Swaragini The Soul Sisters Chapter 57


Chapter 57
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Ragini feels restless and thinks about Swara. She tries calling her but the phone doesn’t connect. Laksh comes and asks if she was sure whether Lavanya Akriti were bailed or not. Ragini assures him and says that she had herself checked the records.
Sanskaar is angry on Ragini. He sits on his bed and sees the cupboard. He goes and opens it. He sees the clothes. After thinking something he closes it.
Mishti goes in Swara’s room to give her milk but Shekhar asks her to let Swara rest.
All sleep
Swara wakes up. She takes the letter which she wrote after signing the papers. She sobs and keeps it near the lamp… She removes her mangalsutra and keeps it above her. She recalls how sanskaar made her wear that.
She packs her bag and goes out. Silently she leaves from the house.
She cries badly
~Swara s POV~
I don’t know what just happened. A day before Sanskaar and me were together glued to each other and now we have fallen apart. We both have separated. I lost my dad (RP) and my love.
I can’t live at a place where Sanskaar and his memories will keep haunting me. Wherever I’ll go his anger hatred will come after me. I don’t know where I’ll land up, where I’ll reach but I’ll go somewhere which will help me forget this.
Sanskaar is my life. Till my last breath I will be hers. I love you Sanskaar . I love you
She vanishes somewhere in the night
**Next day**
Mishti goes to wake Swara but finds her nowhere. She notices the letter and sees the mangalsutra. She gets scared and reads the letter.
Shocked, she shouts Shona and falls down. Shekhar Parvati come up.
Shekhar: Mishti….kya hua
She cries hugging him. Parvati reads the letter and says: Shekhar… everything is finished.
Shekhar: Kya hua Maa?
She gives the letter. Shekhar gets angry. He crushes the paper snatches the mangalsutra and leaves from their. Mishti goes behind her and so does Parvati.
Sanskaar is in his room. Once again he opens the cupboard. He stares the clothes kept in and remembers how he wrapped Swara’s Saree.
Ragini sadly serves breakfast to Laksh. He keeps his hand oh hers. She gives a fake smile.
Shekhar enters the MM with anger in his eyes and Swara’s letter. He shouts Sanskaar…
Ragini Laksh turn and see him. They go.
Ragini: Papa what happened? You? What’s this?
Shekhar keeps shouting Sanskaar. Everyone come down. Sanskaar too come.
Sanskaar: Papa ?
Shekhar: Don’t!! don’t sat that. You’ll call me papa and then do this
Sanskaar: what?
Shekhar throws the letter on his face shocking everyone. Sanskaar doesn’t react and sees the mangalsutra. Ragini picks the letter.

‘ Maa Papa Daadi. I love you all. And it was only your love which forced me to stay here for these two days. I don’t know why destiny did this but I guess this is my fate.
I can’t leave at a place where Sanskaar and his hatred keeps coming in front of me. I won’t be able to live easily then. Hence I am leaving this city and going somewhere where I can find peace.
Ragini Don’t try to find me this time because we won’t meet at the bus stop again. Daadi don’t worry this time Ragini wont get hit by the car.
It’s hard to convince you but its the last time I trying to do it. I haven’t done anything. The person who was my father who was my husband’s father… can’t be harmed by me.
For me baba (Shekhar) and papa (RP) are same. And mom she is my Maa. Even after knowing what happened with uttara how can I think of hurting them.
You all have given me the love for which I have yearned for years. Sanskaar has filled all the gaps in my life.. I still love him and will keep loving him.
Your Swara’
Silence and shocked
Akriti is in a temple and accidentally Karan also lands up there. They both don’t see each other. Karan is praying in the temple.
Karan: What wrong did I do? What was wrong in me?
Akriti hears this and stops. She recognizes the voice and hides behind the pillar.
Karan: The day I saw her I lost my heart for her. She is my love. The day I thought of confessing my feelings to her is the day when I got the biggest shock of my life. She was with Lavanya. They both tried destroying those two families who didn’t hurt even a single person. Swara Sanskaar are separated because of then. I know Akriti was never like this and there is something which has forced her to change.
Akriti hears this and gets emotional.
Karan: All my life I said I won’t fall in love but her innocence made me do so. And this love is pure. I can’t even think of anyone else now. Akriti… you are my life. My live and will remain the same forever. (Tears flow down. He wipes and prays that one day Akriti comes back to him)
Akriti listens and is hell shocked. She runs from there. Karan leaves from there.
Lavanya is in a room waiting for Akriti. She comes. Lavanya notices her to disturbed
Lavanya: you okay?
Akriti: Yes yes
Lavanya: Finally they both are separated and Swara has left this city.
Akriti: How do you know?
Lavanya: C’mon we have planned so much. And guess what I have made arrangements for getting each and every news of the Maheshwari’s
Akriti: How?
Lavanya: I’ll show you. Come
They go somewhere. Lavanya calls a lady. She comes
Lavanya: She will inform us about them every second. She has taken a job there as a servant.
Akriti: hmm good.
They leave.

