Swaragini The Soul Sisters Chapter 56

Chapter 56
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Swara reaches Gadodia Mansion and goes in her room. She sits near the bed and cries. Mishti Shekhar come. They go to Swara and hug her. She cries and asks if they trust her! They say that they have complete faith in her and she cannot do anything wrong. Everyone will come to know about tje truth sooner or later.
They make her sleep and go in their room.

Ragini: Laksh….
He is shown standing near the balcony. Ragini comes to him and he hugs her.
Laksh: Ragini what has this happened? Once again destiny cheated us. What happened to Chachi. First uttara and now Chacha. Why is this happening with my family. Why?
Ragini: Laksh, everything will be fine. And u need to be strong for your family. You need to support them and not break like this. Laksh you are the one who has to once again be the backbone of Chachi. And Sanskaar. He has lost two most precious ppl.. you need to be with him also.
Laksh wipes his tears and says: Yes.. You are right.. i need to be with them. Yes
He turns to leave. Ragini stops him and asks whether he also thinks that Swara has done this.
Laksh: I’m confused. My eyes are believing in what is seen but my heart says Swara is innocent and she has done nothing because she had no reason to do this
Ragini nods and he leaves. He goes in Sanskaar’s room.
Laksh: Sanskaar..
Sanky: Laksh, nothing about Swara. Please
Laksh: Bhai just listen to what am I saying
Sanky: Say
Laksh: Sanskaar whatever happened it happened. We can change it. We have to accept this truth. Its hard but not impossible. We need to be strong for Chachi. She lost everything in these past years… Please Sanskaar. Pls
Sanskaar: Laksh, I’m not shattered with this incident. Because I have accepted and realised this reality. I’m broken because of Swara’s betrayal. Whatever she did cannot be accepted. Bas…
They hug. Sanky cries. Ragini hears everything and cries.
**Next Day**
Ragini hears sanskaar talking with someone and goes in his room. Sanskaar talks with the lawyer about his divorcee. Ragini is perplexed.
She runs to Laksh and tells him.
Laksh: Ragini I don’t know anything
Ragini: Laksh, we need to stop him before it’s too late. He will doing worst mistake of his life. Please Laksh please…
AP comes in..
Ragini: Maa, you tell him na.. he will never disobey you.
She is silent.
She pleads again… AP says nothing
AP: Ragini I didn’t come hear to favour Swara. Instead I have came here to stop you from doing this. Ragini Swara is wrong and you cannot deny this…. Sanskaar and Sujata have gone through this before also and no one knows it better than us that how we had handled them. So I request you not to repeat this again and again and hurt them by taking her name.
Ragini: But Maa she is my sister. How can I bear this. My sister is innocent and I can do nothing for her? No Maa. I can’t let this happen
Sujju: Toh theek hai. You also face the same thing which Swara did…
Ragini doesn’t understand what she says..

Sujata starts dragging her outside..
Sujju: You also get out of this house
Ragini struggles to get herself free. LAKSH runs behind her. Sanky hears Sujata shouting and Ragini’s voice. He comes out to see and gets shocked to see this. Sujju doesn’t listen to anyone not even Laksh. He goes to sanky and begs to stop Sujju from throwing Ragini…
Sanky goes and stands in front of Sujata.
Sujju: Sanskaar get aside
Sanky: Mom leave her…

Sujju: Get Aside
Sanky: Leave her…Mom I said leave (shouts) Why will she pay for whatever Swara did. Stop this…
Sujju: Achha? And what will you do when she will try to prove that murderer innocent.
Sanky: She won’t do it. Hainaa Ragini. (Stares her angrily)
Laksh: Bhai she won’t do.. Please leave her. Please..
Sujata leaves her and goes from there.
Sanky: Last time I am saving you. After this if you repeat this then I don’t know what will happen.
He leaves. Ragini cries and he hugs her
Laksh: I’m with you. Don’t worry. (Kisses her on head)

Swara wakes up and goes down. Sanskaar comes. She goes to him and says: I knew you would come to take me. I knew you won’t do this to me… I knew it.
She hugs him. Sanky removes her hand..
Sanky: I have came her but not to take you but to give you something
Swara: What?
He hands the papers… Swara asks abt it. He says to see it.. Swara opens the papers and is shocked to see the papers.
Swara: Sanskaar what’s this…?
Sanky: End of everything
Mishti takes the papers and sees them. She is also shocked.
Sanky: I have signed it. You too do it.
Swara: Sanskaar…
He leaves without saying anything.
Swara falls down… Mishti hugs her. Shekhar Parvati get sad. She takes the papers and runs in her room. Mishti runs behind her but swara closes the door. She sits near the door and hugs the papers.

