Swaragini The Soul Sisters Chapter 61


Chapter 61
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Next Day
Sanskaar Laksh Akriti come down and meet Sujata
Laksh: Chachi, we are going to XYZ Area to find Swara. Ragini is with AP near the dining table. She drops the spoon hearing this.
Thinks: Oh God. I met Swara in the same area.. no no i cant let this happen. I have to do something.
(to AP) :Maa I have some work in the market. I need to complete that.
AP: Okay.. go
SanLak Akriti leave. Ragini too leaves. She calls Swara at some place. They meet
Swara: Ab kya hai?
Ragini: Kuch batana hai

Swara: Kya?
She points at some direction… Swara looks and is just lost.
Sanskaar gets out of his car. She keeps on looking and gets happy.
Swara: Sanskaar…
Suddenly her expression changes as she sees Akriti with Sanskaar.
Swara: She?
Ragini: I wanted to show this. Sanskaar and Akriti…
Swara: Sanskaar and Akriti what? Say
Ragini: Waah Swara. You have the guts to listen even in this condition
Swara: Sanskaar’s betrayal will hurt me much less than what your betrayal did
They start searching for Swara. Immediately Ragini comes in front of Swara and blocks her way.
Ragini: Swara please.
Swara: What please? Even you know how much trust we had..
Ragini cuts her and says: Sanskaar and Akriti together since a month
Swara is shocked and says: What? Month? But Akriti is not good. She killed papa. No no no this can’t happen. Ragini please say that you are lying. Please… (cries)
Ragini: This is the truth.
Swara cries.
Ragini (thinks) : This is only way by which you will distance urself from us. Akriti won’t budge and hence I have to do this
A fb is shown where Ragini goes to Akriti and asks her decision to which she replies that she will correct everything right from SwaSan’s relation to Sanskaar and Karan ‘s friendship. Ragini is disappointed at her answer and leaves defeated..
Ragini: Now say what will you do?

Swara: I live for my child now.. Even you know I have never learn to lose hope and today also I won’t lose hope.. My child is my hope now… I will live for him now. Do whatever you want to. But I won’t step back.
Swara leaves and Ragini looks on. She thinks of stopping SanLak and follows them. She goes behind Laksh and calls him.
Ragini: Laksh, Sanskaar there is a person who knows where Swara is
Sanskaar: How do you know and how you came here?
Ragini: I had some work here and I met this person now. Come he is waiting for us
They leave but no one is seen at the place where Ragini takes them.
Sanskaar: Where is he?
Ragini:Sanskaar he was here a few moments back..
Laksh: What was he saying?

Ragini: Laksh i don’t know because he saw swara’s photo in my phone and approached me
Sanskaar: Shit…
Stamps his foot hard. Ragini gets relieved as they all are distracted for sometime. She asks them to search somewhere else…
Ragini: Sanskaar, don’t worry. We will find her soon. Don’t lose hope
Laksh: Ragini is right. We will find Swara soon. Bhai… (hugs him)
Sanskaar is in pain. He doesn’t cry. He doesn’t say anything. All he does is just lost in her memories. Their memories

Here Swara’s condition is also the same. She is also lost in Sanskaar’s memories. One by one everything flashes through and she remembers him.
Kitni baatein (Lakahya) plays….
After another failure, SanLak Akriti reach their home. Ragini is in her room and feels bad for Sanskaar as she lied to Swara. Suddenly Laksh comes and hugs her. He tries to get closer but Ragini pushes her and shouts: Why romance every time
This time Laksh gets angry and throws a glass with force. It breaks and she gets scared
Ragini: Laksh?
Laksh: Sh! You won’t say anything. Just be quiet. Every day for you Swara and her relation is more important than me. Every night you have her thoughts. Why can’t it be for me. From 6 months you have been thinking about ur sister. Am I not important to you?
Ragini: No Laksh. There’s nothing like that. I was just….
Laksh shouts: bas Ragini. Enough is enough. You will come back in my life only when you find your Swara. Because for you Swara is everything. This Laksh is just a slave who agrees to you everytime.

