Swaragini: The Soul Sisters Chapter 6 part 1(What exactly happened 20 years ago?)


Hey guys ….
I’m back AGAIN!
Chapter 6 part 1: What exactly happened 20 years ago?
Link: Chapter 5
Precap: Mishti revealed what happened 20 years back . Daadi said that she was serious about Ragini’s engagement.
Mishti in the hospital. She waits for the reports. Reports come out to be normal.Mishti is about to leave when she hears some noise……
There at the GADODIA MANSION Ragini’s phone is ringing as Swara is calling her continuously. She gets afraid and cuts the call.
Shekhar comes in her room and sees everything. He takes the phone and accepts the call.
**Shona & Shekhar talking**
Shekhar: Hello
Shona:Hi uncle.
Shekhar:Hello beta.
Shona: uncle,where is Ragini? College nahi aayi abhi tak.
Shekhar :Beta,can we three meet today?

**Ragini is shocked**

Shona: Is everything fine?
Shekhar: Ya. But I wanted to meet you.
Shona: Okay. After college -3pm at CCD??
Shekhar: Okay beta. We’ll meet you there.
Shona:Okay uncle .Byee.
Shekhar:Ya beta. Bye.

**Both cut the call**

Ragini:Papa what are you planning?
Shekhar: I want to tell her everything.
Ragini: No papa.
Shekhar:Sorry beta. But I have to.
Ragini: Are you sure?
Shekhar: 110%
Ragini: Okay papa.
Shekhar: Get ready. We have to leave before Maa comes.
Ragini:Okay. Give me 10 mins.

**Ragini goes to freshen up**

At hospital….
Mishti follows that voice and sees a nurse sitting alone & shouting.
She asks one of the nurse about her to which the nurse replies :Arre pagal hai. From past 20 years she is lying like this…. Yahi padi hai.
Mishti goes near her and is about to say see her face when she turns and starts shouting:Save me. Save me ….
Mishti is shocked. Many other nurses come to control the mad nurse as she becomes violent sometimes.
After the situation gets normal,Mishti asks:What happened to her.
An old nurse(NURSE 2 ) replies :20 years she did a mistake and is paying for that!
Mishti:Mistake …What mistake?
Old nurse :Nobody knows .But she said this when we operating on her….
Mishti:Hmmm……….okay .

Mishti is about to leave when one of the old nurse says(NURSE1): Arreee tum wahi ho na..
Mishti is surprised
Nurse1: you are that lady whose one daughter was declared dead after paying money
Mishti was taken aback.
Mishti: What???
Nurse2:Shut up .We are not supposed to reveal all this. Keep quiet.
Mishti(goes towards them and starts begging) : Please tell me what happened 20 years back…..

When this conversation was happening that MAD NURSE looked suspicious . She saw Mishti and said : Yes. She is that lady. I’m suffering because of that women’s bad deeds. She didn’t wanted……
She was about to say something when Nurse2 interrupted and took her to the bed.

Nurse2 : Shut up. Come in.(pulling her to her bed)
Mad nurse: I’m suffering because of that lady. Your daughter was alive. She was declared dead by the doctor on her instance. She did it. I just kept the baby outside the hospital’s back gate.

Mishti was shattered , shocked ,confused , disappointed….

This was something unbearable to her .She fainted.

**ShoRa & Shekhar meet**

Shekhar and Ragini were waiting for Shona. When she entered Ragini waved to her. Shona smiled at came at the table.

Shona: Hello uncle.
Shekhar: Hi beta. Come sit.

Shona takes the chair.
Shona :Uncle, you sounded quite low on the phone. Is everything fine?
Shekhar : Beta , actually…..
Shona : Yes uncle.
Shekhar:Beta ,Ragini won’t be able to come …….

Suddenly the waiter came for the order.

Shekhar who had gathered a lot of courage to inform Shona was disappointed when the waiter came .

Shona: Arre ha, Ragini…I’m hungry. I came directly from college.
Ragini:Achha okay. Have something..

Shona ordered something followed by Shekhar & Ragini.

When the waiter went Shona said: Uncle you were saying something.
Shekhar:Beta voh….

His phone rang.

Shekhar picks up the phone.

**Parvati on the other side**

Parvati:Shekhar,where are you? Ragini is not at home and Mishti bhi nahi hai.
Shekhar : Maa ,I’m out with Ragini. What??? Mishti……. Where is she??
Parvati:Where are you???
Shekhar : Maa,Ragini was bored. Bas aise hi bahar aaya hoon.
Parvati: Sach bol Shekhar.
Shekhar : maa…
Parvati: Achha theek hai.Achha tu dekh Mishti khathe hai( Okay. You just find where is Mishti)
Shekhar: Okay .