Ragini thinks abt Swara in her room. She recalls how she shouted about Lavanya Akriti.. She gets suspicious. She thinks of finding about the truth and goes to the police station.
She checks the records and sees them bailed. She gets shocked and happy at the same time that Swara was correct. She leaves from there.
Sanskaar is shown going somewhere in the car and Ragini sees him. She hides behind a tree so that he doesn’t see him. Sanskaar leaves and so does Ragini.
She reaches MM and calls Swara
Swara: Haan Ragini
Ragini: Swara I got a proof of ur innocence.
Swara: But What’s the use of it now
Ragini: Matlab?

Swara: Sanskaar gave me the papers. Divorce Papers
Ragini remembers his talk with the lawyer
Ragini: Nahi Swara. I just checked with the records. Lavanya Akriti are bailed out.
Swara: So? Sanskaar won’t believe it then too
Ragini: Swara listen
She cuts the call.
Swara signs the papers and is shown writing something.

Swara has dinner and goes in her room
Swara: Maa, I’m a bit tired. I’ll rest for sometime.
Mishti: Okay
She leaves.
Sanskaar comes back home. Ragini drags him in a rom. Laksh is also present there
Sanky: What is this?
Ragini: Sanskaar please don’t get angry and react immediately. Listen to me then do whatever you like.
Laksh: Bhai please

Sanky: Say
Ragini: Sanskaar today I went to the P.S. to see if Lavanya Akriti were bailed or not.
Sanky: Then?
Ragini: They are bailed out. Yes sanskaar they both are out of the jail.
Sanky: What?
Ragini: Yes.

Sanky: Assure me first. Chalo PS
They leave. They reach the P.S. Sanskaar checks the records but is shocked…
Sanky: What is this then?
He points at one page which says that they both are behind the bars. Ragini is also shocked.
Ragini: No Sanskaar. Today I had came here. I promise there is some mistake. You ask the inspector.
Inspector comes and takes them to the cell where Lavanya Akriti are there. Ragini is super shocked. Sanskaar stares her. She gets teary eyed. Laksh is also confused.
Sanskaar starts leaving from there. Ragini runs behind him. Lavanya Akriti smirk.
After Ragini left from the P.S. the inspector informs Lavanya Akriti about this. They come back in the cell as they are sure Sanskaar will come to see them l
They get out of the cell and Lavanya gives him his money. They leave.

Ragini: Sanskaar…
Sanskaar: What should I see now (shouts) Are u done? Or u want to waste my time more.
Ragini cries.. : No Sanskaar ..
Sanskaar: Dekh liya na tumne.. What more should I say. Swara has done this and this is the reality.
He leaves. Laksh comes and calms her.
Lavanya Akriti are in a car. They reach near a hill top. They both get out and stand at the edge. Suddenly they start laughing.
Lavanya: We did it ..
Akriti: Yes. Finally

4 months ago
The day when they both were arrested, they planned for their revenge
Day in day out they tried bribing the inspector but failed.
One day after two months the inspector agreed and they both were set free.
From that day they planned of destroying Swara Sanskaar.
One day… (at the same hill top)
Lavanya: Laksh Ragini are together because of Swara. We both were jailed because of her. I won’t leave her.
Akriti: But what will we do?
Lavanya: Swara Sanskaar love each other madly. We need to break them apart. Swara is the backbone of these Maheshwari’s. Once we sow seeds of hatred between them we can easily destroy them
Akriti: What if we blame her of doing wrong with them? Or you know we can prove that she has betrayed them.
Lavanya smiles and they plan of killing someone from the Maheshwari and then blaming her

Lavanya: I never thought that Swara will be present in that temple
Akriti: We are taking our revenge. Even destiny wants this.
Lavanya: Yes. Today I’m feeling free. I feel as if I achieved everything. Now let’s see how does this Ragini brings them together
She gives an evil grin and they both leave from there

Next part: Swara goes somewhere. Mishti shouts Shona and cries. Shekhar is angry. KarKriti love story starts
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