Ragini is shocked and asks what is he saying. Laksh repeats again. He takes her bag, car keys and move out… He sits in the car and asks her to do so…. With full anger he drives.
Laksh drops him at GM (gadodia Mansion) and says: Come only when you really want me or else stay here only.. He goes… Ragini is shocked as well as angry…
She goes in. Shekhar sees her and immediately asks about her condition. Ragini hugs her and says everything. He is disappointed at Laksh’s childishness. And decides to call Dp but Ragini says no. She asks him let Laksh cool down then do anything
Shekhar agrees and asks her to go up.

Swara reaches her home and goes in her room. She recalls how Ragini said blunt words to her. The way Sanskaar and Akriti were together.
Akriti meets Karan.
Karan: Do you think I will listen to you after knowing what you did?
Akriti: I know you won’t be able to but please try once. Please karan try to see the pain in me

Karan: Huh? Pain? What pain? Why will you have pain when you learnt only giving pain…. Betrayal by even one makes you lose everything. Think about this family… This family who loved Swara so much are today dying to get her back. And swara what did she do? Nothing. And see today she is suffering because of you both. No one knows where is she? And remember one thing very carefully, if anything happens to Swara then trust me I won’t leave you. And Lavanya. I will find her and make sure that you both suffer (leaves)
Ragini recalls how Laksh shouted and says: Swara…. It’s all because of you. Because of you I’m here today. See what you did with me. I wont leave you now.
AP asks Laksh about Ragini to which he says that she has gone to meet Shekhar and will come after few days. She gets surprised as Ragini never did this but still believes in what he says…

Laksh goes up and throws his coat. He is still angry.
Sanskaar cries in his room and prays to get Swara back any how.
Karan thinks about Akriti and is in dilemma whether to believe in her or not.
While all the girls are broken too.. Swara Ragini and Akriti too are in same condition
Ya Rabba plays… (Saalam-E-Ishq)
Kahi toh kar lamha hoto par fariyaad hai..
Ragini is shown getting angry because of Swara. Ragini doesn’t like Swara any more and hence anything related to her irritates her a lot
Kissi ki duniya chaahat mein barbaad hai
Karan is shown shouting at Akriti. Karan tried his best to forget Akriti but today her comeback has surprised him and made him remember all those sad days of his life
Kahi shak hai kahi nafrat ki deewar hai
Karan-Akriti, Ragini-Laksh are shown… Karan’s doubt on Akriti and laksh’s anger/hatred for Ragini’s behaviour is shown…

Kahi jeet mein bhi shaamil pal pal haar hai
Urvashi in the jail is shown. She completed her revenge but now realised what wrong she did by instigating Akriti..
Ya Rabba de de koi jaan bhi agar
Dil bar pein ho na dil bar ho na koi asar
Swara Sanskaar are shown. Swara is broken because of the biggest betrayals by Ragini and Sanskaar.
Sanskaar starts loosing hope by each passing day. Both love each other and are separated by one’s misunderstandings and other’s fate
Next morning
Mishti AP accidently meet in the market.
AP asks about Ragini and Mishti says she is not at all happy and crying for Laksh. AP is confused and Mishti says everything. She gets angry because of Laksh’s decision and apologizes.
AP: You don’t take tension. I will make sure that Laksh comes to take Ragini back.
Mishti: Ji..

Both leave..
AP confronts Laksh about Ragini.
Laksh: Maa, voh…
AP: Voh toh kuch nahi! I know what u did.. Mishti ji said everything. What’s wrong with you? Have u ever thought what might be ragini going through. Her sister is away from her, sanskaar is going mad day by day, Sujata is regretting every second and after all this ur behaviour. Laksh, Swara Sanskaar got separated because of this one misunderstanding and see what happened today. You are doing the same thing.. Sanskaar Adarsh and you are the backbone of this house. Adarsh is doing his job but what has happened to you. After knowing what exactly happened that day, I knew that this mistake won’t be repeated by you or Adarsh but you proved me wrong. Today our conditions are not so good hence you were supposed to keep Sanskaar and Ragini stable and you…

Next part: happy times incoming
Honestly, I didn’t want to say this because you all were/are angry with me.. but the latter part of this chapter is my favourite because that song is my favourite(Ya rabba)
It’s like the song plays and portrays the situation of each character

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