Swaragini The Soul Sisters Chapter 54

Chap 54
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Time passes
4 months later
SwaSan take a break and go for a holiday
Swara: Sanskaar jaldi karo
Sanskaar: Tie this tie
Swara: Offo… Lo do
Sanskaar: Thanks biwi
(Kisses her)
Swara: Chalo
They go for sight seeing..
She wears the dress given by him. Sanky goes close to her.. she turns.. he kisses on her neck. Swara closes her eyes….
He lifts her.. and they both get intimate…

Next day they return to MM…
–Swara Ragini are living happily in MM along with their family… They are loved by all.. and form an unbreakable bond with them. all seems perfect for everyone until Lavanya Akriti are bailed out. They are unknown to this fact.
One day..
Dp was out of town and Rp was going to pick him from the airport. In middle of a road, there was a famous temple.. Swara was in that temple. Rp is driving the car when suddenly a veiled lady comes and falls down in front of his car. He gets out and goes to see if the lady is alright but is shocked to see Akriti under the veil…
RP: You?
Akriti runs from there and RP follows her… They reach near a jungle
Dp: Sanskaar where’s Rp? I’m on the airport..
Sanky: Badepapa, dad left half an hour ago.. he might be reaching there soon…
Dp: Okay beta
Rp Akriti are standing in front of each other…
RP: How are u here? Jail se bhaag kar aayi?
Akriti: Who cares about it.. what matters now is you in front of us..
RP: Us?
Lavanya comes..

Rp: Tum donno? How are u both here? Tell.. you escaped from the jail right? Say
Lavanya: Chacha Ji I guess you didn’t hear what she said.. It doesn’t matters now. What matters is you..
Rp: No IT doesn’t… (turns to leave)
Lavanya: Oh really?
RP: What do you mean?
Lavanya: Abhi pata chal jaaega
Akriti comes with a knife.
RP gets afraid
RP: What is this?
Lavanya: This is known as knife and it is used to kill people..
RP: What?
Lavanya: Matlab yeh ki today is the last day of ur life. Your eyes will be closed forever today…
RP: What rubbish
Lavanya: You think I’m joking? Okay so as u wish
She stabs him.
RP falls down. Akriti gets a gun and shoots him twice..

Gun shot is heard. Everyone is alerted. Swara who was in the nearby temple hears it and gets shocked. She runs down and sees RP’s car..
Swara: Papa ki car..
Someone recognizes her as Maheshwari’s daughter in law and goes to her
Person: You are Sanskaar’s wife?
Swara: Yes.. this is my papas Car have you seen him?
Person: Yes beta.. he saw some girl and went towards that jungle..
Swara: Girl? Jungle? Okay thanks..
She runs in that jungle
Rp dies there with blood all around him. Swara reaches there and shouts: Papa
She runs to him..
Swara: Papa.. papa open ur eyes.. papa pls open ur eyes (cries
Lavanya: See Swara what happens when you do bad with others
Swara: Shut up.. You were wrong and that’s why u are here today!
Lavanya: But after this where Will you go?
Swara: Matlab?

They smirk.. Akriti snatches her phone and runs in some direction… Lavanya too goes behind her.. Many ppl come at that spot and see Swara standing there.. Swara runs behind them. Ppl assume Swara to be the culprit and inform the Maheshwari’s..
Sujju: Jiji today after Sanskaar’s dad come, we all will go for dinner. Today Swara Ragini and Kritika will get a holiday from the kitchen work
AP: Haan sujata.. woh toh hai
Ragini: Maa (serves tea)
AP: Ragini where is Swara?
Ragini: Mandir..
Sujju: Jiji, Sanskaar’s dad went to pick up bhaisaa…. He hasn’t returned ?
Sanky: Dad didnt reach there.. Badepapa called me
Sujju: what? This never happened before.. Sanskaar call ur dad.. where is he?
The phone rings
Ragini: Maa I’ll take…
Laksh comes down..
Laksh: Bhai kya hua?
Ragini drops the phone. Laksh goes to her. She cries.
Laksh: Ragini, what happened??
She cries badly.
Laksh: Kya hua??
Sanky takes the phone. He is shocked.
Akriti comes to the place where Rp is there. Many ppl are standing there. She drops her phone there at some distance and leaves…
Sanky: Laksh chal ..
Laksh: Kaha lekin?
Sanky: Laksh Chal bas. Ragini
She nods and they leave
Ap: Arre kya hua? Bolo toh. Kaha jaa rahe ho?
Sujju: Jiji let’s follow them.
SanLak Ragini leave… AP Sujju too leave but Dp arrives then
Dp: Where r u gng?
Ap: I will tell u.. but pls come with us
They too leave.

They reach the spot. Ram is lying there with blood all around him. Sanky Laksh Ragini are stunned. Sanky cries and runs to him..
Sanky: Papa… papa…
Laksh: Chacha ?
Ap Sujju Dp too reach.
Dp: Ram…
Sujju is speechless numb. AP is shocked seeing him and sees Sujju then. Sujju goes near his body and falls down crying. Ap consoles her.
Lavanya stops and turns…
swara: What do u want?
Lavanya: Ur ruin. It happened all because of you. You wanted ur sister’s happiness na? Then take it but now u need to sacrifice ur own happiness…
Swara: What?
Lavanya: Swara Maheshwari your ruin is waiting for you
Sanskaar feels something below his body and sees a phone. He takes it and recognizes it to be Swara’s…
Sanky: Swara ka phone?
Person: Sanskaar Swara was here only… but she ran in some direction after seeing us…
All are shocked.
Sanky: What?
Everyone agree to what the person says.
Swara: Lavanya I’ll not leave you.. you killed my dad.. you have to pay for this..
She laughs.
Lavanya: Let’s see Swara. What happens…

They take Rp’s body and get in car.. sujju cries hugging him…
Swara: Lavanya… ?
Lavanya: Swara why are u wasting time here. Go.. The game set by me is so tricky that you won’t even know when all this happened
Swara runs from there.. She goes at that spot and doesn t find anyone there. She gets shocked and thinks: Where should I go? Hospital or home?
Sanky drives to the hospital. Rp is taken inside to remove the bullets. Sanskaar sees the phone and the blood stains on it. He remembers how the person said that Swara was present there and she ran after seeing them. Ragini cries Laksh hugs her. Sujju hugs AP and says that Swara took all her happiness. All her love and happiness are taken by her
Sanskaar cries. Sujata sees Sanskaar.
Sujju (wipes her tears): Sanskaar Swara has done this. She has killed ur father. She is behind this.
Ragini: Chachi?
Sujju: Sanskaar. Don’t leave her. She is the culprit…. Sanskaar say what will you do? Will you stay with her or me? Say Sanskaar
Sanky: Mom, I’ll do whatever you will say.
Ragini is shocked. Laksh stands there confused.
Doctor comes out and says that all bullets have been removed and he can be taken…
They all cry and take his body..
Swara runs from there and goes towards MM.
All are crying.. Sanky is confused abt Swara’s phone being there… Adarsh Kritika also come by then. They go to Sujju….
Murders and Misunderstandings!
WHILE writing this I had already thought about my condition once you read it. ?
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