Swaragini The Soul Sisters Chapter 62


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Ragini realises what she says and turns to see Parvati. Parvati is all red with anger staring at her badly. She gets scared and turns back. Parvati comes to her asks: What did you just say?
Ragini: Nothing Daadimaa nothing
Parvati: What did you say?
Ragini: Daadimaa voh…
She slaps her… Thadd!!!!
Laksh: Maa please don’t cry. Please. I will do whatever you want but please don’t cry! I can bear everything but no tears in ur eyes. Please maa
AP: Theek hai Laksh. You will do what I want.
Laksh: yes maa
AP: Okay then come with me to GM and bring Ragini back.
Laksh agrees and they both leave when Sanskaar Akriti come up
Sanskaar: Maa where are u going?
AP: You both also come with us.

Ragini is shocked and says: Daadimaa?
Parvati shouts: Sharm na aayi.. apni hi bahen ke saath aisa karte hue?
Ragini: But.
Parvati: Chup. I don’t want to hear any nonsense from u. Clearly say what have u done with Swara. Say
Ragini cries and blurs out everything except for Swara’s pregnancy. Parvati is shocked and again slaps her for lying….
AP Laksh Sanskaar Akriti reach GM and greet Shekhar. Laksh apologises to Shekhar for his behaviour
Laksh: Papa, Im sorry. I really don’t know how I did all this. I’m sorry. Where is Ragini?
Shekhar: It’s okay beta… She is up.. Wait I’ll call her
Laksh: No papa! I’ll go and give her surprise.
Shekhar: Okay beta.. as u wish
Sanskaar: Baba, I promise I’ll get Swara soon. I will get ur daughter back
Shekhar: What are u saying Sanskaar? I didn’t get you
All are surprised as Ragini had said that she’ll inform them

AP: Shekhar ji, Ragini didn’t tell you anything?
Shekhar: What thing?
Shekhar Mishti get tensed! Sanskaar is also puzzled and the tea cup falls from his hands. His clothes are spoiled. He goes up to clean it..
Ragini: Daadimaa, I had no other option but to do this! I know I did wrong but Swara left me with mo other way.. no one knows where is she except me and I have met here twice. She is living safely. Nothing has happened to her. Then why are you worrying? I will meet her once in a month and ask for needs. Daadima she is my sister amd I know what will be her needs… Please don’t spoil my life by telling this to Everyone. You know what I was living very happily after Swara went but the day everyone came to knew that she is innocent everything changed. Laksh did this only because he thought I was worrying about Swara but I wasn’t please Daadimaa don’t say this to anyone

Parvati looks on and sees how much has she changed. She keeps staring her… Ragini turns to see her but is shocked to see Sanskaar standing behind Parvati. Parvati turns and sees him. Both get angry on her
AP: Arre, Ragini said that she’ll tell you all about swara.
Shekhar: About swara? No she didn’t say anything
AP: How come? She told me. Laksh didn’t she say?
Laksh: Yes Maa. She did. Maybe she might have talked with Daadimaa?
Mishti: Laksh, first tell what s the matter? What she wanted to say?
AP: Yahi ki Swara was innocent
Shekhar Mishti shocked!
Mishti: What? Shekhar, Ragini didn’t say this?
Shekhar: Haa Mishti. Even I’m thinking the same. Itni baadi baat usne boli nahi?
Laksh: Ragini didn’t say this to you all?
Shekhar: Laksh, even if maa knew about this, she would have told us this. Maa kaha hai?
Mishti: She is up with ragini.
Sanskaar stares her and Ragini gets scared! She avoids eye contact and Sanskaar comes to her. He holds her and says: just one question. Where is my Swara?
Ragini stammers and blurs the address.

Sanskaar leaves her and turns to leave but again turns and says: If anything happens to her, then I won’t leave you! You will pay for ruining ur sister’s life.. And I don’t care about the reason.
Leaves. Parvati also goes with him. Sanskaar takes the keys from Laksh. Parvati comes behind him. Sanskaar hurries.
Laksh: Bhai kya hua?
Sanskaar: Akriti come. We have to go
Laksh: Sanskaar kya hua?
Akriti:But where?
Sanskaar: Kaha na chalo!
Mishti: Maa you knew about swara’s innocence?
Shekhar: Maa Mishti is asking something. Did you knew about Swara’s innocence. Did Ragini say anything to you?
She doesn’t reply and Shekhar asks in a louder tone.
Parvati (angrily): Upar jo thaari besharm aulaad bethi hai na, usse jaake puch
They 3 leave!

Shekhar Mishti Laksh AP wonder what’s happening. Laksh says Ragini is up. And runs!
Shekhar Mishti AP too go.
Swara is now completely broken. Sanskaar’s betrayal Ragini’s condition makes her go mad. And she decides to just go away from everyone’s life. She looses the hope of living but sees her bump and slaps herself for having thought this
Sanskaar drives roughly because he wants to reach to Swara asap. Akriti keeps asking what has happened but they don’t say anything. He keeps driving and Parvati remembers whatever Ragini said. She is surprise by seeing the hatred in ragini for Swara.
Suddenly he stops the car as a lot of chaos is happening in front of them. He gets out of the car and so does Akriti.
Some accident happened there. People are standing in a circle and just seeing at the person.. Akriti Sanskaar also go to see.

A pool of blood with a person lying down. His back is visible. No one goes to help the person but suddenly feels something and he goes to that person.
Sanskaar: Akriti, let’s go from here. Please we are gttng late
She doesn’t listen and sits beside that person. She turns him and is shocked. Sanskaar also sees the face. She shouts
Sanskaar asks how did this happen and a person replies
Person: He was crossing without seeing. He was lost somewhere and he had this ring in his hand
Sanskaar sees the ring the remembers it to be the same ring which he wanted to give to Akriti. His eyes gets moist and he keeps his head on her shoulder. Akriti closes her eyes in pain and cries bending down. Sanskaar sees him breathing and immediately asks everyone to help him. They take him in the car. Akriti goes behind them and keeps his head on her lap. She asks him to wake up and shout at him but… Parvati sees this and says: Swara…
Sanskaar pauses for a second but says: Daadimaa, Akriti was my responsibility and I never fail in keeping my promises.
Daadimaa: Ya, we all saw how well you kept ur promise (taunts)
He understands her taunt and says: Whatever
And drives away.

Next Part:. Sanskaar shouts Swara. Akriti sees the ring. Karan opens his eyes… Swara sees her engagement ring

One love story building and other breaking…
KarKriti RagLak SwaSan!
What next? Keep guessing
Chapter 63 is on the way!!
Two updates today and things are sorted

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