Swaragini The Soul Sisters Chapter 60


Chapter 60
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Swara gets happy seeing her but Ragini isn’t. Swara turns fully and Ragini sees her belly. She is shocked….
Ragini: Swara….
Swara gets teary eyed and hugs her. Ragini doesn’t hugs her back.
Swara: What happened?
Ragini takes her aside.
Ragini: What are you doing here?
She is confused as to why Ragini asks this.

Swara: Why Ragini? Why can’t I be here?
Ragini: You said in the letter that you are leaving the city
Swara: I said but my fate bought me back here.
Ragini: Why Swara? Why are you coming back in my life?
Swara is shocked
Ragini: Swara, my life was complete without you. Why are doing this. Please leave me and my family alone..

Swara: Ragini that’s my family also
Ragini: How? And what relation you have with us?
Swara: this baby Ragini. It’s Sanskaar’s child… Sanskaar and my child.
Ragini: But does he knows this? Then? Swara please go from my life. Please. Maheshwari family has finally given me my rights and have completely forgotten you. Please Swara
Swara: What are you saying?

Ragini: Yes Swara. And do you think they will accept you? Swara the people who get irritated even by listening your name, will those people accept you?
She tells whatever happened on teej.
Swara is hurt by Ragini’s words and is shocked to see her blunt nature.
Swara: Ragini you were the one who believed in me 5 months back. You tried saving me every time. So what has happened now? What happened in these 5 months that you have changed so much
Ragini: Nothing has happened it’s just that I have opened my eyes and realised that I have my own identity. Swara earlier all used to address me as swara’s sister Ragini but today. Today they call me by my name. You don’t know how it feels when you are called by someone else name. Swara please go away. Let your sister stay happy with her family…

Swara (broken, teary eyed): And what about Sanskaar? Is he not a part of your family? Is he happy?
Ragini: Yes. He is happy. Without you. He has no relation with you and ….
Swara: And?
Ragini: He has submitted the divorce papers
Akriti returns back to her house when she bumps into SanLak’s car. Three of them are shocked to see each other..
SanLak get angry seeing her and start blaming her. She tries explaining them that she has changed but they don’t listen. She shouts karan’s name and stop.

Akriti: Sanskaar Laksh, I have changed and this time it’s forever. I have realised my mistake. I have realised my love for Karan. Please believe on me. Sanskaar … please believe me
Sanskaar: How can I believe?
Akriti: Alright. I know you both have separated because you think Swara killed RP uncle. But Sanskaar the truth is that Lavanya and I had planned this. We wanted to separate you both to take are revenge.
Sanskaar is shocked and Laksh moves ahead to slap her but he stops her
Sanskaar: What? You have done this
Akriti: Yes Sanskaar But now I have realised everything. I have realised how wrong I was. Karan is reason was this change. He changed me. I love him a lot. Please help me. Please. I want him back. I’ll help you both in getting Swara back. Please help me
Laksh: Sanskaar don’t believe in this fraud. She never changed. She was like this from before. And this drama is only to hurt us more. Chal bhai…
Sanskaar: Nahi Laksh. This time she is true. I can see. She is not faking this time. I guess she has changed. Because only a true person will commit all her mistakes and crimes. And she has done it
Laksh: She did this only because Chachi knows it. Don’t believe in her. Chal
Sanskaar: Laksh! She loves Karan and Karan is our best friend. We can’t let them suffer. Akriti, if you have accepted your mistakes from your heart and if you love Karan truly then I’m with you
Forwards his hand.

Akriti: Sanskaar, It was me who separated swara from you. Today I promise that I will be the one to bring her back in your life.
Keeps her hand on his. Laksh too does unwillingly. They sit in the car and leave.
Swara is shattered after hearing this.
Ragini: Swara, you have lost everything. Your husband, family, relation everything.. what more you want to lose? This unborn….
Swara: (shouts) Ragini. Don’t you dare to say that. Even though I have lost everything but remember I have my innocence with me. And this is enough for me to come back in your life.
Ragini: Who will believe in you?everyone is against you

Swara: My Maa Papa and Daadi. They all are with me. And I don’t know how will they react after seeing this form of yours. Remember, if you try to something against my baby then I won’t leave you.
Ragini is scared but doesn’t show it. Swara leaves but stops and turns
Swara: Ragini, I know my Ragini is still inside you. Somewhere I have my sister in you. My Ragini can never do anything against me or her family. This is just a temporary phase of yours. And I promise I’ll get my old sister back.
Leaves. SwaRagini plays……
Ragini keeps thinking about her words and leaves for MM.
SanLak Akriti start finding about Swara and enquire on railway stations and bus stands. Laksh says that it’s useless to find now because Swara left this city six months back. Akriti agrees and says they should try something different.
Ragini reaches MM and continuously thinks about Swara and her words. She remembers her baby bump and thinks: If they get to know about swara’s pregnancy then they’ll do all possible things to het her back. No no I can’t let this happen.
She enters the MM and sujata runs to her.

