Swaragini: The Soul Sisters Chapter 9 (The Father-Daughter Duo)


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Chapter 9: The Father- Daughter Duo
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Precap: Shekhar and Ragini try to stop Swara. Ragini pledges to stop SWARA from going.

Shekhar and Ragini leave from the hospital and heads towards Swara’s Baadi.
(Ragini lives in a bungalow and Swara lives in the baadi. Assume it as that of the serial)

There in the baadi, Swara packs her bag and sees the house once. She gets nostalgic and cries.
She takes her belongings and remembers Parvati’s words against her. Before leaving she sees a notebook on the table. She writes something on it and removes a cloth from her bag and keeps it near the paper.

She leaves her house, teary eyed. The neighbors question her and she replies: I’m going from Kolkata.
Neighbors are shocked. They question her but she leaves without saying anything. All are surprised and shocked as well. They too try to stop her but without listening she leaves.

** In a Car**

Shekhar and Ragini are going towards Swara’s house.

Ragini: Papa, I just hope we reach on time.
Shekhar: Yes. We will. Swara cannot leave everything and go like this.
Ragini: Yes papa.

Ragini prays for Swara and thinks: Oh God. Please don’t let this happen. Stop my Swara. She can’t go like this. Please god. Please.

** A road **

Swara is walking on the road and thinking about the past happenings. How a few days before she was happily shopping, chatting and laughing with Ragini and now she is leaving her and going away from Kolkata.

Swara thinks: Ragini, I’m sorry. I’m leaving you. But I’m also helpless. I know if I’m with you, Parvati aunty will never let you attend the college again. I can’t live with the fact that even after living in Kolkata we cannot meet each other. It will be a punishment for me. That’s I’m leaving so that you get whatever you deserve. My happiness always lies in yours. So, you be happy and I’ll get a smile on my face.

** In the Baadi **
The duo reach there. They find all the neighbors talking among themselves. They sense something unusual and walk towards Swara’s house.

A lady sees them and says: where are you? arreee listen. She left. She has left.

Though Shekhar & Ragini listen it but they ignore and enter her house.
Shekhar opens the door and shouts for Swara.
Ragini enters like a ghost because she knows that Swara has left.

Shekhar runs into the room and is shocked to see all the cupboards empty. He understands the situation and quickly goes outside.

There he sees a distraught Ragini.
Shekhar goes towards her.
Shekhar: Ragini, Swara just left the home not the city.
Ragini is lost in her own world when she sees a cloth on the table. She recognizes it and takes the paper and reads it.

Yes, Swara dropped a letter for Ragini.

She reads (it in her mind):

Ragini, I know you will come to stop me and reach my house. Read this and keep this as my last memory. I’m leaving you so that you can live. You wanted to be a singer so become one. I’m going Ragini. Bye.
Your Swara.

Ragini takes the cloth and realizes that it is Swara’s. The cloth wasn’t something precious or important. It was just a hanky with a floral design on it.

Ragini remembered how after their Diwali holidays, Swara got that hanky to her. The design was made by Swara. She gifted it Ragini. Ragini loved it. After a few days, Swara was climbing up the stairs when suddenly she slipped and fell down. She was not hurt. But her hand bled. That day, Ragini helped her and tied this hanky on her hand so as to stop the bleeding. When Swara reached home, she realized that it was the same hanky which she gifted to Ragini.
From that day, Swara wanted to give it back to Ragini but she used to forget it in her home. Thus, it was with her only.

Ragini sees it and cries. She takes it and cries.
She remembers the entire incident and cries badly. Shekhar tries to calm her and hugs her. Ragini realizes that it is not the right time to cry but to find Swara.

Ragini: Papa, let’s leave.

Shekhar too realizes it and leaves that place along with Ragini.

Outside, Shekhar asks about her.

Lady1: She left saying ‘ I’m leaving kolkata’.
Lady2 : We tried asking her, but she left unanswered.

Ragini was shocked.

Shekhar: You know where she went?
Lady1: No sir. We asked, but she left without saying anything.

Shekhar & Ragini are shocked and shattered.

Just then Lady3 enters and says: Arree, where is Swara going? She looked very sad.