Karan is in his house. He sees the ring and remembers everything right from his meet with Akriti till the day when she was exposed
Karan: 5 months have passed and still all ur memories are afresh in my mind. It feels as if everything happened yesterday only. Everyone think that I have moved on but it’s only my heart which knows how much I miss you. Even after knowing the ugly truth I can’t forget you. I can’t stop loving you. Please come back. Please
He cries.
All are shocked. Ragini reads the letter and it falls down. Shekhar shows the mangalsutra .
Shekhar: She has left nothing except for this. Take this.
Sanskaar is numb and silent. Ragini takes it.
Shekhar: See what have you done. My daughter left me and has gone. We don’t even know where is she now. It’s all because of you Sanskaar. And remember one thing. If anything happens to her, then believe me I won’t leave you. None of you will be spared.
He leaves from there angrily. Ragini goes behind him. Sanskaar takes the letter and the mangalsutra. He goes up in his room. He sees the open cupboard and Swara’s clothes in it.
He takes a saree and hugs it badly. He shouts: Swara and cries
Ragini goes behind Shekhar.
Ragini: Papa
Shekhar stops and turns. He is still angry.
Ragini: Papa don’t worry. Swara will be safe where ever she is.
Shekhar: How can you be so sure ?
Ragini: Papa. I’m her sister. I know her more than anyone. She is matured enough not to take any stupid step. She won’t do anything wrong. (Holds his hand) Papa, I promise. Our Swara will be safe wherever she may go. Ragini knows Swara. Even though we are separated but SwaRagini will never fall apart.
Shekhar calms down and says: When you have said this then I don’t need to worry more. SwaRagini ke bharose hi hoon mein.
They leave. Ragini gets relieved as Shekhar gets cooled down. She goes in.
All are seated in the hall with mixed feelings of concern and hatred for Swara.
Sanskaar cries in his room.
Sanskaar: Swara why did you do this? You are my bold girl and how could you do this?
He cries badly. Laksh comes in and sees Sanskaar. He keeps his hand on his shoulder. Sanskaar turns and sees him. Before he can say anything Laksh hugs him.
Sanskaar: Bhai yeh kya hogaya.. dekh na
Laksh: Sh.. Chup ho jaa. Sambhal aapne aap ko
Laksh calms him down.
Laksh: Sanskaar nothing has changed now also. We can find Swara even now. All we need to do is just few more efforts. Bol. Swara ko doodhenga?
Sujata: Nahi..
While Laksh had almost convinced Sanskaar, there entered this lady whose heart didn’t melt even after reading the letter.
Sujata enters the room and says a no to Sanskaar. He is shocked.
Laksh: Chachi?
Sujju: Sanskaar , you might have softened but not me. This is her trick to get you back.
Laksh: Chachi do you think Swara will fall so low?
Sujju: May be. The girl who killed his father in law and do anything
Sanskaar gets angry again and throws the saree. Once again Sanskaar gets reminded of everything and says: I won’t forgive her.
He leaves saying this. Ragini sees him going out asks Laksh abt this.
Sujju: You both do whatever you want to but remember I’m still alive. And till I’m alive I won’t let him forget this. I won’t let him melt.. remember this
Ragini: Par chachi…
Sujju: I said na. That’s it
She leaves. RagLak get disappointed.
The maid starts informing Lavanya about the happenings in MM. She gets happy listening while Akriti starts feeling guilty about this. Karan’s words constantly remind her of his love. She starts getting disturbed and one day finally after 4 months
(**4 months later**)
Lavanya: What’s wrong with you?
Akriti: We have done wrong Lavanya. Just to take our revenge we killed someone. Just to fulfil our thirst of revenge we killed someone. We took the happiness of a lady from her.
Lavanya: Revenge happiness what you saying ? Have you gone mad?
Akriti: Yes. I have. Because I have realised that we did wrong with everyone. We killed a innocent person. Have you ever thought about this. Lavanya think.. We killed a noble soul. We fell so low for our needs.
Lavanya gets angry at her change of behaviour and slaps her. Akriti is shocked and says: You?
Lavanya: once again our paths have changed.
Akriti: So you on ur way and me on my way
Lavanya: What about your mother’s revenge?
She stops and says: I did whatever you guys made me do. Now I’ll make sure whatever wrong was done will be corrected by me
Lavanya: No you won’t do that.
Akriti: I can and i will and who are you to even say this me. You are just a mean lady who can do anything for her selfish needs. Understand….
She leaves from there. This time Lavanya gets scared after seeing Akriti and her fierce form. She thinks of stopping her but Akriti turns deaf for her. She leaves the place where they lived and takes shelter at somewhere else.

Next part: Ragini shouts at someone. Akriti meets Karan. Sujata sees Lavanya. Swara is shown
Another leap. I hope you all are liking this.
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