Swaragini The Soul Sisters Chapter 53

Chap 53
Link: Chapter 52

They enter their room. Swara sits on the bed and falls down.. Sanskaar laughs
Swara: How mean? Help me…
Sanky: Yes.. but let me finishing laughing
Swara: Sanskaar..??
Sanky: Achha baba.. come give ur hand
She gets up
Sanky: How did u fall?
Swara: How do I know?
Sanky: Arre… oh ho.. see this bed leg is broken
Swara: Now?
Sanky: No place to sleep!
Swara: So now where to pass this night
Sanky: In my arms.
Swara: Achha? So will you keep me in ur arms the entire night?
Sanky: Just say na.. I promise I won’t leave you
Swara: Mr. Maheshwari it’s very good to be a nice husband. But u know what. Now at this moment I just want to sleep. That’s it
Sanky: sleepy baby… come will go in guest room
They both go there but the guest room is locked. They get disappointed
Swara: Now?
Sanky: Ab toh in my arms
Swara: Sanskaar.. shut up
Both smile…
Laksh watches them and throws a paper ball on Swara. He hides
Swara: What was that?
Sanky: See that chit
She reads the note
“if u want to sleep then ….
Ask the god for some place”
Swara: What?
Sanky: Oh god. This Laksh… He knows how much I hate this treasure hunt game.. I’ll not leave him
Swara: Arre where are u going? Will u disturb them so at this time. And let’s play this game.. it’s interesting.
Sanky: Okay
They go in the house temple.. and search for another clue.
Swara reads
“Well we don’t want to disturb u more so go up to the terrace….
But the problem is we have only one bed. So run grab ur place.. go”
They both smile and run upwards. The moment they reach up both are stunned ??
Entire terrace is decorated with flowers and stuff. Both look at each other and suddenly song plays
Aayat plays…
They dance and get intimate.

Next day
Swara: Sanskaar wake up
Sanky: Two minutes
Swara: No.. wake up I said
Sanky: (pulls her) Arre Don’t do this torture. Let me sleep
Swara: Leave me… Sanskaar!! Wake up it’s 8 in the morning. Everyone might be waiting for us..
Sanky: Achha baba okay.. but first a morning kissy
Swara: Romance? Now also.. common on
Sanky: biwi ho meri ek kissi toh chahiye or else I won’t come
Swara: Okay..
She bends to kiss him amd sanky pulls her.. he covers both of them by bedsheet
Lovey dovey ??

Ragini: Laksh, I think a very big planning… family planning is happening up ?
Laksh: They both have planned now it’s our turn ?
Ragini: ? Laksh aap bhi na
Laksh (hugs frm back): Aww mera bachha
(I Love this dialogue of Laksh)
Laksh: I love you yrr
Ragini: I love you too… ? ab chale niche
Laksh: SwaSan?
Ragini: Let them enjoy
Laksh: Not bad
RagLak go down and SwaSan come frm behind..
Everyone have their breakfast and leave for work

2 weeks later
RagLak go for their honeymoon… They enjoy a lot…
Laksh: Jaldi karo Ragini.. ready or not
Ragini: Yes Laksh.. two mins..
She comes out wearing a black one piece. Laksh is stunned.. but Ragini is behaving a little awkward
Laksh: What happened?
Ragini: Zip…
He takes her in front of the mirror. Laksh zips the back. Ragini feels his touch…
Laksh: s*xy ?
She blushes.
They both leave

**Candle Light Dinner**
Both are lost in each other. Waiter serves them food…
Ragini: Laksh whose idea was with?
Laksh: Your talented husband
Ragini: Liar
Laksh: Hawww !! You don’t trust me
Ragini: I do but not in these matters
They laugh and have their dinner..
Next day they return back to Mumbai. All live a perfect life. Sanskaar with Swara. Ragini with laksh.
Next part: Promo 4
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