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hey guyz
i m really sorry that i could not post spoiler for last few days
i had exams nd i wasbusyyy

so here is the spoiler it came on SBS segment
its about ragini β€˜s new alliance

SBAS Headlines-Ragini ne apni sagai ki angoothi utar kar kyon fenki?

Ragini ko dekhne aye larkewalon ne kia bada hungama.
the scene where the lady( grooms side) spots a ring on Ragini’s ring finger.

hereis wat jejaswi said on interwiev

Tejaswi-Baadi aane ke baad bhi wo naha kar sindoor,mangalsutra aur ring pehen leti hai roz.Actually it has become Ragini’s habit.So when Dadi asks if Ragini is ready,she gets up and hurriedly wear the sagai ring given by Lucky.Ragini doesn’t realise it.

Groom’s mother taunts her that Ragini hasn’t moved on from her previous pati.Ragini gets irritated and apne room mein aake ring utar ke phenk deti hai.She says to Shomi that she has indeed moved on aur use Lakshya ki yaad bhi nehi aati.

here is the pic


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    sorry didnt understand as it s in hindi… could anyone translate it to english pls…………

  2. pls.. translate in english couldnt understand anything

  3. It says that ragini had a habit to wear the mangalsuta, sindoor,ring, etc.
    On being called in a hurry she wore the sagai ring.
    On seeing the ring the boys mother declared that ragini hadnt forgotten her previous husband and regected her. She got irritated and threw the ring in her room telling shumi that she had indeed forgotten laksh.

  4. Hey arohi…cn u plz update the nxt epi of true love never dies…plzzzzz

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