Swaragini: The Soul Sisters Chapter 6 part 2(What exactly happened 20 years ago?)


Hello I’m back again to irritate you guys.
Chapter 6 part 2 :What exactly happened 20 years ago?
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I’m sorry I was too emotional during the previous part. Anyways to the story…
Precap: Mishti comes to know that her daughter is alive. Shekhar tries to inform Shona about Parvati’s decision regarding Ragini.

Mishti opens her eyes and finds Shekhar& Ragini. Parvati wasn’t present there.

Shekhar tries to calm her down but Mishti wasn’t responding. After few moments, she said:Shekhar…..
Both came running towards her.

Mishti was weak. She was mentally weak. There was no physical pain. Everything was within her. Everything was in her heart. The pain was deep. It was real.What she heard was something unexpected, unbelievable. She didn’t know how to react. Was it time to rejoice or to mourn? Was it really good news or something unbelievable? For 20 years the Gadodia’s accepted and lived with the fact that the 2nd angel was no more. This mother was silent, numb, dumbstruck, wounded or rather deeply wounded.

Ragini & Shekhar were also hurt seeing her condition.

After calling out for Shekhar, a tear escaped Mishti’s eye. She was constantly staring Shekhar giving me another cause to worry.
That moment, that time in that room was very difficult to pass for everyone.
There Mishti was twitching in pain after hearing that news and here Ragini secluded herself in a corner and cried silently, and of course Shekhar, for whom to pass a single second was becoming as hell. Everyone was distraught, hurt, saddened.

—-Shekhar’s POV—-

I don’t what just happened. I had no courage to face Shona, again the next day. I was tensed seeing Mishti’s conditions but the thought of facing Shona the very next day was always at the back of my mind.
My Mishti is very strong. She never cried in front of the world. But today after seeing her condition I felt that she was broken. I felt that my Mishti was broken.
Though she never cried but for 20 years she kept on struggling. She struggled and is doing the same. All these years I felt weak and lost when I was unable to answer the world. But this Bengali Phatakha managed to answer the world, perfectly. She always kept a smile on her face no matter however worst the situation may be. On Ragini’s birthdays, she was the one who used to prepare everything exactly what Ragini wanted her birthday to be.
She accepted the fact and moved down, Though I knew she cannot do this ever. But just for her I believed whatever she said. I know how hard those few years after Ragini turned five. Till the time Ragini turned five, Mishti and I used to busy after Ragini. Taking care of our Laado, be after her for her homework, food and all those things. After she turned five, she used to be with Maa. And we were shocked to see our cute, chubby Ragini turn so obedient that she seeked our permission even for going out and play. Few months after Ragini’s fifth birthday , I used to witness her going to the terrace and return after hours and sometimes the next morning. One morning I found her lying on the terrace like a lifeless body.
Her eyes were the most beautiful thing one could find on her face. They expressed everything. And one could easily make out by looking at those red puffy eyes that she used to cry all night.
But I was helpless. Stopping her from crying would accumulate in her and then there will be no vent for them. So I felt that I shouldn’t stop her and let her cry. Ya, I know I’m sounded weird but this was the best way to keep her spirits up.


Mishti: Sh..ek..har….
Shekhar(Going towards her): Yes,Mishti.

Ragini was tensed throughout.

Mishti: Shekhar, ham………..

She began to cough and Shekhar offered water. Ragini couldn’t bear that sight and she ran towards the gate. She was about to leave when Mishti said: Ragini.

She turns and saw a weak Mishti looking at her. She ran and hugged her.

Ragini broke the hug and said:Maa.
Ragini: Maa, I know something is hurting you a lot. Something is troubling you from within.
(She said all this after bending on her knees and coming in front of her)

This was enough for Mishti and she couldn’t control herself and said: Shekhar…….Shekhar…our daughter…. Our 2nd daughter ……… our 2nd daughter is alive.

Shekhar and Ragini were shocked, shattered, taken aback.

Shekhar: What? Who told you?and when?
Mishti explained everything.

When she was explaining Ragini saw a nurse(NURSE 2) standing near the door, listening everything. She felt something fishy. But kept quiet when after hearing what Mishti said.

The same nurse entered the room and Mishti pointed at her to indicate that that nurse was present there.

Ragini’s doubt took a new shape and she confronted her.

Ragini: Hey..Where are you going? Stop.
Nurse quickens her step and is about to leave when Ragini blocked her way and asks her: I said something.
Nurse2: What! I don’t know anything. Please let me go.
Ragini: Tell me. Or else it will take only one minute for me to call Shetty uncle
(Shetty – owner of the hospital)
Nurse began to perspire.
Ragini: Arree why are sweating? This means that you are fault.
Nurse 2 : No mam. Voh actually….
Ragini: Look . I don’t have any problem with you. It’s just that I wanted to know whether whatever my mom said just know is true? Is this the truth?? Answer me.

Ragini waited patiently for her to answer. But she kept quiet and she was angered.

Ragini(raising her voice): Will you answer?? Or else…Papa, Shetty uncle ka number doo.

Nurse2 : Wait… please don’t call sir. Wait wait. I’ll tell everything.

Ragini: Okay. Phatapat shuru se saachi story bolo.

Nurse2 : yes mam. Everything was true.
All were shocked.
Nurse2: She was speaking truth. 20 years back your mom delivered 2 baby girls. Out of which you were taken to her(Mishti) whereas the other one was declared dead after Dr.Shastri(the Doc who operated Mishti) was paid by a lady.

Mishti broke into tears.
Shekhar was lost somewhere.
Rags controlled herself asked her to speak further.

Nurse2 : Shankari (the mad nurse) was the nurse will Shastri Ji in his cabin. She was handed the 2nd baby and told to kill her by that lady. Shankari , too, became a mom just few months back and hence she couldn’t kill the new born. So she, left her outside the hospital’s back gate. After few months, that lady again came in the hospital. That time , a new lab, was being constructed. Shankari went to meet that lady there. After an hour, we heard a loud scream and saw Shankari there lying in a pool of blood with a brick beside her was a brick with blood smeared around. After that incident , shankari was operated and she became ma after it. From that day, she is paying for she did. Whenever she used to hear anything either about Sharmishtha Ji or about that lady she gets attack and shouts like that. Today when you (Mishti) came she got the same attack and we had to keep her quiet because we were paid for it.

This was enough for three of them to burst out.

Nurse2 went and pacified Mishti.

Ragini(after wiping her tears): Shastri… Where is this Shastri?
Shekhar:Ragini beta calm down. Don’t panic. We’ll find that traitor…
Ragini: Papa……..

“Shekhar” ………………………………….
All turned and saw PARVATI standing there.
They were shocked.
Parvati stood there red-eyed with a single tear escaping her eye

This one is not that big but half of the suspense is revealed.
Next half will be disclosed slowly.

Before concluding, let me thank a few of you.
A big thanks to : SNEHAHARI , RADHIKA, ANAMICA,RUHANI, KRIYA, PRIYA, S PRIYA. You guys encouraged me a lot. THANK YOU 🙂

Credit to: Hetvi(Shreya)

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