ????

  3. It will be worst track…if shomi becomes villan

  4. If this happens then I would probably shoot the CVS….
    Firstly for destroying raglak’s happy
    Secondly for destroying a mother’s character

    I mean cm’on the lady who luvs ragini like her own daughter is suddenly blackmailing her… Complete shit…

    At the end it still rumor… Let’s hope for the best…. I wish godto put some sensible creativity in their minds so that they will not make idiotic story…

  5. i think its not sharmista and its parineeta babhi.. hope its correct.. otherwise its not good…. worst track…

  6. Akruti

    I hope Sharmishta turning evil is just a rumour or else…. this show would make no sense….

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