Swaragini: The Soul Sisters Chapter 7 (Swara : I’ll go away)


I’m back again
Chapter 7 : Swara: I’ll go away.
Link: Chapter 6 Part 2
Precaep: Gadodia’s come to know about Shankari. And what she did 20 years ago.

** Outside OT**

Swara was taking her neighbor to the OT. Everyone seemed tensed especially her neighbor sister, Lavanya.
Lavanya: Swara, will Kritika be saved?
Swara: Don’t worry nothing will go wrong.

She said after controlling her tears.

Lavanya: After that bas***d left her , she is living only for this little champ. Whatever she is going through is all because of him.
Swara: Lavanya, relax. I know whatever happened and what Kritika did after it. But you have to be strong and control yourself. Please. For Kritika’s sake.
Lavanya: Ya. Okay. I’ll do it for her.

After sometime doctor comes and announces the arrival of a baby boy.
Swara, Lavanya and others rejoice. And all were very happy.

Just then the nurse comes and tell Swara to get some medicines. She takes the prescription and leaves.

**Mishti’s Room**

All were shocked to see Parvati at the door.

Parvati: Shekhar , maare ko toh yeh ab kabhi pata hi nahi chalta agar hospital se aate waqt mein thaari gaadi voh dukaan se bahar nahi dekhti(I wouldn’t have came to know all this if I didn’t saw your car outside the coffee shop). Mishti , what happened. You are looking very weak. What happened??

Shekhar: Maa, voh….
Parvati: It’s better that you don’t speak. Al ready you lied and took Laado to that Bangaalan. You too disobeyed me. Why are you all doing this? She has changed my Ragini. She is poisoning her mind against us. She hates Ragini because she has a family. A well-known family….. She……..

Ragini(shouted- angry & teary-eyed): Bas…. Bas daadimaa. Bas. From yesterday, you are badmouthing about her. Yesterday , maa tried to explain you but still you are the same. Why can’t you understand? What is wrong in being a friend with Swara. Is she an animal or an alien? she is a human being like us. Then what’s the problem?? Just because she is a Bengali, you’ll hate her. Daadima, Even after being a Bengali she is just like us. She hates non-veg food. She has still not tasted it , even once in her life… isse jyada kya chahiye aapko.(What more you need )

Shekhar also supports Ragini and Sumi eyes Parvati continuously.

Parvati: This is what I hate. Look you are arguing with me. You are arguing with your Daadimaa.
Ragini: I’m not arguing with my Daadimaa. I’m arguing with misconception which you have.
Parvati: I don’t know what black magic she has done on you. What has happened to you, Laado?
Ragini: Daadimaa, nothing has happened to me. It’s you, who are changed. It’s you who is against Swara. Why do you hate her so much? Because of her, I can face the other students of the college. I’m with you all in home. But in front of the world, Swara is my savior. She is my support system. She is my….. everything. She is my everything just like you all are….. because of your hatred for her, I can’t attend my college. Because of your hatred, I can’t meet her. Because of your hatred, I can’t pursue my dreams. It’s because of you that today I’m hurting you. It’s because of you. only YOU

Saying this, she runs outside and leaves the room. She goes out and cries a lot near the pillar.
She feels a soft hand on her shoulder and hears: Ragini…….
She turns and finds Swara there.
Swara is also red eyed.
Ragini: Swara, you?
Swara: My neighbor…. Remember?
Just then Lavanya enters from behind and shouts: Swara (just to call her)

Lavanya: Arree Swara.
Swara: Lavanya, what happened?
Lavanya: Hey, why are you crying?
Swara: Nothing. Khushi ke aasoo. What happened? You her?
Lavanya: Haan. You took the wrong prescription. Take this(hands over another paper). This is the right one.
Swara: Okay. Give. I’ll get them.
Lavanya(To Ragini): I guess, you are Ragini?

Ragini is surprised. With a weak smile she says: Yes.
Lavanya: Hmmm. Swara always talks about you only. All time. Every day. Every time. We here ShoRa’s stories. I guess you both are not just friends. You both are soul mate (laughs)
Swara eyes her and she understands that the situation is not good.
Lavanya: Swara, wait I’ll get the medicines. You be with her.

Lavanya leaves after taking the paper.

Ragini: Swara, you here.
Swara: yes. Kritika is admitted here.
Ragini: Kritika?
Swara: Lavanya’s sister.
Ragini: How is he?
Swara: Leave all this. First tell me, aunty hates me?

Ragini is shocked!!!!!

Ragini: Sw..a..ra..
Swara: Ragini, I heard everything. I was going to the pharmacy to take medicines. And I saw Mishti aunty. I heard everything. Whatever you said, aunty said, Shekhar uncle said. I heard everything.
Ragini: Swara, voh…
Swara: Ragini (Raises her voice a bit), answer in yes or no.
Ragini was already broken and Swara’s pressure to answer broke her more and she began to cry. This time Swara was stern and she did not wipe her tears.

Ragini: Haan. Haan Swara. Haan (she said while crying)

Swara was unaware about this. All these years she presumed that everyone was happy with their friendship. Little did she know that Parvati hated her. She was shocked and surprised at Ragini’s behavior. Now she came to knew why Ragini was pissed by her grandmother’s nature. She never knew that Ragini met her in spite of her warnings. Swara was oblivious to the fact that Ragini was disobeying her grandmother and meeting her. She was disrespecting her grandmother’s decision and meeting her. Swara, who always missed family love, used to scold Ragini for not respecting her (Parvati), but in vain.
Thus, all this shocked her a lot.

Ragini understood what was Swara going through and she said: Swara, I’m sorry. I would have informed you this, earlier but I know you would leave me and go. Please listen. I never wanted to lose you. I respect and love you the most. After you my family comes. Please listen Swara. Swara. Listen. (She cries while saying this)

Swara looked like a lifeless body and stood there numb.

Swara: Ragini, you are suffering because of me. You cannot attend the college because of me. And not because of Parvati aunty. Aunty restricted you because of my presence. Her problem is me. She hates me and thus you are suffering.

Ragini: No Swara. You are thinking wrong. There is nothing wrong in you. This was the reason why I never informed you about Daadimaa.

Swara: Ragini, yeh toh kabhi na kabhi hona hi tha. Aaj nahi toh kal. I know, never in my life I can be of any use to anyone. I have done wrong with me. I’m a hurdle in your dream. Ragini, if I am an obstruction in between you and your dreams then I will remove this obstruction completely. I’ll go away Ragini. I’ll go away Ragini. Then aunty will allow you to attend college. You can pursue your dreams. Then you can do whatever you want to. I’ll go away Ragini. I’ll go away………..

So, there was another Revelation. Not exactly a revelation but at least a shock for Swara and yes, another shock for Ragini.
What if Swara leaves? What will happen to Ragini? Will she do something so that Swara doesn’t leave or will be unable to stop her.
Keep guessing

Credit to: Hetvi(Shreya)

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