**Both cut the call**

Ragini:Papa what happened ?
Shekhar:Nothing beta. Maa just called to know about us.
Ragini: Uff.. Daadimaa bhi na.
Shona:Ragini. Respect!
Ragini: Okay baba . Sorry.
Shona smiled.

Shekhar again tried to start the conversation but this time Shona gets a call. She talks and suddenly says:what???????? Okay don’t panic . I’m coming.
Shona(to the duo):Uncle, I’m sorry . I have to leave. It’s an emergency. Actually, my neighbor waali aunty is suffering from labor pain . I got her sisters’ call. I have to leave. Sorry. We can meet tomorrow. Same time. Same place. Okay!. Okayy………………..????
Shekhar: Yes. Haan beta. Sure. Call ragini ,if you need any help. She’ll be there.
Shona: haan. Okay. Sure uncle. Now I’ll leave.

Shona left in a jiffy….

Ragini: Papa,what’s the need?
Shekhar: Beta, you don’t know what kind of bonding you both have. You also know that you both are best friends and can’t leave without each other. (it wasn’t romantic. But I wrote just to highlight their friendship )
Ragini: Papa. I also know but she won’t handle this. I know her.
Shekhar: Dekhte hai. Kal kya hoga…..
Saying this they left.

They were on the way to their home when Ragini received a call from the hospital.
Receptionist (R) : Hello Mam. Are you Mrs.Gadodia’s daughter.
Ragini: Yes, whose this…
The Receptionist explained everything. Ragini was shocked and tells Shekhar everything.
Shekhar is also shocked and tells the driver to head towards the hospital…

There at the hospital…….
**Mishti opens her eyes**

Shekhar:Mishti…Mishti.. Aaram se. What happened!

Words weren’t coming . She was so affected that she couldn’t speak anything.
Till 20 years she thought that her daughter died but now just a few minutes she just came to know what exactly happened 20 years back. She lost a daughter and cries for the loss of her girl. But time is the best healer. Soon, she realized that what happened cannot be changed but what lies ahead can be modified. She loved Ragini so much that never did she miss her lost daughter. But this wasn’t enough to cure those deep wounds. It was the biggest wound on her heart which she could never heal or repair. Some wounds are on our soul, some on our heart and some on our body. Some get repaired , some take time but some …. Some wounds are there which are never healed nor are they repaired. These wounds are just present throughout your life. The intensity of pain of these wounds just reduce by time. They do not vanish. It’s just that the pain in your heart gets masked by other things. But that PAIN remains in your HEART… forever….

This was the same pain which Mishti was going through these 20 years. She never forgot what happened nor she cried in front of everyone. She used to silently cry. Silently express her feelings. She had been doing this for these 20 long years. And after hearing to what that mad nurse said, this pain came out…..

She is mother. She was going to be mother of 2 but as fate had it ,she was deprived of her happiness. God gave her Ragini but took her other girl. The pain which she felt was something which no one could even think of. This was natural. She was a MOTHER. For 9 months, she had her little angels in her womb. For 9 months she patiently waited for those 2 angels and then she got only one. The pain which a mother undergoes cannot be understood by any one. Not even by another mother. It’s something which she bears and tolerates. Being a mother is not an easy job. Sacrificing everything for that little camp in one’s womb is not everyone’s cup of tea. Mo matter from where you are, no matter if you are rich or poor, black or white, good or bad a MOTHER IS A MOTHER. No one can replace her. Women are blessed to have this boon of giving birth to another life. She is blessed to have this boon of bringing a life to this world…. Still she is abused and thrown out of society… WHY???

Before concluding let me break some news to you.
Let me introduce myself completely …
My real name is Shreya. I’m a Mumbaikar.
My board ( Xth – ICSE ) result were just out on 6th May.
And guess what I scored 93%..
Bang on…. And yesterday I got my admissions done. So I was busy in that…
I guess it’s enough about me . So now to the story.
Are you guys liking it???
Please tell me. I don’t find people liking it because of absence of COUPLES.
If this so, then please tell me, I’ll stop writing…


Credit to: Hetvi(Shreya)

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  3. It was awesome very nice! And congratulations for scooring 93℅. Your stories its different and interesting. I like it. Pls continue. And post next episode soon pls.

    1. hetvi(Shreya)

      Thanks Anamica…
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  4. Superb yr last part was very emotional… I love swaragini bonding yr n plz cntnue u r an awesome writer… Omg u scored 93% that too in icse that’s amazing u must be a really hardworking b brilliant girl

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      I took Bio(Science)

    2. Hetvi (Shreya)

      i also watched SAWARAGINI for the bonding but now the show has only couples. 🙁

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