Swaragini a spark of misunderstanding turned into a flame…(Chapter 3)

Hello guys! So so so so so so so so so so SORRY!! Probably all of you have forgotten my ff, but I couldn’t update these days because I had some important exams, so please don’t get angry at me (pretty please with a cherry on top 🙁 ), maybe today or tomorrow or actually when I get time from my homeworks and exams I will try my best to update some episodes back to back. And coming to the pairs, swasan got 5 more votes than swalak. I am a little sad that this will disappoint the swalak fans and probably they will stop reading my ff (a big SOWWY to all the swalakians!!! :’-( ) but I am also happy that swasan fans got what they wanted ;-). So shall we start…

Recap: The Maheshwari family
Precap: Fun at the beach and Swarag and Aahan meeting Sanlak and Aasum

@Maheshwari mansion
@Sanskar’s room

Lucky: Actually I….
Sanskar (irritated and impatient): Say it na Lucky…
Lucky (hesitatingly): You all know that I want to start my own business right?
Aarti: Yes Lucky now please continue…
Lucky (excited and sad): So I talked with papa and he said that I can start my own business after I have completed my studies, I’m going to start my business in….
Aasum and Sanskar (together impatiently): In?!?!
Lucky: In Los Angeles….
Aasum and Sanskar (together shocked): Wait what!?!
Sanskar (laughed as he taught that Lucky would be there just for some months): Lucky, why did you hesitate so much, you could have just said it like that, you know na that we will be happy as you are going to do what you dreamed of doing?
Lucky (hesitatingly): Wait wait wait, there is one more thing that I have to tell you guys.
Aasum and Sanskar: What?
Lucky (in one breath): I’m going to stay there and will maybe come to India to meet you guys sometimes.
All were shocked because they didn’t know that he was going to stay there for the rest of his life.
Lucky (with sad face): I knew that you guys were going to get shocked and probably angry, that is why I didn’t want to tell you guys this…
Kusum (shocked and angry): Lucky we know that you want to make your dream to be the best business man in the world come true but that doesn’t mean that you will leave us all here…

(Kusum had tears in her eyes because as I said in the Intro that, she has a special bonding with Lucky and is sad that he will leave her)

Lucky (cupped her face and wiped the tears): I know my princess but-
(Cut by Aarti)
Aarti (angry and sad): What “but” Lucky?!?! Kusum is right, you can’t leave us.
Sanskar (calmly): Wait Aarti and Kusum, this time I support Lucky. I know that we all will miss Lucky very very much, but this is about his dream and career, don’t you guys want Lucky to be the best business man in the world?

Aarti and Kusum looked at each other and then at Lucky and Sanskar, and nodded their head in yes. Both ran and hugged Lucky tightly, both had tears in their eyes because they knew that they would miss Lucky very much.
In order to make the environment better and happier Sanskar said..
(Guys just a second, I know that this was one of the-, no no sorry, THE WORST reason but after thinking a lot this was the only reason that I thought was right, I was actually thinking of making Lucky fall in love but then I remembered that I wrote in my ff Intro that he hates Love. So sorry once again for this BORING reason and you may continue reading the ff now.)

Sanskar (made a sad and puppy face): Oh, so noone loves me in this house, all love Lucky…
Aasum and Lucky laughed at his expression.

Aarti (went to him hugged him from side): You know na bhai, that I love you the most…
All of them laughed and had a group hug. Suddenly a voice came from the door and Sanlak and Aasum looked there…
Ap, Dp, Rp and Sujatha (together making a sad face): So all of you forgot us ha…?
(Ap, Dp, Rp and Sujatha were happy seeing their children’s bonding and hoped that it would never break)
Sujatha: It’s ok, if you four made a team then we four will also make a team, right jiji?
Ap: Exactly Sujatha…
Kusum: Ma, choti ma, you know na that we all love you four the most.
Dp: We know that.
Rp: We were just teasing you.
All of them laughed and had a great moment.

Ap: Aarti, Kusum are you guys not going to shopping?
Aasum (together): Omg!! We forgot!!
Aarti: We have to go shopping.

Lucky: No, first we will go to beach and have some fun and then to shopping.
Aasum and Sanskar: Ok
Sujatha: Ok then, go and get ready all of you.
Aasum and Sanlak go to get ready.

Scene shifts to Gadodia mansion.
@Gadodia Mansion
@Swara’s Room

Swara was sitting on her bed looking towards the ceiling and was lost in her thoughts that she didn’t notice Rohan come in. Rohan saw Swara sitting on her bed, her eyes were red and one could clearly see that she had cried very much, he got a little layer of tears in his eyes by seeing his sister in such state. He knew that it was neither Swara’s fault, nor Ragini’s, it was the destiny who had written that unfortunate day in their lives that no one could change. Rohan thought to cheer her up so he composed himself and went to her. Rohan was about to say something when she suddenly said.

