Swaragini Spoiler (1st – 4th march)


hey guys this is the spoiler for swaragini this week

01 March
 Some customer comes to see the Gadodia house with a broker. Ragini tries to convince them that the house has a very bad history and is not good property to buy.
02 March
 Kavya asks the doctor to give her pills instead of an injection as she’s allergic to drugs taken intravenously. Swara injects Kavya with plain saline water to find out the truth.

03 March
 Swara tries to explain that the injection she administered to Kavya had only plain saline water. Lakshya asks Swara to inject herself to prove her point, but she gets blotches on her face.

04 March
 Swara comes to know that Shekhar’s accident was not a coincidence but was planned by Kavya. Shekhar leaves for Kolkata with his family forever. Swara tries to convince Shekhar to not move out.

In the CGPA helly is also dancing on the song deewani mastani frm bajirao mastani
no updates about others performing yet


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  1. thnks for spoiler dear…

  2. Thanks arohi and yah! Ragini is dancing in with madhuri dixit……

    1. yea ragini is dancing with madhuri
      i have mentioned it in my previous spoiler
      i had also given a link for the dance practise of teju

  3. thanks arohi dear fr d spoilers…

  4. Waste spoiler. Thank you for posting it. I won’t watch the show now after reading spoilers.

    1. I though the same…maybe I with this drama after 1 month…hope this kavya role end soon.

    2. the cvs are dragging it too much

  5. Thanks for the spoiler arohi

  6. When is cgpa going to be telecasted? ????

  7. This is going beyond ridiculous. Thanks for the spoiler, may be will catch up after a few weeks and there will be a third girlfriend for Lakshya coming up……..

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