Ragini: What? You saw Swara? Where is she going? She was sad? Was she crying? She looked very sad? Where was she going alone?

Shekhar understood how restless Ragini was asked her to calm down.

Lady3: I saw her going towards bus- stand. Yes. She was very sad. She was crying badly and was walking all alone. It looked as if she was in deep thought.

Ragini and Shekhar are relived that Swara didn’t left the city and rush towards the bus-stand.

Ragini (Lady3): Thank You. Thank You Aunty. We will get her back.

They both get into the car and head towards the bus-stand.

** Hospital- Mishti’s room **

Mishti: Maa, they will get her back.
Parvati: Sharmishta, you go and take rest.
Mishti (gives a smile): Maa…. ab Kya rest? Ab toh Swara ke aane ka intezaar hai.

Parvati was irked after listening this.

She leaves her room. And heads towards the special wards.


Mishti has full confidence that they’ll get Swara back.

Mishti remembers how 20 years back she lost angel and now is she alive. She gets happy and smiles.

She thinks: Once, they get Swara back, they will search for their lost angel.
Suddenly, she realizes what she just thought. Mishti was in that room because after knowing about her 2nd daughter, she fainted. They all forgot why they were there including Mishti.

Mishti: How could we forget about my lost baby? Sach mn, Swara has something that even I forget about my baby. Swara… Swara… Swara. I don’t know what this girl is. But surely I’m connected with her. May be our past births is related to us. But we both have some serious connection with each other. I don’t why my lips always support her. I don’t know. Saying this she gets lost in her own thoughts.

** Bus Stand**
Buses are there. Many people were standing there. Some were sitting. Some were waiting for their bus to come while some where just standing. Amidst this crowd, Swara goes towards the ticket window. She is standing like a ghost, lost in her own thoughts, waiting for her number.

Her turn comes.

Swara: Dada, next bus kaha ki hai?
Person: Jaipur ki.
Swara: Theek hai. Ek ticket de do.
Person: 350/-
Swara (gives the money): time?
Person: it is delayed by 30mins. Will reach by 4:30.
Swara: Okay

She takes ticket and goes towards the stand. She checks her watch. Time was 4:15. She waits for the bus.
She thinks: Now, only 15 mins. Then, I’ll leave and Ragini will live.


Ragini: Papa, now Swara cannot go anywhere.
Shekhar: Yes, beta.

Ragini prays once more. This time a thanks prayer.

**At the stand**

Surprisingly, the bus gets delayed by another 30mins. Swara waits patiently.
She unlocks her phone and sees her pictures. She relives all the moments spent in Kolkata. She takes the half-burnt dupatta out of her bag and remembers what happened that day.

Shekhar and Ragini reach the stand. The stand is quite big and hence they both cannot locate Swara.

They come at the ticket window and Ragini to the same person (shows a pic of Swara): Bhaiya, have you seen this girl. She came here just now. Can you tell me where is going? Please.
Person: Yes. She came. She took a ticket for Jaipur.

Ragini is about to leave when he calls him and says: Arree, wait. The bus got delayed twice. Check for her. She’ll be here only.

Ragini: Okay. Thank You Bhaiya.

She leaves and calls for Shekhar.

Ragini: Papa, she is travelling to Jaipur. But the bus is delayed. She must be here only.
Shekhar: Okay beta. Let’s find her.

Both leave in opposite direction.
Shekhar shouts: Swara… Swara… Whereas Ragini shows a picture of swara to the people around and asks about her.

Both of them fail.





…… They plan to leave from there when suddenly Ragini sees Swara sitting on the opposite road alone. Swara is in deep thought and holds Ragini’s dupatta. She signs Shekhar.

Swara also sees them.

Ragini: Swara.
Swara: Ragini.

Both smile hard after wiping their tears and run towards each other.

Shekhar sees Swara and smiles. She also goes behind Ragini.


A loud sound is heard.

***** THUDDDDDD******

Someone is hit by a car…..

Next Part: person is taken to the hospital. Parvati and Mishti hear some noise and come out of the room. They see that person’s face and are shocked.
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Who is hit by the car?
Keep guessing….

Credit to: Hetvi(Shreya)

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