Swaragini The Soul Sisters Chapter 51

Chap 51
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Lavanya Akriti are caught red handed. Karan is shocked to see Akriti with the police.. everyone comes to know that karan was gng to propose her that day.. all his hopes are shattered. Akriti reveals abt she being Urvashi ‘s daughter

Akriti: Because I am her daughter.
Swara: What?
Akriti: I came to knew abt ur connection with her on ur haldi… frm that day I was with Lavanya.
Swara: That means that day I was right.. you had gone to meet her..
Akriti: Yes
Karan: Why did u do this? Why? You didn’t even think abt us? Our relation? My love for you? U betrayed us? Why.? (Shouts)
Akriti: Why are u gttng so concerned? Who are u to me? No one? And what u said? Our relation? Which relation? U loved me that’s it.. Did I ever say that I love you? No na. Then how thought that I loved you?

Karan gets disappointed..
Akriti: I had came here only to take my mother’s revenge. Only to make them realise that how Much pain my family got because of them. And nothing else. I never ever thought abt you. So just stay in ur limits
Karan(angry): Take her from here before something wrong happens by me.
Finally they are taken..
Karan gets sad and looks at her going.. Laksh goes to him and keeps his hand on his shoulder
Laksh: Bhai

Karan: Laksh I’m alright.. well congratulations to all of us.. this chapter has ended. Finally. Let’s celebrate this moment. Come
Ragini: Karan abhi abhi aapke saath…
Karan: Ragini, time heals everything and it’s okay.. What wrong did she say. She never said that she loved me. I only thought.. it was my fault. But I’m fine.. so let’s celebrate
All have dinner and finally RagLak are united
Ragini: Laksh, the person who suffered the most today is karan.. Akriti deceived him like anything. No one else was concerned abt him more than him and she
Laksh: I understand Ragini. She just broke him..

Ragini: Laksh you go and talk with him. Please.. you and Sanky go and talk with him plz
Laksh: Okay

Sanky: Why didn’t u tell me?
Swara: I said na I wasn’t sure if it was Akriti or not. And then everyone was tensed abt Ragini. Then how could
Sanky: Enough Swara… you know what if u had informed us earlier then we could have get to know abt Urvashi. Because of ur one stupid decision all this happened. Lavanya Akriti wouldn’t have succeeded if u informed us..

Swara: Sanskaar I’m sorry but pls listen to me
He leaves in anger. Swara tries walking but falls down. Laksh calls Sanky to meet Karan but finds Swara down. He immediately helps her in getting up..
Laksh: What happened?
Swara My leg twisted
Laksh: Ohkay.. where’s sanky?
Swara: He just went out
Laksh: Okay

He leaves…
Sanky is angry and walks down the stairs. Laksh sees him and calls him
Laksh: Sanskaar, Karan se milkar aate hai. Chal
Sanky: Kya hua?
Laksh: Tu chal na

Karan is his room crying with the ring in his hand…
Darmiyaan plays
SanLak see him and get sad… they enter the room
Laksh: Karan…
Karan turns and sees them.. he wipes his tears and says: Haan Bhai
Laksh: Bhai sambhal yrr
Karan: I said na I’m alright….
Laksh: Achha? Then why are you crying?
Karan: Voh toh..
Laksh: Kya Voh toh. You will lie from me? HuH?
Karan: Nahi yrr aisa kuch nahi hai
Sanky: Karan we can understand what u are gng through but u need to accept this truth…

Karan: How can i?? Yrr how can I? I loved her to bits and pieces… How could she do this? Am I so bad or wrong that I don’t even deserve her love?
Sanky: Nahi karan… there’s no wrong in u! U r perfect. Your love is perfect. The only thing is that she wasn’t perfect fr u. You deserve someone who will be truly yours… All u need to do is just wait.. Karan time heals everything and it will heal this wound also
Karan nods and they leave.

Sujju comes in Laksh’s room
Sujju: Laksh Ragini are u both done?
Laksh: Chachi?
Sujju: Mtlb you guys have talked na so now Ragini come with me.. in another room
Laksh: what?
Sujju: Haan Laksh. U both aren’t married. So how can u stay together?
Laksh: But…
Sujju: But vut kuch nahi.. Ragini chal…
She takes her away and Laksh looks on..
Swara waits for Sanky to come. Sanskaar comes..
Swara: Sanskaar

He turns his face.
Swara: Just listen to me
He ignores her and sleeps. Swara cries and later sleeps
Laksh thinks abt Ragini falls asleep

**Next day**
Sujju AP talk with Swara and plan of giving raglak a surprise. Their wedding as a surprise
Swara agrees and she goes to Ragini.

Swara: Ragini, wake up…..
Ragini: What happened Swara? Let me sleep
Swara: Wake up or else someone else will marry Laksh
Ragini gets mad and wakes up in shock
Ragini: What??
Swara takes her out.. She is surprised to see all the arrangements
Ragini: Swara yeh?
Swara: Haan Ragini.. badimaa has decided to get u both married now
Ragini: Sachi?
Swara nods… She hugs her…

Swara: Chalo get ready…
They go in. Swara Kritika dress her. AP welcomes the Gadodia’s. Sanky Adarsh and Karan help Laksh in becoming the groom
All go down
AP: Where is the bride and groom?
Swara Kritika Sanky Adarsh Karan: Here

They get them down.
AP: Laksh Ragini sit here….
Swara tries to talk with Sanky but he doesn’t listen
The priests chants the mantras and their wedding starts
They exchange garlands… take the pheras…
Itti si baat hai (Azhar) plays
He puts the mangalsutra… Applies the sindoor and they get married.
They take blessings from everyone. Ragini’s grah pravesh happens……
Ragini notices the tension between SwaSan.

Laksh enters his room and Ragini is sitting….
Laksh: Finally I got you
Ragini: Laksh ❤… You don’t know how much I have gone thru in these days
Laksh: Same here Ragini.. without u this room was looking like my own graveyard
Ragini: Shh .. Dont say this again..
Laksh: I won’t because u are with me…
She blushes… he goes close to her…. Ragini looks down and stands up… Laksh comes from behind and holds her
Laal ishq (ram leela) plays

They dance… Laksh gets close and kisses her.. later they consummate their marriage

Next part: Leap. RagLak SwaSan honeymoon.
RagLak united ?

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