Swaragini: The Soul Sisters Chapter 8 (Ragini : Think about US )


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Chapter 8: Ragini: Think about US.
Link: Chapter 7
Precap: Swara comes to know about parvati’s hatred towards her and her decision to leave Kolkata.

** In Mishti’s room**

Parvati: Mishti, what happened to you?
Mishti looks at her and says: Nothing Maa. Some old wounds have reappeared.
Parvati: What are you saying?
Shekhar: Maa, stop it. Stop showing your fake concern.
Parvati: What are you saying Shekhar?
Shekhar: Maa, after entering here, you were more concerned with the fact that we met Swara rather than seeing Mishti. You argued with Ragini but never came to ask about Mishti. You are asking about her now when Ragini left. Why?
Parvati: Shekhar…
Mishti: Maa… (She says and tries to stand from the bed). I don’t know the reason for your hatred but today what you did shows that for you Ragini’s meet with Swara was more important than my health, my condition. Shekhar is right. You argued with Laado but you never asked about me… why Maa? Why?
Parvati: Mishti. There is nothing like that. It’s just that……..
Shekhar: Leave it Mishti.

Saying this he left the room.

** Outside the room**

Shekhar sees Ragini, pleading Swara not to go.
Shekhar: Ragini (goes towards her)

Swara is standing there, almost teary-eyed.
Shekhar: Swara, beta, what happened? You are here?? And Ragini, beta, what happened? You are crying and you too. Please beta speak up.

Shekhar sounded like perfect father.

Swara: Uncle, I know everything. What happened in the room, I heard everything. Uncle, Ragini is suffering because of me. I’m her culprit. She can’t do anything because of me. I’m going away, forever. Because of me, she can’t do anything. I’m going.

Both are shocked and Ragini is crying.

Shekhar: No, beta. There is nothing like this. You need not go anywhere. Just because Maa hates Bengali, it doesn’t mean that you’ll leave Kolkata.
Swara: uncle, Ragini has to pursue her dreams so that voh aapka naam roshan karegi. If I leave from her she will be able to do this. Mujhe kiska naam roshan karna hai jo mein yaha rahu?
Shekhar felt her pain immediately took both the girls in his arms.
Swara was consoled by his touch and she stopped crying.
Swara: Uncle, I have to leave. Sorry.

She broke the hug and said: Uncle, Ragini and you have been there for me from many years. Thank you for everything. But now after knowing what Ragini is going through I can’t stay here. I have to go.

Shekhar: No beta. I can’t let this happen.
Swara: uncle, please. I know our lives will be affected but at least Ragini’s future will be secure.
Ragini (after a long time): What the hell Swara? You are more concerned about my damn future and not about me? How can you be so hard- hearted? How are you thinking only about me and not yourself? You think that if you leave and go I would be able to complete my dream. Huh. No. I won’t be able to even step in the college if you aren’t there.
Huh. Tumhaare bina hum college mn jaa bhi nahi sakte aur tum soch rahi ho ki tum nahi hogi toh hum humaara sapna pura karenge. Yeh kabhi nahi ho sakta Swara. Kabhi nahi.

Swara and Shekhar were speechless after seeing Ragini’s this avatar.

Swara tries to explain to her but Ragini says: Swara, I don’t know why are you sacrificing yourself for me. Forget about my dreams and stuff. Just once, ask yourself that will you be able to live without me? Will I love without you? Will we LIVE without each other???

Swara is speechless. She stood there shocked.

Ragini: Your silence means a no, Swara.
Swara: Ragini, I don’t know what I must say. But at the end the fact is that I’m going. Bye.

Saying this she leaves from there…

Shekhar and Ragini try stopping her but in vain. They call out for her but she leaves and vanishes from their sight. Dejected they come back in the corridor.

Ragini: Papa, ab kya hoga????
Shekhar: beta, hum aise nahi beth sakte. We can’t let her go.
Ragini: Yes papa. We both will use all means and stop her.
Shekhar: Ragini, before doing this let me complete one last thing.
Ragini: Which thing, papa?
Shekhar: Come beta. Let’s finish this work before stopping her.

Ragini was confused.

Shekhar goes into Mishti’s room.

** Inside the room**

Parvati gives medicine to Mishti. Mishti takes it and takes the glass of water.

Shekhar: Maa. Are you happy? At last whatever you wanted it has happened. I never knew that your hatred will have these consequences. Are you happy now?
Parvati: Shekhar, what happened?
Ragini: Daadimaa, yeh puchiye ke kya nahi hua. Because of your hatred, she went. Because of your hatred, Swara went. She left us and went.

The glass from Mishti’s hand falls and breaks.

All are shocked.

Mishti: Kya? What are you saying? How did she come to know all this?
Ragini: Maa, we went to meet her at CCD to inform her about Daadimaa’s decision. There papa tried twice but we were interrupted. When finally we tried, Swara’s phone rang and she had to leave. Her neighbor, Kritika was in labor pain. She rushed here (to the same hospital). When we were returning we got a call and the receptionist informed us about you. When daadimaa came here, Swara was going to take some medicines for Kritika. She saw you and was coming in when she heard our conversation. When I was out she confronted me and I told everything. After knowing that BECAUSE OF SWARA DAADIMAA HAS STOPPED MY COLLEGE, SHE DECIDED TO LEAVE AND LET ME COMPLETE MY EDUCATION AND PURSUE MY DREAMS. She left Maa. We tried a lot but she left…..

Mishti is shocked and Parvati is relieved after listening to the news.
Ragini(wipes her tears): But, papa and me will never let this happen.

Shekhar and Ragini look at Parvati when Ragini was saying this.

Shekhar: Yes. We will use each and every mean to stop Swara. Chalo Ragini.
Ragini: Yes papa.
Mishti: Ragini. One minute beta. Wait.
Ragini: Yes Maa.
Mishti: Promise me. Promise me beta that you will not let her go. When you return, I want Swara with you.
Ragini (holds her hand and says): maa, I promise we will not let Swara go. Mar jaaungi magar uske bina nahi aaungi.

Parvati is shocked after listening this.

Parvati: Laado, for her you will……..
Ragini: Yes daadimaa. For her I will do it. Agar use choth humne pahuchai hai toh malam bhi humme hi lagaana hoga. (We have wounded her so we have to take care of her)
Parvati: Laado, sun toh…..

Ragini leaves with Shekhar without listening what she was saying.

Mishti: Maa, don’t try to stop her. Now they will not listen. Gaye hai toh Swara ke saath hi aayenge.

Parvati is shocked at her confidence.

Next Part: The father-daughter’s planning and a big accident at the bus stop.
SO, finally Ragini is doing something for Swara. Finally, she has taken a bold decision and has gone to stop Swara.
So, lets see what planning Shekhar & Ragini will do to save Swara.

Credit to: Hetvi(Shreya)

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