Swaragini The Soul Sisters Promo 6

Promo 6
Link Chapter 60

Bhikhar gaya SwaRagini ka rishta
Ragini says to swara: Please Swara go from my life please..
Khul gaya ek aur raaz
Lavanya is shown talking with Sujata and telling her the truth
Badla badla hai har roop
Ragini’s changed avatar is shown. Her stern and wicked look is shown!
Kya hoga Laksh ka faisla Ragini ki iss harkat ke baad
RagLak is shown

Next Part: Swara sees Sanskaar with Akriti. Ragini meets Swara and lies about Sanskaar’s relationship. Laksh drops
Ragini at Gadodia Mansion. Ragini cries..


Wait for next few chapters… please. You people are angry I know because no one likes a negative character… but for god sake don’t stop reading this. Continue it atleast for the next few chapters.. As the story will change then..

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  1. nice…. update soon.

  2. Sivasai

    nice promo eagerly waiting for next episode

  3. Fairy

    Interestng promo..dnt wry dr i wont stop readng it …bt plz dnt show rags negative!!(jst an advice ,rest all depends on u)dr see its ur story n u wl do bst thng to make it interestng..so m always dere wid u 😉 waitng eagerly for nxt part…keep rockng n stay blessed sweety 😉 😉 u have always entertained us n i hve full confidence in u dr.. 🙂 post nxt part soon!!

  4. Hey shreyu, I think every character has an importance in the story.
    It’s a villain because of whom hero exists.
    Mr. India would just have been nothing if Mogambo wasn’t there. And I think Ragu’ll definitely get more importance as after turning to negative she has to make a comeback too and also become the other half of soulsisters Swaragini.

    Moreover noone in real life is all good, we have that little hidden devil inside us and at certain point we let it take over us but the reality is we still are a good person and just need to make a comeback.
    Besides she is still that good old her but just a little off track. There is a sunshine to break the darkness of every night. And waiting to see my old cute Ragu back to her ownself and recognise her trueself.

    In the show too although she was turned negative but I like the reborn Ragini more who is bubbly, sweet, caring and most of all cute rather than that naive Ragini who was influenced by others. She has finally found herself. **Love you RAGU ??**

    And sorry if I offended anyone with my comment.

  5. Akshata

    intense promo…… i have already told you this is one of my fav ff. i loved swaragini’s bonding when they were only frnds, loved their journey from frnds to soul sisters. they always stood by each other, their selfless nature, their true love and their unconditional support for each other, each and everything is commendable. i just love this ff. i never missed any update of this ff.but now, to be honest i dont want ragini negative . this sudden change in ragini is not acceptable for me. sorry if i hurt you.
    but still keeping faith on you.

  6. IQRA222


  7. Hemalattha

    interesting and amazing.waiting for that part.

  8. Amazing

  9. A.xx

    plz make Ragini positive again and reunite SwaSan as Ragini’s behaviour is driving Lakshya away from her…xx

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