Swara (sitting in the same position): Rohan I know that you came here to cheer me up but don’t worry I’m fine.
Rohan (a little confused on how she knew that but still complainingly): Swara… You just spoiled my plan, I had such a great plan to cheer you up… (made a fake angry face)
Swara (fake laughed a little just to make him happy): Ok sorry baba, don’t get angry now. Tell me what to do to make it up to you.
Rohan (looked at her): My sweet sis, you don’t need to fake laugh to make me happy, I know your laugh, but anyway, you just asked what you could do to make me happy right?
(Swara nodded her head in yes)
Rohan: Ok, simple just come with me to the beach.
Swara (suspiciously): Rohan, I know you, you will never make such a simple deal, tell me what is going on in your mind.

Rohan (smilingly): Nothing I was just thinking to bring Aakash-
(Swara knew what he was going to say so she cut him and said)
Swara: Oh ok, me, you and Aakash will go to the beach, done.
Rohan: Swara you didn’t let me complete my sentence, I was saying that Aakash AND Ragini would come with us.
Swara (her smile was gone): No Rohan, I’m not coming then.
Rohan (made a puppy face): Swara, my cute big sis, my princess, pleeeaasseee.
Swara: Ok Rohan, stop buttering me and tell what is on your mind, are you going there to meet someone?
Rohan (got confused and got up from the bed): Wait, who are you!?!
Swara: What happened Rohan, I’m your sister Swara!
Rohan: No, you are not Swara, I am sure you a witch or a magician… Or else how could you know that I’m going to meet someone?

He realized what he said and bit his tongue.

Rohan (finding some excuse): I.. I mean.. th.. that…
Swara (while laughing loud): Rohan, I’m your sister I know you, you will never butter someone this much.
Rohan (was happy seeing his sister laugh): Ok ok, you got me, actually… Kusum is also coming there.
Swara (was happy): Oh so my Bhabhi is also coming there ha? So if my Bhabhi no. 1 is coming, then it means that maybe my Bhabhi no. 2 is also coming, right?
Rohan (confused): Bhabhi no. 2??
Swara: Yeah, Kusum is my Bhabhi no. 1 and her sister, Aarti, my Bhabhi no. 2. Is she also coming?
Rohan: Yeah
Swara: Oh ok, by the way, does Aakash know that she is coming to the beach and we are also going there?

Rohan: No.
Swara: Ok then we should go and tell him, where is he?
Rohan: He is with Ragini, trying to console her. Swara today you hurt Ragini very much, you should say sorry to her.
Swara: I should say sorry? Then what about her, she hurt me so much… And Rohan please I’m in a good mood please don’t spoil it.

Rohan nodes his head in yes and both go to Aakash and Ragini. Camera shifts to Ragini’s room.

@Ragini’s room

Aakash is sitting on the bed and consoling Ragini while caressing her hair, Ragini is lying in his lap and crying.

Aakash (consoling): Please Ragini don’t cry, please. You know na that Swara was just angry and-
Ragini (cut him) (still crying): I know Aakash, she is angry but that doesn’t mean that she can say that I’m nothing to her… Why is she punishing me for the mistake I’ve never even done??
Aakash: No Ragini, she just said that in anger, I’m sure she didn’t mean that…

At that time Rohan and Swara came. Ragini got up and wiped her tears, she got happy as she thought that Swara came there to meet her but her smile vanished away when Swara said.

Swara: Rohan, I’m waiting outside, you talk to them and then we’ll go. (and went outside the room)
Rohan (came to Ragini and tried to cheer her up): Hey my big sis, you know na that you don’t look good while crying… (he wiped her tears)
Aakash (fake anger): Oh, I was trying to cheer you up for an hour but you were still crying and when Rohan came, you listened to him and stopped crying so fast, not fair. So it means that you love him more than me.

Ragini (laughed a little): No Aakash, I love you both the most. (And hugged him)
Rohan and Aakash were happy seeing her laugh and they had a group hug.
Rohan (excitedly): Ok now, enough of all the crying, go and get ready we are going to the beach.
Aakash and Ragini: Why?
Rohan: So that Ragini will cheer up and…
Aakash and Ragini (confused): And…?
Rohan (blushing a little): And me and Aakash will meet Kusum and Aarti.
Aakash got happy on hearing her name.
Aakash (happy): Really? But how do you now?
Rohan: I know everything and now get ready because we are getting late. After the beach we have to go shopping as well.
Ragini was happy on seeing her brothers happy.
Swara came in.
Swara (irritated): How much time will you guys take? Do you want to see them or not.
Aahan (excited): Yes we are coming.
Swara got happy on seeing her brothers.

Screen freezes on happy faces of SwaragAahan and SanlakAasum.

Precap: Fun at the beach and Swarag and Aahan meeting Sanlak and Aasum

So guys, hope you all liked it and please do tell me if you are disappointed. 🙂 I will try my best to post regularly but if I miss some days then I will try to post some episodes back to back the next day. Thank you to all those who commented and to all the silent readers, a big, big THANKS 😉

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