Sujata: Swara khathe hai?
Ragini: Chachi (looks down)
She gets sad and sits on the sofa. AP consoles her and asks to have faith. Ragini goes in her room.
SanLak Akriti fail badly. Sanskaar sits on the road and screams Swara… Akriti cries seeing him. Laksh pacifies him. Sanskaar refuses to go to MM thinking about Sujata but somehow they manage to take him and leave.
Karan enters his house and remembers how Akriti hugged him. He gets restless thinking about. He goes to MM.

SanLak Akriti reach. Akriti enters the MM and Sujata is shocked seeing her. Ragini comes down and sees her.
Ragini: What is she doing here?
Sanskaar: She….
Sujata: Sanskaar, you got this girl? The girl who did so much against us? You got her?
Sanskaar: Mom, she has changed. And she will help us in finding Swara. Mom she herself accepted all her crimes. What more do you want?
Ragini: But..
Sanskaar: No Ragini. Not this time. I want my Swara back. At any cost.
Akriti goes to Sujata but she moves from there. Ragini thinks of doing something and goes up.
Karan comes to MM and sees Akriti. She stands and goes to him. He too asks the same question and Sanskaar gives the same explanation and says about her love for him. Karan doesn’t listen and says: She can never change. She was thirsty for her revenge and will remain forever.
Sanskaar: I don’t know about all this. For me, she is innocent and she will help me in finding Swara.
He goes up. No one is in the hall except KarKriti.
Karan: What new drama are you doing? Why have you came back? We all were living so peacefully then why did you…..?

Akriti: We or you? You were living peacefully without me?
Karan: Yes. Because the way you treated me, ditched me, now the same way I will…..
Akriti: Why did you stop? Say?
Karan: God knows why I’m standing here and talking to you. You know what it’s meaningless to talk with a drama queen.
Akriti: I don’t know what you think. But I have changed. I will help them in finding Swara. And may be the day when she comes back you will understand that I was correct
Karan: Nonsense. Utter nonsense. You harmed them a lot and I won’t allow you to do more… I will stay here until you are here. I will in front of you 24×7 so that I can keep a watch on you. 24×7 you will be in front of me.

He goes. Akriti is hurt by his words. She teary eyed and says: No Akriti. You have to be strong. You need to make him realise ur love for him. Yes.. I have to do it. And I will do it

Karan goes to meet Sanskaar. Ragini sees him and stands outside to listen everything.
Karan: Sanskaar… you want to get swara back. I can understand but why did you …
Sanskaar: Took her help. You want this answer right?
Karan: Yes
Sanskaar: Because Akriti is not the one who left you 6 months back. Today she has changed. Karan very few people have the courage to accept their crimes in front of everyone. But she did it. She loves you. She has realised her feelings for you. Please understand

Karan: you have gone mad. Just to get ur love you are trusting a fraud lady. How can you even think of trusting her. She was the one who wanted to destroy Swara’s family. She helped Lavanya in everything and you….
Sanskaar: Karan you have a habit of living in past but not me. You live in past hence you are saying this. I wish you could see the pain in her eyes when we met her may be then you would understand.

Karan: It’s fake. It’s all fake. She can never change. This is the reality. But it’s ur decision. Now listen mine. Just like Akriti even I’m staying here. She will do her planning and I will keep an eye on her. You can trust her but not me
Sanskaar: Karan sun toh
He leaves angrily and Ragini hides. Sanskaar sits on the bed and thinks something. Ragini hears this and gets a idea to throw Akriti out.
Ragini (thinks): I can’t throw her. What can I do is make you leave this house all by yourself.

She goes in Akriti’s room. Akriti is still thinking about Karan’s words and doesn’t notice Ragini’s presence. Ragini thinks of starting her drama
Ragini: So what new plan are you devising now?
Akriti turns and sees her.
Akriti: Ragini what are you saying?
Ragini: Truth. Karan is right. You can never change. Even now you have returned to complete ur revenge.
Akriti: No Ragini. Don’t think like this. I have returned to help you guys in getting Swara back and getting karan back

Ragini: Which Karan are you talking about? That karan who is fighting with his own best friend because of you. Akriti you have fell so low that because of you, Sanskaar and Karan are fighting. Just to get your love back you created differences between the two. How can you even do this. Now it’s up to you. You decide where you want to take their friendship.
She leaves hoping that Akriti decided to leave the MM

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