Swaragini a spark of misunderstanding turned into a flame…(Chapter 1)

Hello everyone!! Thank you for your precious comments, please do suggest the pairs….. and I hope that you all will like it, plus one more thing I forgot to write that, even tough Aakash is a bookworm and topper, he is also a little flirty natured. I have chosen the characters but if you don’t like please share it with me and it is the same with the story, if you don’t like or think that I should chage it a little then please just feel free to suggest.
Rohan Gadodia – Karan Wahi
Kusum Maheshwari – Surbhi Jyoti
Aakash Gadodia – Karan Tacker
Aarti Maheshwari – Krystel D’Souza

So let’s start the story and here we go…..

Recap: Intro

@Gadodia Mansion

A lady is shown giving prasaad to two boys. The back of the boys is shown.
“Aakash, Rohan will you please wake up Swaragini.”, asked Sumi. The camera rolls and Aahan are shown.
“Yes mom, Aakash I wake up Swara and you will wake up Ragini” said Rohan.
“Wait, no, I will wake up Swara and you wake up Ragini.” said Aakash.
“My dear handsome brother you know that it is impossible to wake up Ragini so please (making a puppy face), I know that you can wake up Ragini in a fraction of second..”, said Rohan while buttering Aakash.
Aakash: “Stop buttering me and go to Swara but I know that she will already be up and will be reading her favourite book.”
Sumi: “Now will you both go or should I go?”
Aahan nodes and both go up to the respective rooms of Swaragini.

@Swaras room:

A girl is shown wearing a pink churidar sitting on the bed reading a book. First her eyes are shown, she is wearing glasses (only wears glasses while studing/reading), then her lips and suddenly a breeze comes and her beautiful face is shown. Of course she is Swara.
Rohan enters the room.

Rohan: “Good morning my cute sis.
Swara (teasingly): “Good morning Rohan, so tomorrow is the first day of your college, excited? As you will meet your love lady Kusum?
Rohan (while blushing): Swara… Again you are teasing me, I said na that I only have a small crush on her nothing else…..
Swara looked at him, raised an eyebrow and made the “really” expression on her face.
Rohan (still blushing): Ok, yes I agree that I have a crush on her but I don’t think that it is love.
Swara: Oho someone is blushing, ok ok i won’t tease you and I will leave it on you, you have to decide if it really is crush or not. Anyway look tomorrow will be ragging at college so be careful han? I know that I go in the same college but our class schedule is different as I am in the second year and you in the first.
Rohan: Yes yes, I know, I will be careful, happy now?
Swara: Yes.

Both laugh while the camera shifts to Raginis room.

@Ragini’s room

A girl is shown wearing a black t-shirt with white jeans. She is sitting on bed with earphones and listening to music. Her eyes are shown. Suddenly Aakash enters shouting her name but is shocked seeing her already awake.

Aakash (takes of her earphones and says in a sarcastic way): Omg! Ragini I think the sun rose from the wrong side today. Don’t you think that?
(Her face is shown, she is none other than Ragini)
Ragini: And may I ask why you think so?
Aakash: Because this is probably the first time you woke up without any one waking you up.
Ragini: Aakash… Stop teasing me, I woke up because you know na tomorrow is the first day of college and everytime a day before I start getting nervous… That is why I couldn’t sleep.
Aakash: Oh my dear sis, I don’t understand, even tough it is your second year of college and you know every single person, you’re still nervous!
Ragini: I don’t know Aku (nickname of Aakash), this happens everytime, don’t know why…? By the way, it is you who should be nervous as it is your first day of college and you will meet Aarti, the love of your life.
Aakash: I know I should be nervous but I am not because Rohan will be with me and both of my sisters will be there for me. But I think that I alone am enough for anything… (while showing his muscles), and coming onto Aarti she is just my crush.
Ragini (while laughing): You and Rohan will never change…. And you both don’t need to change because you both are perfect the way you are.
Aakash: And you too my lovely sis, by the way tomorrow is college na, should we go shopping?
Ragini (with shocked expression): Aku I think you were right…
Aakash (confusingly): About what??
Ragini: When you said that the sun rose up in the wrong way…
Aakash (still in confused state): Why what happened??
Ragini (laughing a little): I can’t believe that you, Aakash Gadodia, wants to go to shopping.
Aakash: Please Ragini I was only thinking to accompany you and you do know that Aakash Gadodia has a very good choice.
Ragini (teasingly): Yeah, that is why you chose Aarti as my Bhabhi, right?
Aakash (fake anger): Ragini… You started again na… I will not leave you.

Ragini started running and Aakash was chasing her. Ragini bumped into Swara who was coming downstairs while reading her book and Rohan was coming behind her.

Ragini: I am sorry Swara actually I-
Ragini was cut of by Swara.
Swara: No need of sorry.
Ragini (happily): It means that you have forgiven me?
Swara: You know Ragini I was never even angry on you, because we are angry on who we believe are ours… Now will you excuse me.

Ragini was hurt by Swaras words and ran to her room while crying. Swara went up to her room. Rohan went after Ragini while Aakash after Swara. Ragini went in her room and started crying bitterly.

Ragini: Why Swara why? Why are you giving me such a big punishment without even listening or believing in me??

Rohan came in and consoled her. She hugged him tight and said while crying.

Ragini: Rohan please tell me what is my mistake? Why is Swara doing this with me, she doesn’t even know what happened that day and she is not ready to listen to me. I just wish this misunderstanding would be cleared. How will I clear the misunderstanding if she is not even willing to listen to me.
Rohan: Don’t worry Ragini everything will be fine, trust me. I and Aakash will talk to her…
Rohan (in his mind): How will we talk to her she never even wants to talk about it, please God please, show us some way…..

On the other side in Swaras room she came and sat on the bed…

Swara: Why Ragini? Why did you do this to me, I loved you so much but you betrayed me, why….
A little layer of tear formed in her eyes and her eyes were showing the deep wound inside her heart that was created by a misunderstanding.
Aakash: Swara please just listen to me, trust me, just talk to Ragini and everything will be cleared and you two will be Swaragini again.
Swara: No Aakash, everything is already cleared, I don’t want to talk about it more and make the wounds in my heart fresh again, just leave this topic here and please I want to be alone for some time, I will come for breakfast soon but for now please just leave me alone.
Aakash: But Swara-
Swara: Aakash please…
Aakash: Ok as you wish.

Aakash leaves the room and Swara starts thinking about her past, that unfortunate day when she was seperated from her sister because of a misunderstanding, but she didn’t know that it was all just a small misunderstanding that later on turned into flame…..

Precap: The Maheshwari Family…

So guys please tell me if you like, this is my first ff so I am trying my best to entertain you and I hope that I will. Please vote for the pairs and the majority will win. Hope all of you like the character that I chose for Aasum (Aarti & Kusum) and Aahan (Aakash & Rohan). Your comments mean alot to me, thanks. And one more thing, The misunderstanding between Swaragini and the day that all happened, I will tell about it soon so till then you will have to wait and don’t worry I will make them Swaragini again…:-)

With Love, Shanaya.

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