Swaragini- Soulmates (Episode 1)

Ragini Gadodia- A very pampered child of gadodia family. She is bubbly, sweet, talkative nd beautiful. She can do anything for her family and friends.

Swara Rao-  She is a cute, bubbly and a silent girl. She was an orphan. Later she was adopted by a couple. But unfortunately they died in an accident soon after they adopted her. Later on swara was brought up by her uncle and aunt who hate her a lot as they believe she is responsible for her parents’ death.

Shyam bose- Uncle of swara. He has  sympathy towards swara but helpless to show his love n care for her due to his wife.

Shailaja bose- Aunt of swara. She is sister of swara’s mother whom she used to love a lot. After her death shailaja started to hate Swara who was adopted against her wish. And she believe Swara’s entry made their lives miserable.

Sanskar Maheshwari-  He is a very arrogant buisness man. Loves Lakshya and Uttara a lot. But hates his family whom he thinks is the responsible for the death of his love life(Kavitha).

Laksya Maheshwari- A pampered boy of Maheshwaris. He is a handsome. funny, loving guy and a flirt. Loves his family a lot especially his brother. He can sacrifice anything for his happiness.

Vikram bose- Son of shyam nd shailaja. Good looking and very arrogant. Friend of Lakshya. He is good by heart but very egoistic.

All other characters are same as in serial.
Episode 1

Episode starts with a lady shouting out, she is Shailaja.
Shailaja: as ladki, haven’t u done yet? Don’t u hav a sense of giving me a cup of coffee early morng? Come soon or else….
A scared voice of a girl is heard ” coming aunty”.
She handed over the cup of coffee to her.
Shailaja who tasted it just spit it out ” yak, can’t u make the difference b/w salt nd sugar? Idiot.”
The girl was scared enough. Teats were rolling down from her eyes which was full of fear. She added salt instead of sugar in hurry.
Shailaja: u r useless. I know u did it intensionally. Get me another cup soon or else u will b seeing my rudeness. U know very well wat kind of rundess I am talking about.
The girl sent down in hurry. She made another cup of coffee n gav it to her aunt who was looking at her in rage.
She is Swara. Destiny had given her nothing except pain. There was not a single day which has passed without crying.

She was allowed to go to college only after cleaning house and preparing breakfast for all. College was the only place of relief for her as she cud meet her best friend who used to console her.

The screen shifts to Gadodia mansion.    A voice came from background ” omg, beta wake up. U r already late fr college. I am tired enough by waking up this girl.”
The girl is none other than ragini, princess of Gadodia family nd future of Gadodia industries.
Ragini: ooo maa, u r so sweet. Don’t get angry. Luk I’m up.
She kept kisses her mom nd went to washroom.
She cane out with a beautiful pink anarkali suit which lit up her beauty even more.
Sumo was still angry on her. ” bechari, swara might b waiting for u in clg”. Listening to swara’s ragini’s face got brightened. They were besties. All friends used to call them soulmates. Ragini soon came out of her thoughts, “bye maa , I’m getting late”. ” at least eat ur breakfast, beta” said sumi. ” I’ll eat in canteen ma, no worries”, she ran I’m excitement to meet swara. Sumi smiled at her childishness.

@ clg
Ragini was waiting for swara. ” oh god, itz already late nd this girl….. I donno wat that devil aunty is doing with my swara!!”. She saw swara coming towards her. She was wearing white top nd black long skirt. She was simply beautiful which has been increased more by her open long hairs.
Swara saw ragini nd all her worries just went away by looking her at her smiling face. Ragini was the only one for her in this world who was her true happiness.
Ragini: oh god shona, come soon. We r greeting late.
Swara just came out of her thoughts.
Swara: sorry ladoo, come let’s go.
They literally ran towards the class room.

Precap: sanlak entry.
Guys Do you remember me? This is Aishu! I registered with my official name. Do you remember ek anokha bandhan, as well? The story that was left incomplete; sorry I was reallyyyyyyyy busy! But now I’m back I want to write this story again; I have made some changes too; to make it more interesting.
About the couple it completely depends on you guys; the voting is open, you can vote for swasan-raglak or swalak-ragsan. Whichever couples will get more votes are the final one, but you can see the bond of all four; throughout!
I promise to give equal importance to all!
And I will also try to be more regular! Do comment and support me!

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  1. swasan and raglak pls dear…i m a big fan of ur ff so plsss

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    Rest is upon you.!
    Hope to see u soon.! Thnk u.. ;-*

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      Swasan and Raglak it is. Thanks dear.

  12. for me swasan and raglak..
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    If it us swasan;then i’m in?nice story

  20. I love ur ek anokha bandana ff.l love Sawrag bonding .whatever the pairs I will read ur ff.plzzz show more Sawrag scenes?????

    1. _Saumya

      Yes dear swarag scenes will of course be their as this ff is basically about their bonding.

  21. Heyy aishu I m abog fan of swaragini ek anokha bandhan when I was new to this page I used to read only this ff…….
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  24. Hi saumya. I don’t know for how long I have been waiting for your anokha anandan story. I know it may sound false but it true that I waiting for that till now. My friend is the best proof for it. Even a couple of days back also we discussed about your that ff as my friend reads it. I remember the story was like sanskar was frustrated by swara decision to marry someone else . Tis the proof that I remember your story well and how badly l was waiting with a hope that u will return back. But I am happy that you are back with is ff. Good start. But if possible it is my kind request to post anokha bandhan also . Sorry for such a long comment.

    1. Typing mistake. Bandhan* not anandan

    2. _Saumya

      Hi Pp I will like to tell u that this is ek anokha bandhan only I have just made some changes in the story and am writing it again. I am so glad you remembered and waited for my story. Stay blessed?

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    Wen u alrdy wrote on swasan dan y askin to choose n dey r official pair… bt still its ur wish u an write on any pair bt plz avoid dis voting n all it alwyz leads to bashing…
    For me its alwayz swasan

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