Swaragini The Soul Sisters Chapter 55

Chapter 55
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Swara reaches the MM. All see her and are shocked. Sanky shows her phone and Swara goes to him.
Sujju gets up and holds her: Swara..
Swara: Mom I didn’t do anything
Sujju says nothing and slaps her hard. She falls down. Gadodia s also come by then. Ragini runs to Mishti and cries. Parvati helps Swara in getting up.
Swara: Mom..
Sujju: Don t call me that.. Don t you dare call me that… its because of you I lost my husband. I lost all my happiness. It’s because of you… only you
Swara Ragini are shocked.
Mishti: Sujata ji?
Sujju: No Sharmishtha Ji.. not today. I’m talking with my daughter in law and today no one come in between us. Not even you… Say na Swara. Why did you do this? Say na… We did something wrong to you? Did I scold you? Or did I ever ill treated you? No na.. then why you did this??
She cries
Swara tries explaining herself when sanky comes and holds her hand.
Swara: Sanskaar you know na i didn’t do this.. you na I’m innocent. Tell na.. Mom will listen to you. Say na.. pls..
He holds her hand tightly and Swara feels the pain..
Swara: Sanskaar my hand..
Sanky looks at her with hatred and anger coming in her eyes.
Sanky: You might be innocent in front of ur sister, ur family but for me you are murderer… and there is no place for murderers in my house..
He drags her and goes up..
Mishti cries and goes to Sujju..
Mishti: Sujata ji pls tell Sanskaar not to do this.. where will my Swara go? What will she do if Sanskaar does this? Stop him pls
Sujju: Did ur daughter think abt me before doing this?
Ragini: Nahi Chachi. Swara cannot do this.. she can never harm anyone of us
Sujju: So how did her phone went there? Are the ppl lying? Ur sister is correct and everyone is wrong

Sanskaar drags Swara up in their room.
Swara: Sanskaar please listen.
Sanky takes a suitcase and packs her belongings …. He takes her down….
Swara: Sanskaar Lavanya and Akriti were there.. not me.. i was in the temple buy i heard a gun shot and then i went there… they took my phone.. Sanskaar please listen.
All hear this and are surprised and confused.
Ragini sees them. She runs to the stairs and trying stopping him. He doesn’t listen. He descends all steps and Mishti comes up
Mishti: Sanskaar…
Sanky: Maa.. I respect you a lot.. and even today also my respect for you has not changed. You are elder to me and I can say nothing to you. But I can’t change my decision. The person who made my mother cry took her happiness has no mercy from me. That’s it.. even id it’s swara or someone else. No one will be spared.
He takes Ragini to a side.. Swara holds Ragini’s hand…
SwaRagini plays….
Sanskaar throws her out…
Sanky: I hate you Swara.. ?
SwaRagini fall apart….
She cries and runs to him but he closes the door…
Ragini: Swara….. Sanskaar pls don’t do this
Sujata comes there
Sujju: Dekh Ragini, If you want to support her then remember whatever happened with her will be repeated with you…
She cries. Outside Swara stands near the door and cries badly.
Swara: Sanskaar please listen to me… please… she cries

Everyone perform Rp ‘s late rites. Ap cries keeping her hand on Dp’s shoulder.
Swara cries remembering how sanskaar threw her out and said he hates her. She stands up and starts walking…
Inside sanskaar closes her eyes and remembers Swara, her phone, sujata crying.
Everyone leave for Rp’s funeral.
Ragini is at MM…. She hugs Mishti and says: Maa what has this happened? Sanskaar thinks that Swara has done this.. please tell him na.. Swara is not the culprit please maa
Mishti: Ragini… Sh…. don’t cry beta. Sanskaar is angry now and hence he is doing this.
Ragini: No Maa.. sanskaar is very sure about this and he took this decision in the hospital.
Mishti is shocked. AP comes from the kitchen. She loses her balance. Ragini Mishti hold her.
Mishti: AP ji aaram se….
AP: Sharmishtha Ji you know what hurts us the most….. betrayal!
Mishti: Matlab?
AP: Swara’s betrayal broke our family. Her betrayal broke our trust our love everything.
Mishti: Nahi AP Ji. There’s nothing like this. Swara has done nothing. Why will she do this?
AP: I’m also thinking that.. what might be the reason behind this….
She stops and looks at her. Sujata comes down shocking everyone. She comes wearing plain clothes with no jewellery.
AP: Sujata?
Sujju: Jiji, everything has changed today. So I will also change…
AP cries. Gents come back. Shekhar consoles Dp and tries talking to Sanskaar about Swara but he refuses to talk and says: There will be no more discussion on this topic. Your one daughter is in this house and I don’t want to spoil our relations because of Swara so please leave me alone. Please…
Shekhar: Beta, I can say nothing except this. Before taking any decision just think about it again… Bas..
He leaves from there. He folds his hands and asks for the permission to leave… Ragini hugs them. They leave…
Sanskaar in his room. He sees swara and his picture. He takes it throws it down. It breaks. He cries and remembers RP. Swara is on the road.
Judaai plays…
They both cry. It rains. Swara gets wet. She reaches Gadodia Mansion
Next Part: Swara writes a letter. Shekhar gets angry and goes to MM.
SwaSan broken. What will be their next step.
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