Swaragini The Soul Sisters Chapter 59


Chapter 59

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Sujata comes down with Sanskaar. Laksh gets happy seeing them. All ladies gather and the programme starts. Ladies sing songs and few of them dance.
Some ladies come and compliment Ragini and praise her fot being a loyal daughter in law. She feels happy. Laksh sees this.
Shekhar Mishti come. Shekhar is still angry with Sanskaar but still meets everyone and behaves normally with everyone. Ragini meets them. Ladies say that it’s a perfect family for Ragini.
Swara gets up from the chair and the lady asks about her health. She replies by saying that she is fine.
Another lady comes heavily dressed with a smile. She takes her out.
Same lady: Swara which month?

Swara: 5th month
Everyone assemble in a hall. Swara is made to sit comfortably. Her baby bump is visible.
Lady to Swara: I hope today you get all your happiness. Today all your problems are over and you get ur love back.
Swara: Aunty, you have been like my mother. These 5 months you have taken care of me. So whatever you say is like a blessing for me.
She smiles.
Swara and her life.
The day she left the Gadodia Mansion, she planned to leave the city but couldn’t. Destiny turned upside down for and she fell unconscious at the railway station. These same ladies took her to some hospital and the doctor announced her pregnancy.
Swara was elated as well as shocked. She refused to give details of the Maheshwari family and said that her fate separated her from her husband. Since then she is living with them.

That day she couldn’t keep this fast but remembered Sanskaar.
This function happens simultaneously at MM and Swara’s place.
Throughout, Ragini feels special as the guests praise her every now and then and they don’t talk about Swara.
Here Swara misses her family and yearns for them.
That night.
Laksh breaks Ragini’s fast. Both eat and Ragini smiles.
Laksh room.
Ragini removes her jewellery and thinks about whatever happened that day.
Ragini: Why did I feel so special today. What did I do? But Maa was like this even before also. She used to take care of me before also. But why did this happen today only. ……. Have they all forgotten Swara? They all have accepted me fully and forgotten her.
She smiles.

“ may be this is the reality. Swara was destined to go away from my life. Today I can feel my presence. I don’t know why but her absence is not bothering me any more. Yes. This is the reality. I’m sorry Swara but this is decided by our fate. From today onwards your name won’t be taken in this house anymore. I promise this. I won’t let you come in my life again”
Ragini takes this decision and plans to start a new life.
The sisters live their life in different ways. Ragini gets pampered while Swara feels orphaned again.
1 month passes. Swara is six months pregnant. She goes for her check up. While returning home she sees a balloon seller.
She gets emotional seeing it.

A fb is shown where Swara Ragini are travelling on the same road. Along with SanLak. They see the balloon seller and demand for it. SanLak give weird expression and the girls laugh.
She closes her eyes and looks somewhere else.
Ragini in MM keeps distracting everyone when ever they take Swara’s name.
Sujata goes in a temple. She prays to god and asks why did he do this with her. She pleads for a answer and hears a voice “Chachi” from behind. She thinks it to Ragini and turns but to her dismay it’s Lavanya with a evil grin
She is shocked.
Sujata: You?
Lavanya: Oh God you and your husband have the same reaction after seeing me.
Sujata: What?
Lavanya: Matlab ki that day when your husband died he had the same reaction just like you are having now
Sujata: What? Means that day you…

Lavanya: Unfortunately yes. It was me who killed your pati parmeshwar that day. Actually not me Akriti was with me this time too. And you fools blamed Swara. (Laughs) it was my plan to separate Swara Sanskaar as she separated Laksh and me. She had to pay for whatever happened with me.
Sujata is shocked and remembers Swara’s pleadings. She cries.
Lavanya: Now why are you repenting. Now Swara is gone from your lives.
Sujata looks at her.
Lavanya: Now you might me thinking how do I know. Remember one maid in your house who behaved very oddly… She was my worker. She came in your house because I sent her. You all are such big fools. You didn’t even think for once that why will she kill his own father in law and leave her phone there. (Laughs)
Sujata is taken aback. She is silent. She has no words to say nothing to ask. She is just silent. She falls down crying.
Lavanya: Now don’t inform police because you people won’t find me…
Saying this she leaves from. Some people notice Sujata crying and take her aside. They make her sit and relax. She recalls her words and stands up…

Sujata: She didn’t do anything.. My Swara didn’t do anything. I need to inform Sanskaar about this. Yes. I need to inform him. Swara is innocent.
She runs from there and sits in the car.
Ragini gives water to AP when Sujata enters the MM in a bad state. AP sees her and gets shocked. The glass falls down. AP stands and says: Sujata.
All turn and see her.
Ragini Laksh – Chachi
Sujata comes to them and hugs AP.
AP: Kya hua? Sujata say….
Everyone get concerned. Sanky sees her from up and runs down…
Sanky: Mom mom mom what happened? What is this? Say mom
Sujata: She is innocent Sanskaar. Kuch naa kiya Chori ne… voh sahi thi aur hum galat….
Sanskaar: What? Mom what are you saying?
Sujata: Swara….. Sanskaar voh sahi thi…
All are shocked but Ragini is angry…
Sujata: Ragini you were right. Swara is innocent
Ragini changes her expression and says: See. I said na Swara can’t be wrong but Chachi who said this to you?

