Swaragini: The Soul Sisters Chapter – A small precap….


many you are not reading this and those who are reading this one is for YOU. A small precap as in KAHANI AB TAK. (STORY SO FAR)
I know my updates are not regular so this is a small compensation.

So let’s be back to the point.

The story is of two friends- Ragini and Swara, who are in same college. Ragini and Swara (ShoRa) are best frends and can do anything for each other.
Ragini’s Grandmother,Parvati hates Swara because she is a Bengali and she has threatened Ragini that if she meets Swara again then her college will be stopped. But as friends cannot be separated,Ragini couldn’t stop herself and planned a outing with her. When they were leaving, they fight with a boy and the entire scene is witnessing by Parvati. She is furious at Ragini and that very evening she confronts her about the same. Having done so, she stops her college and plans for her engagement.

Shekhar(Ragini’s father), is against her marriage at such a small age and hence opposes it but being the head of the family,Parvati is stubborn. she leaves the place and doesn’t change her mind. Shekhar and Mishti(Ragini’s mother) follow her and try to convince her but in vain. Then suddenly Mishti opens up and challenges Parvati to tell Ragini about their deepest secret.

The secret that Ragini wasn’t their single child. Ragini had a sister. Mishti gave birth to two girls. One survived while other died.Ragini overhears their converstaion and is heart-broken to hear that. Later she confronts her parents and tell her about the mystery behind her sister.

The next day, Shekhar and Ragini plan to meet Swara and tell her about Ragini not coming to college. While Parvati takes Mishti to hospital for a check up. On reaching the hospital, Mishti comes to know that her daughter is alive and she was declared dead by paying money. All this was done by someone who wanted to take revenge from the Gadodia’s. The culprit was helped by a nursed called Shankari, who is now living just because she is breathing, 20 years back, she helped in a wrong deed and is now paying for her sins. She is mad.

Mishti comes to know about this and is shocked. She falls unconscious and the staff informs Shekhar. There Shekhar and Ragini try hard to tell Swara but are disturbed every now and then. Just when Shekhar tries making a last attempt, Swara receives a call and immediately rushes to a near by hospital. Shekhar also comes to know about Mishti and leaves the place.

Here in hospital,Swara’ neighbor, Kritika is admitted who later delivers a baby. her sister, Lavanya (Adaa Khan) is Swara’s friend. Meanwhile, Parvati is furious to know that Shekhar and Ragini met Swara. She also overhears their conversation with a nurse as to what exaclty happened 20 years back. Shankari’s true moves are disclosed. What she did and why? Swara is on her way to get some medicnes for Kritika when she comes to know about Parvati’s hatred for her.

Later, Ragini and Swara and Shekhar talk on this matter when Swara decides to leave Kolkata and go to some other city. The father-daughter duo try hard to stop her but she leaves. Shekhar and Ragini reach Swara’s house and come to know that she has already left. they reach a bus stop where they both see each other and Ragini meets with an accident,.

In hospital, they require blood and Swara gives. Ragini breathes again and so breathes Swara. Swara comes to know about Ragini’s sister and gets shocked. She helps them in finding that lady by joing all the dots. They are busy planning something when a nurses informs mishti about Shankari getting mad and calling her. Mishti and Shekhar rush to her room and there Shankari blames Mishti for her condition leaving them shocked. Shankari hurts Mishti and Shekhar takes her from there.

When they return, Ragini and Swara plan to confront Shankari. On their way Swara meets Lavanya and she narrates everything, Ragini confronts Shanakri. After listening to hear Ragini is pretty convinced that whatevr happened was on someone’s say Parvati comes from her home and is shocked to see the girls missing. They again debate about Ragini being with Swara and end up fighting, There the girls are fully convinced about Shankari being innocent once they manage to see the CCTV footage, after faking a attack on Lavanya by Ragini.

Swara and Ragini see the CCTV footage and tell Lavanya about it. Ragini realizes that Parvati might have returned and they too must return. Later, Parvati confronts her about the same. Swara reveals everything leaving them shocked. After much discussion they have their dinner and things get settled between them. Swara fakes her unconscious so that they get more time to be in the hospital and search that lady. Here Lavanya, Swara and Ragini make some plan where Lavanya confronts Shankari and tries to get info from her. instead Shankari dies as the main vampire steps in and injects her some medicine. Before dying Shankari reveals the name of the mastermind shocking everyone. _ Urvashi.

Once the elders get to know about this, another flashback starts wherein Shekhar ditched janki just to marry his lady love, Mishti. Urvashi loses her sister, Janki because of Shekhar who broke their engagement. Janki ended her life which raged Urvashi and she vowed to take revenge. She tries Mishti’s mother but in vain as she is saved after admitting in hospital.

Here back in present, all are shocked to hear about the story and plan to catch Urvashi. Lavanya;s friends step in and help them on her call. Laksh and Sanskaar, who are also the MALE LEADS… Laksh is attracted towards Ragini leaving Lavanya jealous and Swara and Sanskaar start liking each other.

Phew!! Another Update..
Guys next part will be posted soon. Don’t worry. 🙂

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