Swaragini a spark of misunderstanding turned into a flame…(intro)

Hello everyone!! Actually I’m a silent reader but now I want to my own ff, hope you all will like it……

Swara Gadodia – A cute and decent girl, obeys everyone and loved her little sister alot.
Ragini Gadodia – A naughty and cheerful girl, does whatever she wants but first asks for her mothers advice, loves her family. Does not belive in love.
Sanskar Maheshwari – A flirt, believes that love turns life into hell. Loves his family alot but mostly his brother Lucky.
Laksh Maheshwari – A book-worm and a quite guy, hates love, he shares everything with his brother Sanskar.

Maheshwari Family:
Durgaprasad (Dp): A big business man, has modern thoughts, Loves his family. Father of Lucky and Aarti.
Annapurna (Ap): Wife of Dp, house-wife, really nice nature, Mother of Lucky and Aarti.
Ramprasad (Rp): Younger brother of Dp, also a business man. Father of Sanskarand Kusum.
Sujata: Wife of Rp, house-wife, loves her family and has a really nice bonding with Ap, has a doubtful nature. Mother of Sanskar and Kusum.
Kusum: Sister of Sanskar but has a really good bonding with Lucky. A year youger than Lucky and Sanskar.
Aarti: Sister of Lucky but has a really good bonding with Sanskar. Also a year younger than Lucky and Sanskar.

Gadodia Family:
Shekhar: A big business man and a loving husband, Father of Swaragini and Aahan (Aakash and Rohan)
Sharmishta (Sumi): A loving wife, lovely nature, does charity work, mother of Swaragini and Aahan.
Rohan – A year younger to Swaragini, flirty nature. Loves his family alot specially Swaragini and Aakash. Has a big crush on Kusum

Aakash – Also a year younger than Swaragini, book-worm and topper in school. Loves his family specially his sisters and brother, has a big crush on Aarti.
Dadi (Mother of Shekhar)- Traditional, loves her grandchildren and a really good friend of Dida even though both have some cute nok-jhok moments.

Dida (Mother of Sumi)- Loves her family alot, as I said before, a really good friend of Dadi, both try to unite Swaragini again. Not only them but the whole family is trying to unite them.

So guys these are the characters in my story, please comment and suggest whom I should choose for Aakash, Rohan, Kusum and Aarti….
Hope you all will like my story and I will try to update my ff regularly and do suggest if it is good or not…..

With all love, Shanaya……

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  1. I like ur story but what about the pairs. Plz make it ragsan

  2. Interesting Shanaya but plzzz make SwaSan and RagLak

  3. Make it swasan dr most new ff are of ragsan .

  4. omg 4 pairs!! no need to add more pairs 2 pairs are enough to entertain

    1. Why is there no need to add more pairs?? It will be atleast more entertaining than just two pairs which is now getting boring because every ff has only two pairs. Ek anokhi kahani had more pairs so it was more entertaining but unfortunately it ended but I’m glad that a new ff has started with more 2 pairs and it is NOT enough to entertain with only two pairs.

  5. I think ragsan and Swalak will be a good pair for ur ff but it’s just my opinion ☺️

  6. nice

  7. For Aahan,Aarti & Kusum you should consider them…
    Rohan:-Karan Wahi.
    Kusum:-Kritika Kamra.
    Aakash:-Ankit Raaj.
    Aarti:Chahat Khanna.

  8. swasan raglak akSum n arhan

  9. Try to unite swaragini why they r seperated?

  10. Please make it Swalak and Ragsan

  11. Hey dear. It’s nice to see so many pairs. But plzzz make it swasan and raglak.
    Rohan: kunal
    Aakash: karanvir
    Kusum: ishita ganguly
    Aarti: surbhi jyoti.

    If u want u can make them.

  12. Superb

  13. raglak and swasan

  14. swasan pl

  15. Thank you guys for your comments… 🙂

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