Sujata tells everything. Ragini closes his fist tightly.
Ragini: Now you all know (fake smile) I’ll get sweets for you. …
Goes in kitchen.. Sanskaar is broken outside…. He says: Swara
Laksh: Dekha bhai… swara galat nahi thi
Ragini goes inside and bangs her gist on the platform…
Ragini: Why swara? Why are you coming back in our lives… You were not here from 6 months then why are you coming back? Everyone has forgotten you then why are you coming now?……. …… they all might know ur truth but I won’t let you come back.. You can’t destroy my life again. This family has finally given me the love which I deserved and I won’t let you snatch it from me.. No Swara you won’t do this…

Laksh: Chachi Sanskaar, Swara was innocent. Now we need to correct everything which we did.. Sanskaar please this time don’t back off. Chal let’s get her back…
Sanskaar: Yes Laksh. I will get my Swara back. Anyone. This time I won’t sit silently until I find my Swara.
Sujata: Sanskaar, we have done a lot against her. But today I want you to get my daughter back. Promise me. You wont come back until you find her…
Sanskaar: Mom I wont… I’ll get her back then step in this house again… I promise (takes her blessings)
Ragini hears this and gets angry.
Ragini: You all can’t do this. And how will you find her. She is not in this city only..
Laksh Sanskaar leave MM.
Sanskaar: Where will we find her?
Laksh: Arre haan…
AP: I’ll inform Shekhar Ji
Ragini: No Maa (shouts)
AP: Kya hua?
Ragini: Maa don’t inform them now…
AP: but why beta?
Ragini: Maa I will tell them aoon
AP: Okay beta as you wish…
Laksh: Sanskar voh toh iss city mein bhi nahi hai. Phir kaha hogi… ?
Sanskaar: Laksh I have promised myself before promising Maa. I will get my Swara back. Bas. You just drive
Lavanya: I had to do this. Because Akriti is now a danger for me. Let that Sanskaar die of the guilt of throwing her love out of her life. Let him suffer. Let them all suffer. (Smirks)
Ragini moves out of the MM and excuses herself by saying that she’ll pray in the temple to help SanLak find Swara

Swara: Aunty, I’ll come after one hour
Lady: But where are you going?
Swara: to that place which changed my life.
Lady: Swara Sun toh
She leaves.
Ragini swara both are in the same temple. Ragini prays to get some way.. while Swara prays for her innocence. Swara doesn’t go inside the temple and returns from behind only. Someone bumps into her. She holds her belly. The person apologizes.
Ragini comes out of the temple. And sees her back. She doesn’t recognizes her. Swara smiles.

Ragini wears her shoes and sees her side face. She ia shocked. She rubs her eyes and sees again
Ragini: Swara?

Swara starts walking down the stairs. Ragini also rushes down. Swara waits for the taxi while Ragini runs down. She is about to sit when Ragini holds her.
She turns and Ragini is shocked to see her. (Doesn’t see her pregnancy)
Akriti is in the worst phase of her life. The realisation of having killed someone innocent and separated two true people kills her every day. Whereas Karan starts living a new life. Slowly he comes out of the love zone and devotes his time to family business. Akriti and her memories start fading away and he becomes normal.
Akriti is living in Mumbai. She is shown travelling by a car when suddenly she notices Karan coming from the opposite. She asks the driver to stop the car. She gets out and runs towards his car. He doesn’t see her. She runs but looses the car. She gets sad. She returns to her car and asks the driver to follow his car.
Karan reaches his house and gets out. Akriti too reaches there. She sees him and shouts: Karan!!!

He looks back and is shocked to see Akriti standing there. She smiles and comes running to him, hugs him. Karan is about to hug her back but remembers his past. He holds her and separates her from him. She is shocked. He looks on
Akriti: Karan?
Karan: Why have you came here?

Akriti: I know you are angry but listen to me once.
Karan: Why should I? Who are you to me? You came here just for your revenge and you have done it. You did it na. Because of you Swara Sanskaar have separated. The once happy Maheshwari family is now broken. RP uncle died and the blame is on Swara. Shekhar uncle is angry with Sanskaar. Everyone is broken. You did everything and see what has happened.
Akriti: I know Karan I have realised my mistake. I saw you in the temple that day and heard whatever you said. Karan please forgive me once. Please
Karan: I have forgotten you. You are nothing to me. And don’t you dare come in front of me again
He leaves. Akriti cries and shouts to believe on her.

Next Part: SanLak search for Swara fails. Ragini learns about Swara’s pregnancy. Akriti SanLak meet.
Akriti is behind Karan now… Will karan accept her?

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