Swaragini Spoiler…..


hi guyz its Sam…..I have cmnted on numerous fan fiction of this page…..Actually i have some news for you all about our fav serial SWARAGINI…..

there will be a new twist tht iz………

RAGINI will be getting married and TANYA/KAVYA will be getting exposed coz Maheshwari family will be playing a drama about LAKSH’s death and kavya will come there and swara will expose her there POLICE would be present and they would arrest her and kavya will be exposed but its nt done yet….the evil will keep Annapurna as hostage…(nxt I dunno wat will happen)…..SO bck to RAGINI…..Ragini will be getting married to Kartik…….
On the other hand, upon witnessing Ragini’s effort to help Swara and Maheshwari family, Lakshya will start realizing his mistake and also be getting pulled towards Ragini…..
Alot of naya twists….

Well, like an ideal lover boy, LAKSH will try his level best to stop Ragini’s marriage and reveal Kartik’s real identity of being Tanya’s brother.

Are you excited to witness the new twist in the tale? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Credit to: Sam

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  1. Thx do much for such an amazing spoiler….Raglak yupiee

  2. yaar bt swara knows abt karthik then how???

    1. Swara due to misunderstandiing of names being exchanged so till now she waz believing tht kartik is REAL KAVYA’s brother but he is not…….

  3. aarey par reveal karne ka kaam toh swara ka hai… laksh uski job q chura raha hai…let her only reveal…!!

    1. and in this exposing mission TANYA/KAVYA will be getting two slaps…..one by our sometime ago KAVYA’s puppet LAKSH and another one by SWARA

  4. i heared ragini will get stabbed by saving laksh from kavya

  5. waiting for swasan romance.. <3 and now raglak too <3

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