Swaragini The Soul Sisters Chapter 58


Chapter 58
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The same day after 4 months
Sanskaar Laksh Ragini are in court.
Ragini asks sanskaar to think once again about his decision. But he doesn’t listen and hands a file to the lawyer.. Laksh feels bad.
Lawyer: I will submit these papers and by submitting them Swara and you will be divorced.

Sanskaar: Thank You
The lawyer leaves. Ragini gets broken. Sanskaar goes in his car and leaves. He drives fast and after some time stops. He cries as after 4 months his relation with swara comes to an end.
From these 4 months he lied to everyone that he had submitted the papers but one bad day sujju spotted the papers in his room. She forced him to submit it or else she will leave them and go.
Sanskaar agrees to her submits the papers. He takes out a chain from his pocket. (It’s the mangalsutra) hugging it he closes his eyes and says: Swara I’m sorry. But I had to do this.

Sanskaar keeps the chain with him 24×7. He had no memory of hers except this chain.
Laksh gets Ragini home. She is in a state of shock where nothing comes to her mind. Just Swara’s divorcee. Laksh gives her water and asks her to rest.
Ragini lies down on the bed and just thinks about the past happenings. How this happened. Right from the beginning. She stops once and says it was all because of Urvashi was in their lives. Lavanya wanted Laksh but Akriti wanted her mother’s revenge.
She gets angry. She takes the car keys and drives.
Our Marwaari Ragini becomes fierce and enters the police station like a goddess.
Rakht Chatriyra plays…..
She demands to meet Urvashi and goes to her cell. They open the door and she goes inside.
With anger in her eyes and hatred in her heart she shouts at Urvashi
Ragini: Are you happy now?
Urvashi turns and smiles wickedly.

Urvashi: So you are back? Again?
Ragini: Yes and today I won’t leave you…
Urvashi: (laughs) What will you do with me? Shout? Okay then shout as much as you can. No one will stop you. Shout
Ragini: Yes I will do that and also i will make you realise that today how low you are. Akriti took your revenge. I guess you might be knowing this
Urvashi: I was sure about this very well. I knew that she will complete whatever I had left behind

Ragini: Good. So now let me tell you something more. Because of your revenge your lust to see us ruined, your daughter and her partner Lavanya killed my chacha today. Just because of your desire they separated Swara Sanskaar. Just because of you today my sister is not with me. The person who did so much to make Laksh and me as one is today not in our lives. Your daughter killed a innocent person. What did he do? Whatever happened it was because of Lavanya’s greed to get Laksh and Akriti’s revenge. What did chacha do? Say.. what did he do? I fought to get Swara back but they created so much hatred in Sanskaar’s mind that today he hates to hear her name.
Urvashi is numb. She has nothing to say even in her defence. She stares Ragini and her words start ringing in her mind.
Ragini’s anger come down and she says: You got ur revenge but who is with you to celebrate this happiness. Even your daughter is not with you. See where you have landed. See
Urvashi realises her mistake.
Ragini: Think. You fell so low.
She leaves.

Urvashi sits down and remembers whatever she did. She cries and gets concerned for Swara. But Ragini leaves by then.
Ragini reaches MM and rushes in her room. She breaks as she couldn’t save SwaSan’s relation. AP comes inside. She sees her crying and immediately calms her and hugs her. Ragini feels something special.
AP: Ragini come down. Dinner is ready…
Ragini: Maa who prepared it? I was out
AP: I did it
Ragini: But why Maa?
AP: Arre Ragini you work everyday and never complain. So I thought I’ll surprise you. Come beta
AP blesses her and she leaves. Ragini feels something different and smiles. She goes down. Everything is ready and kept on it’s place. She gets surprised. Everyone comes down and they have dinner.

AP comes in RagLak’s room. She comes with a big plate in her hand.
Ragini: Maa?
AP: Ragini tomorrow is teej. It is our festival. So tomorrow you need to keep a fast for Laksh. So wake up early
Ragini smiles and nods.
AP leaves and Laksh takes Ragini in his arms
Ragini: Why?

Laksh: Because of me you need to keep this fast. You will be hungry throughout the day because of me. Sorry… If I wouldn’t have…
Ragini: Laksh…. Shh… Never say this again. For you I can keep hundred fasts like this…
Hugs him.

Laksh: Achha Now sleep or else we will be late tomorrow…
They sleep.
Sanskaar is standing near his window. He looks at the moon and remembers something
One night, after SanLak SwaRagini planned to expose Lavanya..
Swara is standing at the same place where Sanskaar is. She expressed her fear of putting Ragini’s life in danger and executing the plan.
Sanskaar assured her that nothing will happen to Ragini and they will take full care.
He hugs her from back and says that the concern which Swara has for Ragini is the same concern which he has for Laksh. Even he knows what Laksh is going through. He cares for Ragini the same way Swara does.

Swara says that she is lucky to have a husband like him who cares for her parents.
Sanskaar says that when he can take care of this (indicating Swara) problem then other problems are nothing in front of this
Swara: So I am a problem for you?
Sanskaar nods. Swara: Now see what this problem does..
She tickles him. Both run inside the room tickling each other and then sleep.
A tear skips his eye.
Sanskaar: Tomorrow is your first teej. I know you won’t keep this fast as today might be hating me but Swara I love you. And I will keep this fast tomorrow
He sleeps.

*Next Day*
AP is with Ragini. She helps her in getting ready.
AP: You are looking very beautiful
She smiles.
Ragini: Maa, today is Swara’s…
AP: Now let’s go down. Everyone is waiting for you and Kritika. Come
Ragini: But Maa Swara….
AP: Or wait I’ll get Kritika here. Wait
She leaves hurriedly without listening to her. Ragini gets sad but still smiles. Kritika AP come.

Kritika: Waah Ragini. You are looking like a bride today
Ragini: Thank You Bhabhi.
All three go down. Ragini asks about Sujata to AP. She says that Sujata is in her room. Sujata is in her room crying. She takes Rp and her photo. Sanskaar is also in his room. He says: Swara I am keeping this fast for you. Only for you.
Suddenly the thought of Sujata strikes in his mind and he runs in her room. He sees her crying. Immediately he goes and hugs her.
Sanskaar: Mom… Shhh… Don’t cry please…
Sujata: How can I control Sanskaar. Every year I used to do this for your dad and today he left me…
Sanskaar: Mom… Please don’t cry like this. How will dad feel when he will see his Sujata crying. He won’t be able to bear this. Please stop this at least for him. Please
She calms down and wipes her tears.
Sanskaar: Achha now give a smile. Mom give na.. (smiles) Now let’s go down. Everyone is waiting for you
Sujata: How can I come down beta. Everyone will be with their…
Sanskaar: Mom even though today he is not with us but his memories and love is with us na. His love for you care for me and blessings is with us always. So why you need to feel his absence.
She understands him and says: Okay beta chalo.
**Next Scene**
Someone’s eyes are shown. A bindi is placed between the brows.

Lady: You are ready
Person smiles. Lady asks her to come outside. Person says yes. Her full face is shown. It’s our Shona. Our Swara. Swara Gadodia

Next part: Ragini takes a decision. Sujata goes in the temple and meets someone. Swara’s new life is shown.
I know there’s a lot of crying but wait for few more chapters and see what happens.
P.S: There is a lot more to come for you guys. Just wait for it

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