Swaragini a spark of misunderstanding turned into a flame…(Chapter 2)

Hello again, thank you for all your comments and suggestions. ? I never thought that I would get such good reponses, thank you very very very much to those who comment and of course to all the silent readers. I will do my best to entertain you all and coming to the pairs I like both swalak and swasan so that is why I am confused, should I pair up those who have the same hobbies (swalak and ragsan) or should I make the pairs with opposite thinking (swasan and raglak)??
But for now let’s start the story….

Recap: The Gadodia Family
Precap: The Maheshwari Family

@Maheshwari Mansion

Two girls are shown doing the aarti, everyone there is mesmerized by their beautiful voices. A boy comes slowly and stands at the back, no one noticed. Both girls are done with aarti and turn to give prasaad to all, a breeze comes and the faces are shown. They are Aarti and Kusum. Both go towards the elders and take their blessings.
Aarti (to Kusum): Kusum will you give the prasaad to everyone I’ll just come in a sec.
Kusum: Ok you go I will give it to everyone.

Aarti goes to the boy to gives him the prasaad while Kusum is giving to others.

Aarti: Bhai, what is this?!?! Why did you come late….
(The boy is shown he is none other than Sanskar)
Sanskar: Aarti do you have some special mind reading powers, or do you have eyes at the back of your head han? (And started checking her head, just for teasing her)
Aarti: Bhai!!!
Sanskar (curiously): Ok ok sorry meri ma… But now tell me, how did you know that I came late for pooja??
Aarti: Bhai I am Ms. Aarti Maheshwari, I can spot every little thing you know that na… Anyways coming on how I know that you came late, then Mr. Sanskar Mashewari first check your hair, they are still wet. Surely you woke up late, took a bath and came here as fast as you can so that papa (Dp) won’t get angry at you, but in the rush of coming here you forgot to dry your hair, simple…
Sanskar: No doubt you are my sister.
Aarti (with fake anger): Wow, now your taking all the credit to yourself, not cool Bhai.
Sanskar (Laughing and teasing): Not warm either…
Aarti (teasingly made a face): Bhai, please not your boring and useless jokes again….
Sanskar (fake anger): Oh, so you think that my jokes are boring and useless?? Wait now I’ll show you…
Both started running.
Aarti (while running): Not only your jokes Bhai, but you also.
Sanskar: So you mean that I am boring and usless?!
Aarti: Any doubt??

Both were tired so they stopped running, sat on the sofas and started laughing. Kusum came.

Kusum: So Tom and Jerry, are you both done with your chasing and all?
Aarti and Sanskar together: For now, yes.
Kusum: Then please tell my where Lucky is? (Lucky doesn’t like to be called “bhai”)
Sanskar (in a shock): What! Lucky wasn’t there for pooja? It is like the first time that Lucky has not come to pooja?!?!
Kusum (confusingly): Yes, I know, Lucky always attends pooja, but I don’t know where he is??
Aarti (to Kusum): Have you checked his room?
Kusum (thinking): No… YES!! I mean now I remember.
Aarti and Sanskar in union: What?!?
Kusum: Oh god!! Don’t you guys remember that the day before college he always goes to mandir and then goes directly to library.
Aarti: Oh yes! Now I remember…
Suddenly someone calls Sanskar and he goes to his room to attend it, while Aasum go to the kitchen to help Ap and Sujata.

Aasum come in.
Ap (while chopping some vegetables): What are you both doing here?
Aarti (confused): Maa why are you asking that, you know that I and Kusum always help you and choti maa in making the breakfast in the morning.
Sujata: Haa chori, but tomorrow is your first day of college, so you both go and have some fun, we will do all the work. And servants are also here.
Ap: Yes, Sujata is right, you have one day left and then college, so you both eat breakfast and then take Lucky and Sanskar for shopping.
Kusum: Yes badi maa, we will go but first let us help you a little.
Sujata: Ok then, you both go help jiji and I’ll call everyone for the breakfast.
Aasum in union: Ok.

Sujata goes out from the kitchen and Aasum start preparing for the breakfast.

@ Dinning table

Everyone is sitting at their places while Ap and Sujata are serving.

Dp (to Aasum and Sanskaar): Where is Lucky, I haven’t seen him since morning?
Sanskar was about to say something but gets interupted by someone at the entrance.
A boy at the entrance: Apne mujhe yaad kiya aur mein haazir.
Camera rolls and Lucky is shown standing there with some books in his hands.
Dp: Where were you?
Lucky: Papa did you forget that the day before college I always go to Mandir and then to library.
Dp: Oh, yeah sorry I forgot.
Lucky: It’s ok.

Lucky came to the dinning table and sat beside Kusum. After some time everyone was done with their breakfast. Sanlak and Aasum were sitting in Sanskaars room and talking.

@Sanskar’s room
Sanskar: Hey guys, look, tomorrow is the first day of college so we only have today left, we should do something fun, what do you think?
Aarti (worried): Yeah, Maa and Choti Maa were also saying that we should go out and have some fun. But there is a problem….
Sanlak and Kusum together: What?!?!
Aarti: Will papa agree?
Lucky: Aree yaar, don’t worry, if Maa and Choti Maa have given the permission then surely they will make papa and chote papa understand. Now go and get ready first we will go to the beach and then shopping and then to a restaurant, what say?

Sanskar and Aasum were looking at Lucky with a shock and Lucky was confused because
they were continuously staring at him.

Lucky: What happened? Is there something on my face, why are you all staring at me like that??
Aarti: No Lucky, we were just shocked that you, the boring bookworm, is talking about having fun and going out!
Lucky: Why, can’t I have some fun, are you guys not happy to see me like this?
Kusum: Yes, of course we are happy, but this is not the Lucky that we know, the Lucky we know is quite and a really boring bookworm. I’m sure that something happened when you were in the Mandir or in the library.
Lucky (shocked): How do you kn-
Then he realized what he said.
Lucky (stammering): I.. I mean that noth… nothing happened.
Sanskar: Stop it Lucky we know very well that when you lie, you start stammering. So now stop lying and tell us the truth.
Lucky: Actually I….

Precap: Fun at the beach and Swarag and Aahan meeting Sanlak and Aasum
So can you guys guess what happened with Lucky that changed his attitude so much? Ok we can not call it attitude but you guys know what I mean, right? Please do comment and tell what you think about my ff… I feel that this chapter was a little boring but next time I will try to make it more fun. If you think that it is getting boring please tell me, so that I will stop writing it and not bore you guys. Once again THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your comments and to all the silent readers and SORRY for those who are disappointed by my FF, tell me my mistakes so that I can correct them…. 🙂

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